A word on “citizenship” in the Department of Surgery.  As many of you know, at the end of each calendar year, each full-time faculty member in the Department of Surgery receives a letter from me with a score relating to the Annual Assessment of Productivity (AAP).  The domains in which surgeons score points include research, teaching, creative professional activity, administration, academic rank, and citizenship.  Each category is ranked on a score of 0-3.  This score is then weighted in a variable fashion in each category depending on a surgeon’s academic role.  The maximum total score amounts to 21.5.  The highest score applied to citizenship is 0.5 -- a rather small number or value applied to this domain.  Citizenship was initially defined by attendance at the Department’s monthly Lectureships or Rounds.  To achieve the full score, faculty members would need to attend 40% of these lectures or more.  As time passed, and recognizing the number of rounds and lectureships that take place in each Division each year, I supported the notion that a citizenship score of 0.5 could also be given to faculty members who attended 40% of their Divisional Rounds if attendance were taken by the University Division Chair’s office.  The point here is that everyone is busy with their surgical practices, and hospital-based efforts.  Still, I think it is important to demonstrate an attachment or allegiance to the larger University structures that constitute our Divisions and Department.  The University of Toronto is an awesome university that provides us with significant caché as we build our careers, educate learners, give presentations around the globe, and head towards promotions.  Some of you have approached me after receiving a “0” score for citizenship wondering how that can possibly be the case, given how hard you work in other ways for your Divisions and the Department.  Hence, I thought it would be important to clarify what the expectations are for citizenship scores in the Department of Surgery.  If any of you would like to propose an alternate system of recognizing citizenship, then please do not hestitate to give me your ideas.



James T. Rutka, MD, PhD, FRCSC
RS McLaughlin Chair


Department of Surgery University Rounds
Robin McLeod Lecture in Clinical Epidemiology
Friday, November 6, 2015, 7:30 – 8:30 a.m.
The Hospital for Sick Children
Hollywood Theatre, First Floor, Elm Wing
Dorry Segev, MD, PhD
Associate Vice Chair, Department of Surgery
Director, Epidemiology Research Group in Organ Transplantation
Johns Hopkins University
“Of Math and Medicine: Advancing Transplant Surgery through Novel Mathematical Approaches”
Presentations by Winners of Lister and Armstrong-Peters Prizes
Friday, December 4, 2015, 7:30 – 8:30 a.m.
The Hospital for Sick Children
Hollywood Theatre, First Floor, Elm Wing
Lister Presentation – Dr. Emil Schemitsch, Orthopaedics, SMH
Armstrong-Peters Presentation – Dr. Marcelo Cypel, Thoracic Surgery, UHN
U. of T. Spine Rounds
Friday, November 20, 2015 7:30 a.m.
Peter Gilgan Centre for Research, 686 Bay Street
Professor Stefan Parent
“Predictive Model of Progression for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoiosis”



Department of Surgery University Rounds 
Bigelow Lecture
Friday, October 2, 2015
Auditorium, Mount Sinai Hospital
Dr. John A. Elefteriades
"Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms: Reading the Enemy's Playbook"
Photo left to right: C. Caldarone and J. Elefteriades
Unveiling of C. David Naylor Building 
On Wednesday, October 21, 2015, former Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, and President of the University of Toronto, C. David Naylor, was recognized for his many years of service to the University with the unveiling of the C. David Naylor Building at 6 Queen’s Park Circle, next to the Faculty of Medicine’s Health Sciences Complex building.  Shown here, Dr Naylor is exchanging words of gratitude for this singular recognition.

UofT Surgeons Have Shown Attempted Suicide Rise After Bariatric  Surgery
Bhatti JA, Nathens AB, Thiruchelvam D, Grantcharov T, Goldstein BI, Redelmeier DA.  Self-harm Emergencies After Bariatric Surgery.  A Population-Based Cohort Study.  JAMA Surg.  Published online October 7, 2015.  Doi:10.1001/jamasurg.2015.3414 

Please have a look at: jama
And see the following comments in The Wall Street Journal.
Astellas Prostate Cancer Innovation Fund
This competition (3 grants of $50,000) is open to all faculty members from the Departments of Surgery, Medicine, Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology, Radiation Oncology, and Medical Imaging. Applications must be received by December 14th 2015.   The Request for Proposals as well as the Terms of Reference are linked here. 
Teodor Grantcharov (General Surgery) has been appointed to the Board of Governors of the American College of Surgeons.  Congratulations Teodor!
New Appointments in Department of Surgery Undergraduate Medical Education
With the departure of Nikki Woods in the Department of Surgery, a search process was conducted to identify a new Director and Deputy Director of Education Evaluations.  I am pleased to inform you of the following new appointments.
Dr. Melinda Musgrave (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) 
Director, Education Evaluation.  Melinda conducts her clinical practice at St Michael’s Hospital in PRS, and has long been devoted to undergraduate education in the Department of Surgery.  She is Assistant Professor of Surgery, and longstanding member of the Undergraduate Education Committee.

Dr. Jeremy Hall (Orthopaedics) 
Deputy Director, Education Evaluation.  Jeremy is an Assisstant Professor of Orthopaedics at St Michael’s Hospital, and specializes in shoulder reconstructions following sports injuries.  He has been the recipient of numerous teaching awards over the years.

Please help me congratulate both Melinda and Jeremy in their new roles!
New Funding for Vascular Surgery Research
The Blair Foundation has donated funds to create a U. of T. Vascular Surgery Innovation Fund and award two grants each year for 3 years.  The competition is open to all faculty in the Division of Vascular Surgery.  Further information on the grants can be found at:
Excerpt from Presidential Address given at the Canadian Society for Vascular Surgery by Thomas Forbes
Tom Forbes recently delivered his Presidential Address for the Canadian Society for Vascular Surgery (CSVS).  In his address, entitled “Four Seconds”, he examined the final four seconds of the February 28th, 2010, Winter Olympics gold medal game between Canada and USA, leading up to Sidney Crosby’s winning goal.  These final 4 seconds were deconstructed to illustrate the same steps taken by vascular surgeons at moments of high intensity during surgery.  Congratulations to Tom on his term as President of the CSVS!

New Appointments in the Department of Surgery, University of Toronto 

Karen Cross has been appointed as an Assistant Professor and Surgeon-Scientist in the Division of Plastic and Reconsructive Surgery at St. Michael’s Hospital in the Department of Surgery.  She received her Medical Degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John’s and did her residency at U. of T followed by a research fellowship under Dr. Joel Fish at The Hospital for Sick Children.  Karen is the recipient of numerous scholarships, awards and honours.  She has presented at many meetings and written several papers and abstracts.  Karen’s main focus is in wound healing and reconstruction. 

Alan Rogers has been appointed as an Assistant Professor and Surgeon-Investigator in the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Sunnybrook health Sciences Centre in the Department of Surgery effective July 1, 2015.  He received his Medical Degree from the University of Cape Town, South Africa and went on to do his residency there which was followed by a fellowship in Burn Surgery at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.  Alan has presented at numerous meetings both nationally and internationally.  He has also published several articles in national and international journals. 

Gonzalo Sapisochin has been appointed as an Assistant Professor in the Division of General Surgery at UHN in the Department of Surgery effective January 1, 2016.   He graduated with his Medical Degree from the University Compluense of Madrid, Spain and then did his residency at the Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona, Spain.  His Fellowship in Abdominal Transplant and HPB Surgical Oncology was done at U of T, Toronto General Hospital.  Gonzalo has many publications and grants; has won several awards; and has presented at international meetings. 

Sebastian Tomescu as been appointed as an Assistant Professor,  Orthopaedics at Sunnybrook Hospital.  He did his MD degree at Queen’s University; residency and clinical fellowship in lower extremity reconstruction/arthroplasty at U. of T.   His main focus will be in total hip and knee replacement and lower extremity complex deformity correction.   In addition, he will work within the Working Conditions Program at SHSC and collaboratively with the U. of T. Arthroplasty Program. 

Sarah Ward has been appointed as Lecturer in the Division of Orthopaedics at St. Michael’s Hospital in the Department of Surgery effective October 1, 2015.  She received her Medical Degree and did her residency at the University of Toronto.  This was followed by a clinical fellowship in Community Orthopaedic Surgery at SMH and then another fellowship in Trauma and Upper Extremity Surgery also at SMH.  Sarah has won several awards, published in peer reviewed journals and presented at numerous scientific meetings. 

Bobby Yanagawa has been appointed as an Assistant Professor in the Division of Cardiac Surgery at St. Michael’s Hospital in the Department of Surgery.  He is a MD graduate from U of T and also did his residency at U of T.  Bobby did a fellowship in mitral surgery at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York.  He did a post-doctoral fellowship in Medical Biochemistry at the University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff, UK; and another in Regenerative Medicine, National Cardiovascular Center in Osaka, Japan.    His main interest is in molecular biology of valvular heart disease. 


Barbara (Dee) Ballyk (Anatomy) has received a 2015 W.T. Aikins Award for Excellence in Course/Program Development and Coordination. 
Sean Cleary (General Surgery) received a 2 year grant along with Anand Ghanekar from the Canadian Liver Foundation for their work “Comprehensive evaluation of somatic alterations in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).
Peter Ferguson (Orthopaedics) has won the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada AMS Donald R. Wilson Award for helping integrate CanMEDS roles into a Royal College or other health-related training program. 

Laurence Klotz (Urology) has been named a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, one of Canada’s most esteemed academic academies.

Agostino Pierro (General Surgery) has received the 2015 ICCO (Italian Chamber of Commerce Ontario) Arts, Science and Culture Award.
James Rutka (Neurosurgery) has been elected as an active member to the James IV Association of Surgeons. 
Marc Jeschke (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) received a 4 year NIH Grant (over 1 million in funding) for his project entitled “Hepatic ER stress contributes to morbidity and mortality after burn injury.”

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