Inside: a note on loss, life and our connections.
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Words feel so inadequate now.

A great loss can do that to you.

It doesn't really matter if the loss is a famous icon, your beloved dog, or a long-running friendship. 

And it doesn't seem to make a difference if the loss was quick and unexpected or slow in coming.

The empty place at the table is still very much empty.

Our hearts ache just the same. 

And even though we're just like the Perseid meteors shooting across the night sky: burning brightly, passing quickly, showing off our beauty for just a brief moment...that doesn't mean we give up on the sometimes difficult work of our relationships.

My son struggles mightily with depression.

He's been lost in the dark pit of that ugly disease more than a few times.

Thankfully, he found his way back out. For now.

So each day I have with him is precious

And it reminds me that each moment I have with ANYONE is precious.

Our humanity -- especially life on this planet -- is some crazy, wackadoodle stuff to be sure.

But our lives -- yours and mine -- have intersected for a reason.

I'm as sure of that as I am my own name.

And I don't take that knowledge lightly.

You might be the person who saves me.

I might be the one who connects you to your next big thing.

Or we might remind each other of Who We Really Are.

Whether it's a blink in time, or a life-long relationship. Our coming together was no accident.

Let's make a pact?

Let's pledge here and now to stay present with each other. To look each other in the eyes as often as possible.

To ask each other questions.

To find out what's important to those around us.

To honor those standing in front of us with our full attention (and to put away our phones and our To Do lists).

To hug each other more. And criticize less.

To show up and engage fully with one task or person at a time.

To revel in the journey.


And I'm speaking here about more than just business.

Let's build on this connection we've made and get to know each other in a deeper more meaningful way, shall we?

If you're willing, please hit reply and share a word or two about what's on your mind or in your heart. I'd love to know what matters to you. Right here. Right now. In this moment.

To life,

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