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Class Registration


It's almost time to register for classes, which is a common time when studnets question what steps to take next. There are many great resources that are available to students to make sure that you are on track for graduation.

1. Advisers: There are plenty of people located around campus who are there to help students meet their requirements. You can view the name of your advisor through Ramweb. If there is no name listed you can go to your department and ask for help. If you are undeclared, CASA (located in TILT) has advisors to help answer your questions. 

2. Professor Ratings: If you are unsure about the professor that you are choosing to spend your next semester with, there are many different sites that students use to rate the professors at CSU. One of these sites uses the survey data taken at the end of the year to compile information students can access. You can visit this website here. Other sites that rate professors are Koofers, Rate My Professor, and ULoop.  These sites are easy to find by searching CSU Professor Ratings.   

3. New Financial Aid Policy:  Be sure you are up-to-date on new financial aid policies. Policies may effect what classes you wish to register for. Visit their website for more financial aid information. 

 4. Four Year Plans Help: Making a class plan with your advisor is a good idea to get a look at what your next few years in college will look like. It will also help to see what a good class load will be each semester. It is important to know that these plans will change because the classes will not always be available each semester. Something to keep in mind is which semesters you might want a lighter load. For example you may want a lighter your last semester of college or during a particular challenging semester.

5. Know Your Registration Time and Date: Check out the class schedule when it becomes available to map out what classes you will want to take the next semester. If possible, be ready to register as soon as your registration date and time allows. If a student registers the day they are able to register it will give them more opportunity to register for classes that they need.

CSU registration begins April 4th and continues depending on the amount of credits each student has already obtained.


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Academic and Study Skills Workshops

TILT and Tutoring!
TILT has scheduled their workshops and tutoring. The information on when and where these events take place is available on their website. Their workshops for this month are listed below.

TILT workshops: 
Navigating CSU's Online Resources: April 1, & 3
Critical Thinking: April 7, 8, & 10 
Memory & Concentration: April 14, 15, & 17
Overcoming Procratination: April 21, 22, & 24
Should I go to Graduate School?: April 29

These workshops are: 
Mondays @ 4pm with Miriam Iams
Tuesdays @ 5pm with Neely Clapp
Thursdays @ 6pm with Teri Gadd


Earth Day Festival 2014 

Annual Earth Day is April 22nd, which is meant to demonstrate worldwide support for environmental protection. CSU celebrates sustainability within Fort Collins on April 22nd with an Earth Day Festival.There are multiple events all day such as live music, baked goods from the bakeshop, and much more. Please stop by the west lawn of the Lory Student Center to learn more about the sustainability community at CSU.

CSU Pet First Aid Day

First Aid Day is a community event dedicated to education in triage and stabilization techniques. Pet owners of dogs and cats are welcome to join. The day is split up into a morning session of lectures given by critical care specialists. Topics include how to recognize shock, what to do when your dog is bitten by a rattlesnake, and how to prevent heat stroke. The afternoon is designed for hands-on activities including gathering normal physiologic values, CPR, and bandaging. Breakfast and lunch will be served and there are first aid kits available for purchase.

This event is April 12th at the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital, and registration is $25.00 per person

To register, email or call 303-242-2338

Leader Shape

LeaderShape® Institute is a six day leadership conference which seeks to produce “a breakthrough in the leadership capacity of college student participants.” Guided by the concept that students can make positive change by leading with integrity and a healthy disregard for the impossible, this highly active and hands-on institute is an incredible experience.If you would like to read more about the LeaderShape® Institute, or watch a short video, please visit their website

The SLiCE Office is currently recruiting for the 10th annual CSU session of the LeaderShape® Institute! The application deadline for students is Wednesday, April 9th.

The CSU LeaderShape® Institute will be taking place at the Pingree Park CSU campus (all transportation, food, & lodging provided) from May 19th-24th, 2014.


Plum St. Construction

In coordination with the District at Campus West development on Plum Street, Fort Collins Utilities will remove, replace and up-size portions of the existing sanitary sewer line and storm sewer along Plum and Shields Streets and City Park Avenue.

Construction will begin Monday, March 17 and continue through the end of June. Construction typically will occur weekdays between 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., with possible weekend and night work.

Safety for residents, commuters, bike riders, pedestrians, and work crews is a priority. Barricades and fences will be used to clearly mark areas of excavation that will be fenced off at night and on weekends. 

For your safety, please stay away from these areas and follow all detours.
Roommate Roundup 
If you are looking for a roommate for either now or in the future, Roommate Roundup is a helpful resource. This resource is provided through the office of Off-Campus Life. 

This event is a meet and greet between people who are looking for roommates, and people who have housing. The information for these events are located on the Off-Campus Life webpage. The time and place these are occurring are also listed below:

April 2  at 5:00 PM in LSC 220

April 9 at 5:00 PM in LSC 224

April 16 at 5:00PM in LSC 220

April 23 at 5:00PM in LSC 220

April 28 at 5:00PM in LSC 220


Are you looking for a new place to live next year? CSU RentalSearch is a website that allows any CSU affiliated person to look for places to live or to find possible roommates.

All you need is your eID and ePassword to log on and use the website. 
Click here to visit this website.

CSU RideShare

Driving to campus and have an empty seat or looking for a way to get to campus without having to drive?

Avoid the parking lot dance by checking out RideShare at
RideShare gives students, faculty, and staff the ability to make carpool arrangements quickly and securely. The goal of RideShare is to help users find rides, save money, reduce pollution and traffic congestion, and encourage greener  transportation choices.

Registering with RideShare is free to CSU students, faculty, and staff and allows you to conveniently arrange carpools online.

Party Registration

Colorado State University and the City of Fort Collins have teamed up to create Party Registration. This is offered to CSU students as a way to avoid getting fines and other consequences from hosting a noisy party.  We will also provide you with information that will help you have a successful party.If you would like to register a party, you can do so by visiting our office located in the LSC West. Please make sure to bring two forms of ID with you (Current student ID, and State ID).
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