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"Day 1"


Aren't you tired of being tired? Well, you've come to the right place! Today is "Day 1" of the Mental Weight-Loss Challenge and it's time to re-train your brain for success.  During this 7-Day challenge, you will get to know yourself better while incorporating new systems into your lifestyle that will keep you positive while mentally preparing yourself for the challenge of a lifetime - The Ego v. The Spirit!  

So, sit back, grab a (new) notebook and pen and get ready to change your life by losing the unwanted weight and keeping it off through the Mental Weight-Loss Challenge.  For today's challenge (Day 1) I would like for you to create your "Me-Time" routine that's needed in order to complete this 7-Day challenge.  So, what you will do the first thing before you start your day, sit in a very comfortable position and take three deep cleansing breaths and then just relax for at least five minutes without thinking about anything. I know that sounds crazy but try not to think but if you do, that's fine, too. But the goal is to slow down your thinking in order to strengthen your thinking patterns. Let me know if you have any questions regarding this step.  By now you should have received emails reminding you of this challenge along with a bonus document for you to use for free!!!  Let's Do This Together!

Today's Topics Covered Are:

  • The Ego v. The Spirit! The Internal Battle For Weight Loss - Stick to the truth not excuses.  We really know what to do, just do it! Prepare for an internal battle
  • Creating A "Me Time" Daily Routine - at least 5 minutes a day
  • Relaxation Routines & Techniques For Immediate Stress Reduction - Three deep cleansing breaths before you start your day and to-do list
  • Creating Affirmations And Embracing Their Meaning - "I Believe In Me!" (What's your affirmation?) Write something you really want to accomplish


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Mental Weight-Loss Challenge!


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