Highlights of the Academic Year

As the 2015-2016 academic year draws to a close, I reflect on the accomplishments of our faculty and trainees with great pride. We continue to push the boundaries of exemplary clinical care and innovative research, and serve as international leaders in surgery. The following is an account of some of the milestones we reached this year together.
First and foremost, the five-year external review of the Department of Surgery was highly complimentary.  External Reviewers John Kortbeek, University of Calgary, and Carlos Pellegrini, University of Washington concluded their favorable review by stating that the Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto was highly ranked, and within the top 5 Departments in the world.  High praise indeed!
I was exceedingly proud of the fact that we had over 7,000 total peer reviewed publications these past five years.  The Department proudly boasts 10 Canadian Research Chairs and 63 endowed University-Hospital Chairs, and receives $43M in annual research funding and $150M in endowed chair funding.  In addition, we have received $3.5M in philanthropic support for the Department on average each of the past 5 years.  This past year was a banner year for advancement funding at almost $6M, the greatest on record in our history. These generous contributions support ongoing clinical and research activities, as well as facilitating the development of new projects as patients’ needs and community necessity dictate.  
Both Undergraduate and Postgraduate education continue to excel and introduce new initiatives. Postgraduate Education has begun its progression to a Competency-by-Design program with all incoming PGY1’s across all Divisions, as mandated by the Royal College. Our Department has been very fortunate to demonstrate first-hand success in this domain with the competency-based curriculum established by the Division of Orthopedics.  In Undergraduate Education, we have introduced a new “Foundations” Curriculum with an emphasis on competency-based learning, integration of clinical sciences and public health outreach, and the flexibility to pursue individual interests. The Clerkship program also underwent a revision of course format and on-call evaluation tools in order to provide our trainees with more informative feedback.  For faculty, the first conjoint “Faculty Development Day” meeting was help between the Department of Surgery and Anesthesiology in November 2015. 
We continue to consolidate our expertise in global impact as several faculty members and trainees participate in capacity-building efforts throughout the world. In February 2016, several of these missions were highlighted and shared at our inaugural Global Surgery Symposium, with Dr. Henry Marsh of the UK as the keynote speaker. Our global surgery efforts were also highlighted by the creation of the “Global Surgery” academic job description.  We were very fortunate to host the UK Traveling Surgical Society in June this year.  They were thoroughly impressed with the depth and scope of our many programs, I assure you.  Finally, a global surgery prospectus of faculty work abroad was published and circulated across the Department, and will soon be available online for your perusal.
Our Quality & Best Practices committee launched several exciting initiatives this year, including the introduction of a Quality Improvement curriculum unit for the residents. Notable projects included a “Patient Centered Care” retreat in which patients and their surgeons participate in a facilitated think-tank to develop strategies for improving the patient experience across a variety of domains.
Finally, a comprehensive set of guidelines for the development of innovative procedures, products, and technology has also been accepted and put forward for those wishing to pursue novel technologies.  We are just now completing an “innovation prospectus” which encapsulates the  amazing productivity and innovative work our faculty are doing in this important pillar of our strategic plan. 
I wish to thank each of you for your contributions to the Department.  Things to look forward to next year include the first “Education Scholars Retreat”, a “refresh” of our strategic plan, an expanded Global Surgery Symposium, and further support of our Surgeon-Scientist Training Program.  Please allow me to take this opportunity to wish all of you an enjoyable summer break.  I look forward to seeing you this next academic year at some of our many Departmental events.


James T. Rutka, MD, PhD, FRCSC
RS McLaughlin Chair


Department of Surgery University Rounds
Annual Address
Friday, September 9, 2016
The Allan Waters Family Auditorium
Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute
St. Michael’s Hospital
209 Victoria Street
Book Club for Surgeons – NEW DATE
Wednesday, July 20, 2016  “Doctor’s Stories”.  Faculty, Residents, and Fellows welcome.  Please RSVP to Stephanie –
2016 Canadian Burn Symposium
October 24-25, 2016
Vancouver, BC


Department of Surgery University Rounds
Tile Lecture
Dr. Geoffrey Manley, Professor and Vice Chairman of Neurological Surgery University of California, San Francisco was the Tile Lecturer on Friday, June 3, 2016 speaking on “Traumatic Brain Injury: A precision medicine approach.”  Front left to right:  A. Nathens, M. Tile, G. Manley

U. of T. Vascular Surgery Research Day
Dr. Melina Kibbe, Vice-Chair Research, Department of Surgery at Northwestern University was the Guest Speaker on June 3, 2016 at the University Club of Toronto.

Travelling Surgical Society of Great Britain and Ireland Visit
The TSS visited Toronto for a week and held Scientific Sessions June 6-8, 2016 at Mount Sinai, St. Mike’s and PMH.  Three resident prizes were awarded from the TSS to Drs. Emily Partridge, Stephanie Mason, and Andrea Covelli.  Front left to right: A. Okrainec, T. Irwin (President, TSS), J. Rutka



William S. Keith Professorship in Neurosurgery
Professor Jorg-Christian Tonn, Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery University of Munich was the William S. Keith Professor on June 6th.  He gave two talks - “Preservation of function is key – decision making and surgical strategies for vestibular schwannomas”, and “Molecular and imaging biomarker in neuro-oncology: what may change neurosurgical management”.  From left to right:  JC Tonn, A. Hudson

3rd Annual Global Health Day, “Health Beyond Borders”
Dr. Lee Errett was a panelist at the recent Global Health Day held June 9th in the McLeod Auditorium.

U of T Neurosurgery Softball Team in NYC
The U of T Neurosurgery softball team participated once again in the Annual Neurosurgery Charity Softball Tournament in Central Park, New York City on Saturday June 11, 2016.  They were the only Canadian entry and played well - 9-0 Miami (Champions 2016); 2-1 Penn; 5-3 Puerto Rico.    
Dr. K. Daniel Riew, Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Columbia University Medical Center was the Invited Speaker at SpineFEST June 13th at the MaRS Centre.  He spoke on  “The Post-operative Patient with Persistent or Recurrent Symptoms”.  From left to right:  M. Fehlings, D. Riew, A. Yee

Dr. David Urbach Appointed as Surgeon-in-Chief and Medical Director, Perioperative Services, Women’s College Hospital
David Urbach will be taking over from John Semple as Surgeon-in-Chief at Women’s College Hospital as he steps down after having completed 2 succesful 5 year terms.  David is presently with the Division of General Surgery at the UHN.  He is an ICES scientist and lead for the bariatric program at UHN.  His appointment is effective July 1, 2016.   With special thanks to John Semple for his exemplary contributions over the past 10 years, and congratulations David!

John Coles (Cardiac Surgery) has been appointed as the Clinical Fellowship Coordinator for Cardiac Surgery at the University.

Robert Cusimano (Cardiac Surgery) has been appointed as the Program Director for the Division of Cardiac Surgery at the University.

Hugh Scully (Cardiac Surgery) welcomes Sir Jackie Stewart to the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame.    Dr. Hugh Scully welcomes Sir Jackie Stewart to the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame


U of T Spine Program ‏@UofTSpine Jun 12
@UofTNeuroSurge @UofTSurgery @MoShamji @Royal_College @uoftcpd @uoftmedicine @IMSMagazine #SpineFEST #UTSpineEvents TOMORROW
UofT Dept of Surgery ‏@UofTSurgery Jun 11
UofT Neurosurgery only Canadian team to play in US charity softball tournament today in Central Park NYC!
UofT Dept of Surgery ‏@UofTSurgery Jun 9
Dr. Lee Errett a panelist at @UofTPGME Global Health Day. Speaking about surgery in the humanitarian context.
UofT Dept of Surgery ‏@UofTSurgery Jun 9
Annual Global Health Day beginning now @UofTPGME
UofT Dept of Surgery ‏@UofTSurgery Jun 8 Toronto, Ontario
Mr Brian Ellis speaking on Surgical Aspects of International Drug Smuggling in final presentation today!
UofT Dept of Surgery ‏@UofTSurgery Jun 8
Carol-Anne Moulton speaking about surgical judgment at the UKTSS - Dept Surgery joint meeting now!
Sean Cleary ‏@Seanpcleary Jun 8
Mr Joe Hardwick delivering the Price Thomas fellow lecture for Travelling Surgical Soc of GB&Ireland @UofTSurgery
UofT Dept of Surgery ‏@UofTSurgery Jun 8
Now at PMH with the UK Traveling Surgical Society. Ongoing resident research presentations now!
UofT Dept of Surgery ‏@UofTSurgery Jun 8 Toronto, Ontario
Rachel Hargest speaking about laparoscopic surgery in colorectal cancer at UKTSS meeting with Dept Surgery.
UofT Dept of Surgery ‏@UofTSurgery Jun 7
Admiral Alasdair Walker the Surgeon General and Surgeon Vice Admiral describes the 1982 Falkland Islands campaign.
UofT Dept of Surgery ‏@UofTSurgery Jun 7
Ori Rotstein describes surgical services at St Mike's and Sunnybrook to UKTSS. Trauma services highlighted.
UofT Dept of Surgery ‏@UofTSurgery Jun 7
Mr Terry Irwin introduces the UK traveling surgical society to attendees at St Mike's. Lord Moynihan seen in slide.
UofT Dept of Surgery ‏@UofTSurgery Jun 6
Dinner with the U.K. Travelling Surgical Society at Adega Restaurant tonite. Tomorrow's Program at St Mike's!
UofT Dept of Surgery ‏@UofTSurgery Jun 6
UKTSS at the morning conference where surgical presentations are being given at Mt Sinai Hospital.
UofT Dept of Surgery ‏@UofTSurgery Jun 6
James Thomson and Zane Cohen lead the next session of the Jt Meeting between the UKTSS and Dept Surgery!
UofT Dept of Surgery ‏@UofTSurgery Jun 6
Mr Terry Irwin delivers morning lecture on the dangers of PowerPoint presentations - UK Traveling Surgeons now!
UofT Dept of Surgery ‏@UofTSurgery Jun 5
Dr Joerg Tonn invited as the 41st Keith Lecturer from Munich Germany!
UofT Dept of Surgery ‏@UofTSurgery Jun 5
Joint meeting with the UK traveling surgical society about to begin tomorrow. Stay tuned!
UofT Vascular ‏@UofTVascular Jun 3
Standing room only for #UofT Vascular Surgery Research Day! @UofTSurgery
Avery Nathens ‏@injurydr Jun 3
The first trauma text via Dr Geoff Manley, our 2016 Tile Lecturer @uofttrauma
U of T Neurosurgery ‏@UofTNeuroSurge Jun 3
41st Annual William S. Keith Professorship in Neurosurgery- Mon, Jun 6 at TWH Main Auditorium, West Wing 2-401/ 8 am
UofT Vascular ‏@UofTVascular Jun 3
Blair Innovation Fund Grant Recipients Drs Greco @efgrecolekas & Wheatcroft with Mr Blair @StMikesHospital
UofT Vascular ‏@UofTVascular Jun 3
Melina Kibbe @kibbemr discusses Sex Bias in Research as 5th Annual K Wayne Johnston Visiting Lecturer @UofTSurgery
UofT Trauma ‏@UofTTrauma Jun 3
@UofTSurgery Tile Lecture has begun. @injurydr @ManleyTBIguy and the renowned Dr. Marvin Tile
UofT Vascular ‏@UofTVascular Jun 1
@Sunnybrook Division Head, Dr Dueck @AndrewDueckMD explains Advance in treating artery pain
Michael G. Fehlings ‏@DrFehlings Jun 1
.@UofTSpine & @UHN_News Seen our latest article about regeneration of injured spinal cord?  … (free registration)
U of T MD Program ‏@UofTMDprogram May 31
"Don't underestimate your ability to make a difference." #UofTGrad16 Valedictorian Louai Musa #UofTMed
UofT Dept of Surgery ‏@UofTSurgery May 31
Class of 2016 Medical School Convocation at UofT. Our future health is in good hands!
UofT Dept of Surgery ‏@UofTSurgery May 31
Medical school convocation at UofT!



Paul Karanicolas (General Surgery) received a 5-year $150,000 Ministry of Research and Innovation Early Researcher Award for his work on “HPB CONCEPT: An Integrated Program to Improve Outcomes Following Liver Surgery”.

Simon Kitto (Research Education) and team were awarded a 2-year $200,000 CIHR KTA operating grant for their work “The implementation of a family and patient involvement tool in Intensive Care Units In Ontario”.  Simon was also awarded the 2016 Institute of Medical Science (IMS) Module Instructor Award.

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