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Newsletter | August 2015

A snapshot of our destinations beyond Africa

Dear <<Nickname / Preferred Name>>

Travel Sommelier offers so much more that the BIG 5 and this month’s Tipsy Traveler showcases the delights of Provence, Spain, Portugal, Italy, South East Asia, Scotland, Argentina and Uruguay. All of these destinations tie in with our insatiable appetite for food and wine but also deliver scenic splendor and a whole host of adventure and activities. Spain and Portugal are where Europe’s food scene is really at and warrant visiting whether it is a long weekend cruising the Douro Valley or an extended tour of museums, wineries and restaurants in northern Spain.

Latin destinations continue to impress in the Southern Hemisphere, so look no further than Uruguay’s beaches this US winter, combined with Argentina’s cutting edge wines from Mendoza’s 3 valleys set at the foothills of The Andes.

South East Asia is a growing market for beach and scenery lovers and we have some engaging itineraries built around Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

Victoria’s home country of Scotland deserves a special mention - golf, the atmospheric Highlands, remote Whiskey Distilleries and YES a stellar artisanal culinary scene! She has just returned with some key insider gems for discerning travelers

I hope your appetite for these destinations is as voracious as ours…in the meantime travel well, travel often … and travel with us!

Best Regards,

Darren & The Travel Sommelier Team


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  • Provence, France
  • Italy
  • Scotland
  • Cambodia & Vietnam
  • Argentina
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WHERE TO GO | Spain & Portugal

Spain is unequivocally ‘the culinary ground zero’ spot on the globe currently. After traversing Ribera and Rioja, spend a few days in San Sebastian in food heaven, Tapas never tasted so good. Portugal is like Umbria & Tuscany of 50 years ago. Rustic food, abundant hospitality and very hospitable boutique hotels.

WHERE TO GO | Provence, France

La Bergerie is a sensational property in the southern reaches of Rosé country. What better way to spend late spring experiencing fine Rhône wines & exceptional cuisine from the Provenćal table at this villa that is also ideal for special family celebrations or to honor special milestones in life?


Long known as destination that embodies outstanding wines, irresistible cuisines and beautiful landscapes, it continues to be a destination that lives on many bucket lists. From well known destinations such as Venice, Tuscany, Rome and the Amalfi Coast to the quieter gems in Piedmont, Abruzzi, Milan and Puglia, you can opt for self-drive, air, rail or private driver. Visit two or more regions will provide the opportunity to experience the diversity of the cuisine and wine.

WHERE TO GO | Scotland

No longer simply the land of shortbread, tartan and haggis (though all still freely available), Scotland is moving to the forefront of international cuisine. With some of Great Britain’s most well regarded chefs now based in Scotland, sourcing locally grown produce and utilizing the abundant seafood caught daily along Scotland’s vast coastline, it is no wonder the country is home to 16 Michelin starred restaurants! The diverse landscapes are a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, golfers and cultural interests and its ease of access makes it easy to combine time in Edinburgh with regional excursions.

WHERE TO GO | Cambodia & Vietnam

South East Asia is truly a region which should not be merged into one - that said, these two destinations perfectly combine into one trip. Their turbulent histories, intertwined, have created a modern pairing of diverse cultures, outstanding cuisine and stunning vistas. From hillsides to the rivers to the beautiful beaches, we can create a wonderful itinerary for couples and families alike. Visit the beautiful temples of Angkor Wat and luxuriate in one of the beautiful properties in Siem Reap while enjoying the tastes of Cambodian cuisine. Learn about the history of Vietnam, from French colonial times to the present as you tour the cities of Ho Chi Minh (formerly Saigon) and Hanoi, while also allowing time for relaxation along Vietnam’s stunning coastline.

WHERE TO GO | Argentina

Visiting Argentina you can explore the rainforest and Iguazu Falls in the north-east, while in the south there are the whales, glaciers and hiking in the Patagonia region . Renowned vineyards, beautiful lakes and the scenic Andes mountains are in the west. Buenos Aires completes the country on the east with tango, art, shopping and cultural.


A traditional Scottish dessert, it is a delicious and light dessert all year round, but particularly during the months when raspberries are in season.

read more | Cranachan

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Darren Humphreys
Travel Sommelier 
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