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Hey <<First Name>>,

I finally did it—I finally launched my new website! I've been a bit like the auto mechanic that neglects his car. Sure, the car might look clean + shinny, but under the hood, it's just not up to par in how it's built and what it can do. Well, no more, my friends. My spanking new website now lives up to the sites I create for my clients with the following key features:
  • It's responsive. No matter what you are using to view my website—phone, tablet, laptop, desktop—the content of my website "responds" to the size of the screen. No more pinching and zooming on a small screen to read a page or blog post. Everything is sized appropriately for easy reading on any device. The image above is courtesy of, a great tool for a quick snapshot of how your website looks on multiple devices. If you see horizontal scrollbars or the screen is getting cut off, then your site is not responsive.
  • Icon fonts + vector graphics. With retina displays gainly popularity, using picture-based fonts and svgs means that graphics look sharp regardless of the device's resolution. Now my site has clean, crisp graphics that look stellar on my retina iPad.
  • An easy-to-update portfolio. My new website is built using WordPress—hands down the best content management system (CMS) on the planet, in my opinion. Even though I'm a web designer, I still want a super fast way to add a project (or blog post or web page) to my site.
Go check it out at and be sure to let me know what you think!

That's all I have for now as I'm headed off to San Francisco for the HOW Design Live/Creative Freelancer Conference. Are you going? If so, stop by the Breakfast Roundtable I'm hosting on Sunday with Bryn Mooth. Join in a conversation about Your Marketing-smart Brand: Websites to Business Cards. Bryn + I will be chatting all about the creation of her website + brand for her freelance business.

Let’s chat! 

Are you a solopreneur or stylish company who needs a new website or a refresh? Does your online presence—website, social media, branding—flow together, or do you have all sorts of different pieces and they don't seem to mesh well? Do you want to bring your personality forward on the web (or perhaps you suffer from website shame)?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, I would love to help. Here's a link to schedule a complimentary chat with me where we figure out how to make you look fabulous online. Schedule a chat »

About Jill Anderson 

I’m here to make you & your brand look (and feel) fabulous online with stylish design for websites, social media + branding. Call me a geek, but my favorite thing to do is to take a brand that we design together and make it come alive on the web.

When I’m not designing and coding away on my Mac from my office just outside of Atlanta, I most love hanging out with my husband and 3-year-old son. And cat, Peanut, the chief paperweight.

Thanks for reading!
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