Newsletter #2
Welcome to the second edition of the INTEGRATE-HTA newsletter

In this edition, we focus on the issue of complexity and scope development and logic models in relation to our case study on palliative care. Moreover, you will find information on the External Expert Panel, which is currently being established as part of the INTEGRATE-HTA project. Finally, we would like to inform you about our dissemination activities and past and upcoming events.

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The project teamThe INTEGRATE-HTA project team

Thoughts on complexity and HTA
A wide range of disciplines across the natural and social sciences have tapped into the language of complexity and complex systems including amongst others physics, mathematics, biology, politics and economics. The INTEGRATE-HTA project examines the methods of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and asks whether methods from the complexity sciences can provide us with a way forward in addressing methodological issues in the assessment of complex health interventions… Read more

Scope development for testing the methods in a 'Demonstration Integrated HTA' on Palliative Care
The objective of the INTEGRATE-HTA project is to develop and test new methods for an integrated and comprehensive assessment of complex health interventions. We will develop methods guidances for the assessment of a broader range of issues than those usually included in Health Technology Assessment (HTA). For example, methodological guidances will be developed to assess socio-cultural, ethical, legal issues or patient preferences as well as the context and implementation of the technology. A ‘Demonstration Integrated HTA’ will be conducted to report on the findings from testing the new HTA methods developed in the INTEGRATE-HTA project in palliative care… Read more

External Expert Panel  
One of the aims of the INTEGRATE-HTA project is to test the applicability and relevance of to be developed tools and methodologies for broader application. In order to achieve this, Work Package 8 of the project is committed to involving international methodological experts in HTA and potential users, through the establishment of the so-called External Expert Panel… Read more
Dissemination Activities
Members of the project team presented ongoing work at the 6th European Public Health Conference in Brussels, Belgium, in November 2013, and in March 2014 at the 10th Palliative Care Congress in Harrogate, UK and at 15th Congress of the German Network of Evidence Based Medicine in Halle, Germany. The abstracts and posters of these presentations are available on our project website... Read more
News & Upcoming Events
From 3-7 November 2013 the second project team meeting took place in Sheffield, UK. The next meeting will be hosted by the Institute of Bioethics in Rome, Italy, from 2-7 November 2014. In June 2014, members of the project team will present work at the 11th annual meeting of HTAi in Washington, US, and at the EAPC conference in Lleida, Spain… Read more
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