The Department of Surgery held its Annual Faculty Development Day Friday May 23, 2014, at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel.  Over 30 faculty members attended the day’s activities, and I am pleased to report that the day was a complete success.  Karen Leslie, Director Centre for Faculty Development, and Latika Nirula, Director, Teaching Excellence and Innovation at CAMH, started the day with an active learning session in which techniques for improving teaching methods were provided.  Mara Goldstein, from the Department of Psychiatry at St Michael’s Hospital, spoke on gender and cultural sensitivities.  Derek Puddester,  Medical Director of Behavioural Neurosciences at Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, spoke on conflict resolution, and presented five easy steps to resolve conflicts in the medical workplace.   Shady Ashamalla and Jeremy Hall delivered presentations on teaching clerks in the clinic and the operating room, respectively.  Nikki Woods, Director of Evaluations in the Department of Surgery, provided examples of the top 20 positive and negative comments that accompany teaching effectiveness scores.   Fuad Moussa spoke on “The learner in difficult”.  And Paul Greig provided an overview of methods that can be used to instruct medical students, residents and fellows in the operating room.  As Faculty Development is one of the main pillars of our Strategic Plan, I was very pleased to attend the event, and to see the wide array of educational offerings for our Faculty.  I would like to provide special thanks to David Latter, Ron Levine, George Christakis, and Terry Axelrod, our Educational Executive, for organizing such an outstanding program for our Faculty.  I am pleased that Faculty Development Day is now mandated for all new recruits to the Department of Surgery.  In the future, we are discussing ways in which we can involve even more members of our Faculty.  I have been in discussion with other Department Chairs, and there may be value in combining or at least hosting Faculty Development Days across the city on the same day.  Stay tuned for further information about this.


James T. Rutka, MD, PhD, FRCSC
RS McLaughlin Chair


Department of Surgery University Rounds
Inaugural Tile Lecture
Friday, June 6, 2014
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Dr. Jerry Jurkovich
Chief of Surgery
Denver Health Medical Center
“Lessons Learned from Surgical M & M Conference”
14th Bethune Round Table Conference
June 5-8, 2014
McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
The Preliminary program and registration link is on the website:
International Sarcoma Symposium
June 6, 2014
University Club, 380 University Avenue
The agenda can be found at:
Book Club for Surgeons (Faculty, Residents, and Fellows)
Monday, June 23, 2014 @ 7 p.m.
“Five Days at Memorial” by Sheri Fink
If you are interested in attending, please contact Karen Devon at


1st Annual Canadian Burn Symposium  
Dr. Marc Jeschke and his team at the University of Toronto and the Ross Tilley Burn Centre at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre held the 1st Annual Canadian Burn Symposium on May 26th & 27th, 2014 at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto.  Keynote speaker was Dr. David N Herndon, University of Texas Medical Branch and Shriners Hospital for Children, Galveston Texas USA. 




Gallie Day 
Friday, May 9, 2014
MaRS Auditorium
Gordon Murray Lecturer
Dr. Geoffrey Gurtner
Professor and Associate Chairman of Surgery
Stanford University School of Medicine
“The Art of the Practical: Translating Scientific Discovery into the Real World”

Gallie Day Award Recipients:
Tovee Postgraduate Prize, Oleg Safir
Tovee Undergraduate Prize, Darlene Fenech
Surgical Skills Centre Distinguished Educator Award, George Oreopoulos
B. Langer Surgeon-Scientist Award, Gelareh Zadeh
Charles Tator Surgeon Scientist Mentorship Award, Avery Nathens
George Armstrong Peters Prize, Greg Borschel
Lister Prize, Laurence Klotz
D.R. Wilson Award, Justin Lee
Zane Cohen Clinical Fellowship Achievement Award, Niloofar Dehghan
Shafie Fazel Award, Aria Fallah

Educational Achievement Award Winners 


Ron Levine (L), Oleg Safir (R)
Subodh Verma and Samuel Siu published their work on the management of aortic dilatation in patients with bicuspid aortic valves in the New England Journal of Medicine.  The full reference is found at:  N Engl J Med.  2014; 370:1920-9.  Congratulations Subodh!
Celebrating the Dan Neurosurgery Fellows! 
A great evening celebrating the second annual Michael and Amira Dan Neurosurgery Fellowships. Dr. Menno Germans, from the Netherlands, has had a great year here in Toronto and is completing his fellowship at St Mike’s with Dr. Loch Macdonald. Dr. Amancio Guerrero Maldonado is soon heading home to Mexico after completing his fellowship at UHN with Drs. Michael Tymianski and Ivan Radovanovic. Congratulations to both – we wish you much success in the future!  From left to right: front row: Amira Dan, Michael Dan, Marie Slegr. Back row: Darina Landa, Menno Germans, Jim Rutka, Mari Rutka, Amancio Guerrero Maldonado, Andres Lozano.
Michael Fehlings to lead study for AOSpine North America
AOSpine North America received a research grant from The Rick Hansen Institute to develop a set of MRI based biomarkers in patients with acute spinal cord injury. 
Michael Fehlings hosted a Research Town Hall Meeting of scientists, surgeon investigators, surgeon scientists, surgeon scientist trainees and key stakeholders on April 1st at the Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning.  Over 50 attendees learned about key issues related to research and training in the Department of Surgery.  Overall, it was noteworthy, that the faculty had a high degree of engagement in research and felt proud to work at the University of Toronto.  As noted by all researchers, recent changes at CIHR have made it more of a challenge to successfully receive funding for grants submitted.  Some next steps arising from the Town Hall meeting included:

a)  A focused effort to advance fund raising for research in the Department of Surgery with the assistance of the UofT Advancement office.
b)  Meetings with surgeon scientist trainees and junior residents considering research as career options in the next several months.
c)  A comprehensive synopsis of research activities by surgeon scientists, surgeon investigators and scientists in the Department of Surgery.
d)  A retreat to discuss research directions and priorities in the Department of Surgery in early 2015.
Steve McCabe (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) was featured in an article in Saturday’s Toronto Star entitled “Need a hand?” It spotlights the Toronto Western Hand and Upper Extremity Unit in its mission to develop and perform Canada’s first upper limb transplant. Dr. Ron Zuker and the pediatric program are also featured.  Article
John Semple (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) received funding for his CIHR application, entitled "Replacing ambulatory clinic follow-up with remote home monitoring using smartphones in breast reconstruction patients: Is it cost-effective?", submitted to the Catalyst Grant: e-Health Innovations: Supporting More Efficient Population and Individualized Healthcare program.
Toni Zhong (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) recently had her manuscript “Barriers to immediate breast reconstruction in the Canadian universal healthcare system” selected for publication on a Rapid Communications basis in the journal of Clinical Oncology. 
Continuing Appointment Review (CAR)
The following Continuing Appointment Review (CAR) took place in May under the leadership of Ori Rotstein, Associate Chair, Department of Surgery.  
Bernard Lawless joined the Division of General Surgery at St. Michael’s Hospital as an Assistant Professor in May 2009.  He received his MD and general surgery training from the University of Western Ontario.  He did fellowships in trauma at UBC, UWO, and the University of Cape Town.  Dr. Lawless then went on to get his MHSc, Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto.  He worked as a Clinical Associate at St. Michael’s prior to his faculty appointment.  He currently practices general surgery and traumatology at St. Michael’s and critical care medicine at Toronto East General Hospital.  From left to right: N. Baxter, B. Lawless, O. Rotstein, A. Kapus. 
May 8 - Jim Rutka received an Honourary Degree, PhD, Friday, May 2 from the Faculty of Medicine, Bahcesehir University, Istanbul, Turkey
May 22 - Read how shorter shifts for surgical interns may not benefit patients - ‪
May 16 - 
Professor GC Gurtner, Stanford U, Gallie Day, Friday, May 9, 2014 ‪

May 14 - 
Zane Cohen Clinical Fellowship Achievement Award won by Niloofar Dehghan and the Shafie Fazel Award by Aria Fallah.  Well done!
May 14 - 
Justin Lee is the 2014 recipient of the D.R. Wilson Award.

May 14 
- Gregory Borschel, George-Armstrong Peters Prize; Avery Nathens, Charles Tator Award; and Laurence Klotz, Lister Prize!!  Congrats!!

May 14 - 
Congratulations Gelareh Zadeh on receiving the B.Langer Surgeon-Scientist Award!

May 14 
- George Oreopoulos is the recipient of the Surgical Skills Centre Distinguished Educator Award.

May 14 
- Congratulations to Darlene Fenech on receiving the Tovee Undergraduate Prize!
May 14 
- Congratulations to Oleg Safir on winning the Tovee Postgraduate Prize!

Bernard Langer (Professor Emeritus) received an Honourary Degree from Queen’s University, May 22, 2014
Sunit Das (Neurosurgery) has received a 2 year American College of Surgeons Faculty Research Fellowship for his project “Elucidating the Role of Vascular Mimicry in Glioblastoma”.  These highly competitive fellowships are offered to surgeons who are embarking on their career.
Teodor Grantcharov (General Surgery) is the recipient of the Jameel Ali Award in Continuing Education.  This award is presented to a SMH surgeon who has contributed to continuing education through participation, development and dissemination of knowledge in programs locally, nationally and internationally.
Jeremy Hall (Orthopaedics) is the recipient of the Donald J. Currie Undergraduate Teaching Award which recognizes an individual from SMH who displays excellence in UG education. 
Laurence Klotz (Urology) was awarded the Society of Urologic Oncology Medal at their annual meeting in May.  This medal is given to a surgeon who has made significant contributions to the field. 
Alan Lossing (Vascular Surgery) is the recipient of the Squires-Hyland Trust James Waddell Mentoring Award at St. Michael’s Hospital.  This award is presented to a SMH surgeon who has demonstrated excellence in mentoring fellow faculty. 
James Rutka (Neurosurgery) received an Honourary Degree, PhD, from the Faculty of Medicine, Bahcesehir University in Istanbul, Turkey on May 2, 2014. 
Emil Schemitsch (Orthopaedics) is the recipient of the William Horsey Post-Graduate Teaching Award at St. Michael’s Hospital.  This award recognizes an individual who displays excellence in postgraduate education.
John Trachtenberg (Urology) has been honoured with a Doctor of Science, honoris causa by the University of Guelph in recognition of his leadership and contributions to the treatment of prostate cancer. 


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