Newsletter of the Pedro Point Community Association 
(photo by Edwin Hacking)
President’s Message
Dear Neighbors,
Last month, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, I experienced something that I think could only happen on Pedro Point - several neighbors, who just happen to be talented musicians, put on a concert in a driveway at the top of Kent Road
(a shout-out to our now expat neighbor, Danny Estrella, for organizing it). There was a good-sized crowd assembled from the start, but more neighbors joined as the music drifted through the streets and people happened to walk, bike, or drive by. It was quite the happening! As the band played, people sang along and danced in the street. Kids in the audience shouted out their favorite knock-knock jokes and riddles, which were punctuated by rimshots from the band (with great effect!). 

But the best part – and I think the part that was uniquely “Pedro Point” – was that everyone in the audience was passed a sheet of paper and asked to write down something they were grateful for, so that band members could periodically read these statements to the crowd. Many people wrote that they were grateful for the music, for their families, for their neighbors, and for the freedom to enjoy them all. I wrote down that I was grateful to be living in a community that was so uncommonly warm and welcoming… and I guarantee I was not alone in that thought. 
So, although it feels like our world has been turned upside down in the past 18 months, and a new disaster seems to loom each week, I’m holding onto that thought. We’re truly lucky to be living here and to have such a supportive network of friends and neighbors. If you’re new to Pedro Point – welcome! You’ve made a great choice to live here. If you’re a long-timer, I hope you’ll treasure, for years to come, what makes this place so special. I hope to see all of you around the Point. Be sure to say “Hi” as you walk by!

  - Joanne Gold
Pedro Point Community Association General Meeting
October 21, 2021 at 7:30pm 
(via Zoom; no in-person meeting)

Zoom Link
Passcode: 857158
Meeting ID: 871 2837 8032
Dial-in by Phone: 669-900-6833 
Meeting Agenda
1) Call to Order and Roll Call
2) Approval of July 15, 2021 Meeting Minutes
3) Treasurer’s Report: Balance Sheet, Income and Expenses through September 30, 2021
4) Committee Updates - Firehouse and Events Committees
5) Open Board of Directors Positions
6) New Business
7) Adjournment 
So Long...Farewell..Auf Wiedersehen...Goodbye

Pedro Point Couple Takes Off for A Year in Portugal
Danny Estrella and Lisa Warns, who have lived on Kent Road for over 20 years, received their Portugal residence visas and departed September 22 for a year-long (or more) stay in Portugal. They will be living in Esmoriz, on the northwest coast, about a half hour south of Porto. Their new town has a good beach break for surfing (of course!), and their house is a 15-minute walk to a train station from where they can go anywhere on the continent. Their plan is for a year of adventure in Portugal with trips on the continent, Ireland and Scotland (where Scotch whiskey is made). Their Esmoriz house is large enough to accommodate guests, and they hope to be visited by many of their Pedro Point friends.

During their years on Pedro Point, Danny and Lisa have been engaged in multiple community activities, and spent many hours working with the PPCA, including Danny’s multi-year service on the Board, taking on the role of President and Firehouse Committee chair. Lisa’s editing and desktop publishing skills were invaluable as she produced the PPCA Newsletter for many years. Danny was always up for providing music and managing the AV systems for numerous Firehouse events, including Pub Nights and Movie Nights (he was responsible for procuring the screen in the Firehouse). And the couple was always volunteering to help out at the PPCA Fog Fest booth or at Potlucks. They will be missed!

-- Contributed by Breck and Anne Hitz
We also want to say "bon voyage" to Sarah and Steve Jain as they leave Pedro Point for Lucerne, Switzerland. If you're not sure if you know Sarah and Steve, you likely have at least met their two friendly dogs. Enjoy this next chapter in your lives!
Let's give a warm Pedro Point welcome (and our patronage) to....
Chasing Her Dreams
What do you get when you combine a love of fashion with a degree in Business? For Pacifica, we get Chase Welch and her new clothing, accessories and gift boutique, Ivy Row, in the Linda Mar Shopping Center. Chase moved to Pacifica from San Mateo several years ago and saw an opportunity to bring stylish woman’s clothes closer to her new home. Ivy Row opened August 21 and carries a range of styles, sizes (XS-XL), and price points to appeal to almost anyone. The store also has a section of jewelry, skincare and other items perfect for gifting. 

For now, Ivy Row is only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10am-6pm as Chase holds another full-time job, but she is hopeful that future plans to expand the business and its hours will be well received by Pacificans and those who visit our town. Look for a website to launch, private shopping opportunities, wine nights and collaborations with other Pacifica businesses soon. 
Just Call Her “The Unicorn Lady”
If you’re wandering around Linda Mar Shopping Center and spy an 8-foot inflatable unicorn in a shop window, you have arrived at Nancyland, the newest endeavor of Nancy Guettier – former GapKids/PBTeen/PBKids merchandiser and children’s book author. Nancy moved to Pacifica last November after years surfing in our town. “The space was there, complete with pink walls. It was a sign,” she says of finding more spacious quarters for her then San Francisco-based store.

Nancyland opened here in May and carries an assortment of toys, gifts, books, clothing, and practical items, and invites you and your little ones to explore, touch and play. Most items are aimed at maternity/newborn to age 8, but she also carries things sure to please teens, parents and grandparents (gift wrapping available). “Fun, fabulous and affordable” is her motto in selecting items, while aiming to purchase from respected vendors (organic cotton, high safety ratings and gender-neutral toys). The store is open daily from 10am-6pm.

Look for a kids Halloween event on October 31 in store.  And, if having an 8-foot unicorn in your life intrigues you, it’s for rent by the day...although it’s traveling to Oregon soon for a wedding (now that’s love!).
From the Events Committee
We were so excited to welcome everyone back to the Firehouse for the May potluck and July 4th BBQ. It really seemed like the return of the community social life we all had missed. It was especially great to welcome new neighbors and those who had never attended before. But then the Delta variant forced us to take several steps back.

We are looking forward to having more potlucks, an evening slideshow of Pedro Point history, a holiday party, and our postponed progressive dinner soon. Please get in touch with Marcia Settel if you would like to help plan these future events. Hopefully, we’ll be able to safely party at the Firehouse before the end of the year...see you then!
-- Submitted by Marcia Settel
Circa 1955 view from San Pedro Terrace, looking towards San Pedro Valley and the newly constructed Linda Mar houses/shopping center. In the foreground, visible on Danmann Avenue, is Pedro Point Firehouse and buildings existing in a Pre-Pacifica Incorporation era. Note the water tower on Danmann Avenue, before a city water system.
Is Water Our Most Valuable Commodity?
Award-Winning Documentary Screening
Register below to join us at the Pedro Point Firehouse (or virtually, online) on Friday, October 22 at 6:30pm for a free screening of the new 81-minute documentary, The Rivers End, about California's Water Crisis. The screening will be followed by a short presentation from Arianne Carr, General Manager of our North Coast County Water District, about where our water comes from and how it’s managed. Then Arianne will join Gregg Dieguez, member of the Mid-Coast Community Council, and Richard Campbell, environmental and land use lawyer and former Pacifica Planning Commissioner, for a panel discussion and Q&A session. The evening is scheduled to end at 9:00pm. 

These topics are so important to all of us as the state’s drought continues and Pacifica is pressured to build more housing. 

In-person attendance is limited to the Firehouse's capacity (60 people) so register early to save a place. In-person attendees must show proof of full Covid vaccination, pass a temperature screening and wear masks. You can also use the same link to register for virtual, online access. Note, registration will open up beyond Pedro Point residents on Monday, October 11. 
Pedro Point Surf Club Grom Fest
Asanna Wilson,10; Bodhi Keating Anderson,14; Kai Keating Grochowski,12; Dane Grochowski,12 (top to bottom)
Aleia Keating Anderson,12; Seth Rhodes,17; Ryder Doleschal,12; Jaeda Allen, 14 (clockwise from upper left)
Pedro Point Girls: Asanna, Aleia, Kai and Jaeda L to R; Custom wood trophies

The Pedro Point Surf Club has long been known for its local Longboard contest, The Big Chill Out, which recently extended their divisions to include a Menehune (little kids) push in heat. This year, with a growing number of our local kids in the water, they held a standalone Grom Fest for kids 18 and under.
On August 14, with a decent swell holding all day, the waves did not disappoint, and neither did the level of talent showcased by the coastside's local kids - from Santa Cruz to San Francisco. Though the sun never fully came out, the event was not lacking in warmth of hearts or smiles!
Each heat (round of surfing) was given 15 minutes for participants to catch as many quality waves as possible, with the top two scoring waves of each surfer tallied. To give the kids more time to surf, they were given two preliminary heats (rather than the usual one) where their points were added together, and the six highest scoring kids would surf in a final round. This allowed each kid to get in a groove, let go of those nerves that come with competition, get used to the sound of the contest horns, and just have fun!
The youngest Groms, ages 10-15, started on shortboards - their height and board size looking like "RC toys" or miniature replicas of today’s top pros. They were judged on wave selection, length of ride, highly skilled maneuvers, and sportsmanship. There was power behind their compact stature and pint-sized spray being thrown in these heats. Floaters, cutbacks, and a few mini airs were the highlights of this division, with lots of enthusiastic feedback from the crowd on the beach.
The following heats would alternate in ages and boards, giving each division fairness in category and criteria. Each age group had a separate division for boys and girls and the camaraderie and shared “stoke” for each was tangible.
The longboard heats, where the boards had to be three feet over the riders' heads (or at least nine feet, whichever was less) were equally impressive. Longboard heats were scored similarly to shortboards as far as points, though maneuvers are slowed down and smoothed out to match the more relaxed style and speed of riding a longer board. Cross stepping, walking to the nose, cutbacks, good style and length of ride were some of the factors determining high points here.  It was amazing to see how each group showcased their skill, with both boys and girls impressing onlookers with their talented nose rides, good balance, and solid board control. Remember, these kids have been putting in wave time for years (sometimes nearly their whole lives).
Where there was once only a handful of kids in the lineup, most of whom were boys, it is evident that the future of surfing is bright on our coastline, with girls holding their own, and sometimes outnumbering the boys in quantity, wave count and ability.
With over 50 kids participating in the contest, and the waves presenting a mixture of challenge and fun, smiles and stoke were shared by all, including the parents, judges, spectators, and friends watching from the beach. (I personally took over 3,300 photos as the volunteer beach photographer and was stoked to share so many good shots captured of each kid who joined.) After a year of being at home, with limited get-togethers, sharing good vibes and aloha in the fresh salt air was undeniably welcome and joyful!
At the end of the day, a round of awards was presented to the top finishers in each division, with some cool handmade wooden trophies given to memorialize their achievements. Though many kids showcased excellent surfing skills, there were a large number of local Pacificans in the finals, and plenty of neighborhood "Pedro Groms" taking home the trophies!
A huge Mahalo (thank you) to the Pedro Point Surf Club's Stefan Mayo and Gene Lindsey for organizing this awesome event for our kids, and for all of the energy and stoke they poured into the day! With so many up-and-coming young rippers, it's obvious that we have outgrown just a Menehune push in division of the annual Big Chill Out. As the first of many to come, the Pedro Point Surf Club's Grom Fest was a huge success and a highlight of summer's end, felt by all the families who participated.
A big congratulations to our neighborhood Groms for bringing home trophies and, more importantly, for showing their loyalty and respect for our Mother Ocean, whose gifts will last them a lifetime! Make sure to share a smile and a shaka with your local neighbor-Grom who may have picked up some beach litter, helped a novice out of a rip current, or brought home gold at this contest -- Seth Rhodes, Ryder Doleschal, Dane Grochowski, Bodhi Keating Anderson, Jaeda Allen, Aleia Keating Anderson, Asanna Wilson, and Kai Keating Grochowski. These kids all gave reasons to make us proud!
-- Respectfully submitted with aloha by "Auntie Cam" (Camille Keating)
For more information about The Big Chill Out, Grom Fest, or to join the Pedro Point Surf Club (who gives back so generously to our coastal community and beyond), visit

Since early 2020, Pacifica’s social service agencies have been challenged with reimagining and rebuilding their services to meet the needs of Pacifica residents impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic and ongoing Delta variant.

With your generous support, Pacificans Care provided grants to assist the Pacifica Resource Center in providing emergency groceries and rental/housing assistance for Pacifica's families in need; ensured that Pacifica Senior Services provided daily ‘Grab and Go' lunches for seniors and delivered Meals on Wheels for homebound seniorshelped Pacifica Child Care Services quickly transition to virtual child care enrichment programs; and made certain the Pacifica Youth Service Bureau was able to continue much-needed counseling services for at-risk youth and families in crisis.

But the challenges continue -- your support is even more important now!
Please make a much-needed contribution to our annual 2021 SHARE OF CARE DRIVE either by check made out to Pacificans Care (mailed to Pacificans Care; PO Box 875; Pacifica, CA 94044) or making a secure donation at All donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Your contribution to the Pacificans Care Share of Care Drive will make a difference for those Pacificans in need and continue to show that Pacifica is a community that cares.

Mark Your Calendars
Join the fun of the Pacificans Care Double Gold Day, a wine tasting fundraiser featuring Double Gold and Gold award winning wines from the San Francisco International Wine Competition. The event is scheduled for Sunday, February 6, 2022, 2-4pm at the Pedro Point Firehouse. Details to follow. 

If you or your business is interested in being a Double Gold Day event sponsor, contact Janine Galligani-Ray at 415-806-1628.
-- submitted by Ginny Jaquith
Firehouse Update
We have had a pretty steady rental flow throughout summer, with folks excited to get back to safe indoor gatherings. We are still closely following SMC guidelines for events, including mask wearing, to keep guests safe. With the Delta variant and families back in school, rentals are slowing down a bit, but we are grateful our doors are still open, and we are slowly returning to some sense of normalcy.

A few new teachers are interested in classes as we move toward the new year, so we hope to welcome some new energy to the hall during weekdays.

On the infrastructure side, we are exploring an economical way to make the necessary repairs on the Firehouse playground fence.
Safely Coexisting with our Four-Legged Neighbors
If you read Nextdoor or talk to almost anyone in Pacifica, you know the summer of 2021 has been full of mountain lion and coyote sightings on trails, in backyards and even sauntering down Kent Road. Although attacks by these creatures are rare, it may be worth a moment to reacquaint yourself and your family on how to keep you, your pets, and these beautiful animals safe (click on each photo for species-specific tips).

As always, the Pedro Point Community Association would like to thank John Peterson for his ongoing work on behalf of the Firehouse.
If you'd like a chance to have your photo of Pedro Point featured in the first newsletter of 2022, send your submission to the Newsletter Editor at The Editor also welcomes your comments or suggestions for future editions.
Minutes: Pedro Point Community Meeting
Held July 15, 2021 at 7:30pm at the Firehouse and via Zoom/Online
I. Call to Order and Roll Call         


Joanne Gold
Vice President Allison West X
Secretary Cherie Chan X
AL: Firehouse Manager Camille Keating X
AL: Firehouse Liaison Danny Estrella X
At-Large Helen Brönte-Stewart  
At-Large Sam Casillas X
At-Large Marcia Settel X
At-Large Leo Leon X
At-Large Rebecca Smith-Coggins X
At-Large Breck Hitz X
  • Treasurer Chloe Wixom accepted a new job in Los Angeles and resigned her Board position.
  • Guests: Barbara Lubben, Anne Hitz, Kristen Geiger, Ed Gold
We are very pleased that Barbara Lubben has agreed to join the Board as Treasurer.
  • Marcia nominated Barbara to the Board. All in Favor.
  • Marcia nominated Barbara as Treasurer. All in Favor.
Other contributors to the PPCA who are non-voting Board members:
Firehouse Liaison/Firehouse Committee Chair Ed Gold (replacing Danny Estrella who has moved from Pedro Point)
Newsletter Editor Debi Hirshlag (volunteered after the 7/15 meeting)
II. Approval of April 15, 2021 Minutes

III. Treasurer’s Report: Balance Sheet, Income & Expenses through 6/30/21
Barbara – We are currently operating at a loss. Fortunately, we had accumulated a nest egg in preparation for some much-needed repairs. For the record, at the end of 2019, our balance was $60,894. As of 6/30/21, it is $48,311. We are hoping for increased revenue as the Firehouse opens again.
Breck moved to accept the Treasurer’s report. Marcia seconded. All in Favor.
IV. Committee Updates
  1. Firehouse Committee
  • Ed Gold is taking over as Firehouse Liaison
  • Danny has files with various details and quotes on projects relating to siding and heating replacement initiatives he will pass on to Ed.
  • Will have a meeting with Camille and Ed to help transition.
  • There is a significant issue with the Eastern fence of the playground, which will need to be addressed with the help of a contractor at some point. 
  • Camille is also replacing white lights in the rafters.
  • Shelter Cove Neighbor Julian Brock has been maintaining the Firehouse in exchange for storage under the Firehouse.
  • Danny will donate his projector and sound system here at the Firehouse and is showing Ed how to use it.
  1. Events Committee
  • We had a successful July 4th Potluck
  • We are planning a Pedro Point History Event about the building of the Firehouse at some point in the future.
    • Q: Should we keep it small, or are we ready for a large fundraising event?
    • A: Let’s work on some small events first quarter to have local neighbors reconnect with the Firehouse, the neighborhood, and its history.
  • Event rentals are back on.
V. Open Board of Directors positions, recruitment, and the future of the Firehouse
  • Newsletter Editor Recruitment (This has since been filled by Debi Hirshlag)
    • Next October newsletter doesn’t have an editor. Minimum would be minutes, Treasurer’s Report, and Agenda.
    • Cherie can be interim
VI. New Business

1. Discussed offering the Firehouse for Senior Services use
  • Background: Several City offices near City Hall will be closed due to an extensive remodel.
  • We understand the Community Center will be used during the remodel so there may be a need for classes to be hosted at the Firehouse. We would welcome that (or any other community classes) as rentals.
2. Pedro Point History
  • Leo proposed that he will be the PPCA Liaison with the Pacifica Historical Society. Everybody agreed.
  • So far, there are fun videos available about Shelter Cove and early Pacifica Footprints videos. There was interest in more public showings at the Firehouse.
VII. Adjournment – 8:46
    -- Respectfully submitted by Cherie Chan, PPCA Board Secretary
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