June 2014 President's Message
On the road

Dear Dental Hygiene Colleagues,

What a ride the month of June has been!  

New York State’s first Mission of Mercy (MoM) was a huge success. Over 200 dental hygienists volunteered their time, skills, and passion to serve the underserved. The NYS Dental Foundation along with Hudson Valley Community College (Troy, NY) dental hygiene and assisting educators did an awesome job hosting the maiden voyage of MoM.

I had the pleasure of volunteering for the two days among many of our DHASNY members and potential members. I split my time between performing dental hygiene procedures and sterilization. Every department ran like a well oiled machine. I have to say this experience was the highlight of my dental hygiene career. Providing care to those in need and the overwhelming appreciation they showed, after spending hours waiting in line, reaffirmed this is WHY I chose the dental hygiene profession. I urge you to volunteer when MoM comes to your area. It will re-ignite your passion in clinical dental hygiene. The “feel good” feeling is contagious! Read more about NY Mom below.

National Scene
I hardly had the chance to unpack from MoM, when I packed up for the 100+ degree temps of Las Vegas for the 91st ADHA  Annual Conference.  Just when I couldn’t think my professional life could get better, I was honored to be chosen for the Colgate 2014 Irene Newman Professional Achievement Award! (ADHA President Dr. Denise Bowers is at left with me.)

In addition, I went from representing DHASNY as an Alternate Delegate, due to the withdrawal of one of our delegates, to a full-fledged voting Delegate in the ADHA House of Delegates. I called it “baptism by fire.” Wow!!! Now I’m participating in writing policies and voting for our future leaders of our National Organization. It was good for me to see first hand what our ADHA dues really do for us on a national level and the progress they have made in the past year.  More to come on this.

Six months into my presidency, I have been blessed with the opportunities that my affiliation with my local component and DHASNY has afforded me. I was also humbled in the past five days at the ADHA conference that I’m just a drop of water in this ocean of our profession.  But to quote our ADHA President Bowers, “We are better together”- so together let’s make a big wave!!!

Yours in dental health,



In the community
MoM's awesome

Robin Grasso of Westchester (center) has volunteered for the past three years at the Connecticut Mission of Mercy. Among the first to sign up for New York's MoM, she reports to us on her experience. Above, she teams up with President Michele Rase (left), and Upper Hudson President Johanna Root (right). See more photos .

The first New York Mission of Mercy was an amazing experience. New Yorkers attending this service were very lucky, as many patients received almost comprehensive care. By that I mean that they received multiple services - almost all the services they needed. I saw patients who had a dental cleaning, fillings, and extractions. I saw patients who had partials made, root canals performed on front teeth and crowns made. The first day numbers were staggering! We treated 491 patients and performed over 1,800 procedures. Over 1,000 patients were seen in the course of the two days.

Secondly, the BEST part of this dental outreach experience is that the patients were so happy with the dental care they received. They were so thankful.  Patients who waited many hours were still so pleasant to all of the volunteers. It was so uplifting to hear their praises. 

I can't wait until NY does the Mission of Mercy again. Please consider volunteering at the next NY Mission of Mercy.  You will never regret your involvement in this worthwhile cause.

Journalism Honors

Christine Rogers of the Capital District (left) received the 2014 ADHA Phi Alpha Journalism Award at the Annual Session in Las Vegas in June.  The award, sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, honors one graduate and one bachelor student for an outstanding manuscript that contributes to the dental hygiene body of knowledge and is of the quality to be published.

Christine's manuscript as a graduate student, “New York State Dental Hygienists’ Perceptions of a Baccalaureate Degree as the Entry-Level Degree Required for Practice,” will be published in the Journal of Dental Hygiene, the ADHA’s peer-reviewed journal. 

Through an issue of this E-News, many DHASNY members participated in the survey that was part of this project. That's District II Trustee Jaclyn Gleber congratulating Christine.

New Reports

Nutrition - Collaboration between nutritionists, dietetic technicians, and oral health care professionals is recommended for health promotion, disease prevention and intervention, in a practice paper, “Oral Health and Nutrition,” published in June by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. See also, Infographic.

Health literacy - In research announced in June, a University of Florida study found that difficulty understanding and using health information - health literacy - is a key reason contributing to poor oral health in rural, low-income and vulnerable U.S. populations. “Health Literacy: A Pathway to Better Oral Health” will be published in the July issue of American Journal of Public Health.

Injection safety - Here is the June newsletter of the New York One and Only Campaign. DHASNY works with this initiative that promotes injection safety.
Dental Hygienist Survey

Below is an opportunity to participate in a survey for a Fones School dental hygiene student project.

You are invited to participate in a research study titled “A Correlational Study of Dental Hygienists and Therapies to Alleviate Lower Back Pain Associated with MSD.” Dental hygiene students are conducting this study as part of a bachelor’s research course at the University of Bridgeport, Fones School of Dental Hygiene in Connecticut. 

We are currently seeking registered dental hygienists practicing with patient care for a minimum of one year, working a minimum of 15 hours per week and must experience or have experienced lower back pain associated with the profession.
The purpose of this study is to survey a select group of dental hygienists who have participated in various therapies both conventional and alternative to measure the effects for the improvement or elimination of work-related lower back pain associated with musculoskeletal disorder.  This survey will consist of several multiple choice questions designed to determine level of pain, time in the profession, age, type of treatment being used, and demographics.  Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary and there will be no monetary compensation for taking part in the ten-minute survey. 

The University of Bridgeport Institutional Review Board (IRB) has approved the survey, and all information gathered from the data collected including participants’ identity will be kept confidential.
Use the  hyperlink below in order to access the survey in which all data will be forwarded to the group for analysis.  Your participation is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Lisa Perry, Yajaira Bolden, Tina Baek, Gabriella Valela
DH Students at the University of Bridgeport

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