On Wednesday November 11, the first joint Faculty Development Day was held at the Chestnut Residence between the Departments of Anesthesia and Surgery.  Attendance was superb.  Following comments by Dean Trevor Young, Chair of Anesthesia, Brian Kavanagh, and Vice-Chair of Education in Surgery, David Latter, the program began with an outstanding keynote address by Brian Hodges, VP Education at UHN, on the transformation of learners, teachers, and 21st century health professional curricular.  Workshops were then held on such important topics as:  Quality improvement; effective mentorship; teaching technical skills and incorporating an assessment process; late career transitioning; time management for the busy physician; and team communication in the operating room; negotiations, taxes, and financial considerations; among several others.  I would like to thank Robin McLeod, Ori Rotstein, Paul Grieg, Ron Levine, Oleg Safir, Barry Rubin, Terry Axelrod, George Christakis, and Karen Devon for actively leading these workshops. In the afternoon session, attendees were instructed on how to incorporate medical students into the clinic and the operating room; how to let residents operate; and how to mitigate against surgeon stress.  These lectures were given by Darlene Fenech, John Hagen, Jay Wunder, and Carol-Anne Moulton respectively.  I was absolutely delighted with the academic program this year, and by the numbers of our faculty who attended.  This is clearly a “winning formula” for us in the Department of Surgery, and sets the blueprint for our future Faculty Development Day offerings with our colleagues in Anesthesia.  Special thanks must be given at this time to David Latter and his program committee for making this year’s Faculty Development Day so successful.  Please see photos below!


James T. Rutka, MD, PhD, FRCSC
RS McLaughlin Chair


Department of Surgery University Rounds
Presentations by Winners of Lister and Armstrong-Peters Prizes
Friday, December 4, 2015, 7:30 – 8:30 a.m.
The Hospital for Sick Children
Hollywood Theatre, First Floor, Elm Wing
Lister Presentation – Dr. Emil Schemitsch, Orthopaedics, SMH
Armstrong-Peters Presentation – Dr. Marcelo Cypel, Thoracic Surgery, UHN
Ben Alman Research & Science Lecture
Friday, January 8, 2016, 7:30 – 8:30 a.m.
Toronto Western Hospital, Auditorium
Dr. Lisa McKerracher, PhD, CEO, BioAxone BioSciences, Cambridge, MA
“The translational pathway of a novel strategy to facilitate CNS regeneration: From discovery to consumer delivery”
U. of T. Department of Surgery Hockey Tournament
Saturday, January 9, 2016, 10:00 a.m. – noon
Varsity Arena.  If you wish to play, please contact Stephanie at:


Department of Surgery University Rounds
Robin McLeod Lecture in Clinical Epidemiology
Dr. Dorry Segev, Associate Vice Chair, Department of Surgery and Director, Epidemiology Research Group in Organ Transplantation, Johns Hopkins University gave the 2015 Robin McLeod Lecture in Clinical Epidemiology at The Hospital for Sick Children on Friday, November 6, 2015.  The title of his talk was “Of Math and Medicine: Advancing Transplant Surgery through Novel Mathematical Approaches”.  Left to right: D. Backstein, D. Segev, R. McLeod, JT Rutka

Breakfast with the Chairman
On November 18, 2015, Jim Rutka met with over 20 first year medical students to provide them with an overview of a career path in surgery.  There seemed to be great interest in surgery with this cohort of students.
Ernie Spratt (Thoracic Surgery) 1939-2015 passed away on November 8, 2015.  Dr. Spratt was at St. Joseph’s Health Centre for 33 years during which time he was Chief of Surgery and Chief of Staff. 
Todd Mainprize (Neurosurgery) and team members have been able to open the Blood-Brain Barrier Non-Invasively With Focused Ultrasound in a patient with a brain tumour.  Please see the following press briefings - The Globe and Mail, and Focused Ultrasound Foundation.

Ash Prakash Fellowship Dinner 
On October 29th, recipients of the Ash Prakash Foundation Fellowship awards enjoyed an evening at Mistura Restaurant to speak of their experiences in surgery in Toronto, and their home hospitals in Ethiopia and Trinidad.  Left to right:  Front row:  Ash Prakash, Hanna Getachew, Darina Landa, Katerina Atanassova, Andrew Perry. Standing:  Samuel Hailu, Malcolm Burrows, James Rutka, Andrew Howard
Faculty Development Day
Wednesday, November 11, 2015; 89 Chestnut Residence and Conference Centre.  See Message from the Chair this month.



Continuing Appointment Review (CAR)
The following Continuing Appointment Review (CAR) took place in November under the leadership of Ori Rotstein, Associate Chair, Department of Surgery.  
Robert Hamilton is an Assistant Professor with the Division of Urology, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto and a faculty member at Princess Margaret Hospital, UHN.  He completed medical school and then urology residency training at the University of Toronto.  He completed a research fellowship at Duke University and then a fellowship in Urologic Oncology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.  His clinical practice focuses on management of genitourinary malignancies, with particular focus in prostate and testis cancers.  His research interests focus on the epidemiology of urological malignancies and biomarkers predicting risk and progression of these diseases.  From left to right:  N. Fleshner, R. Hamilton, O. Rotstein.
 Nov 25
James Rutka @UofTSurgery giving remarks at UBC @UBC receiving Margolese national brain disorders prize.
Nov 20
@UofTSurgery Prof Grantcharov to open day 2 of Canada’s largest #healthcare #simulation event Dec.15;  #SimExpo2015
Nov 16
Dr. Mike McKee from @stmikeshospital @UofTSurgery updating #tqip2015 on operative fixation of rib fractures
 Nov 11
@UofTSurgery Robin McLeod teaching quality at Faculty Development Day
Nov 11
Interesting: 21st century will be less about what you know, but "is what you know evolving"? @BDHodges1 @UofTSurgery
Nov 11
@BDHodges1 opens @UofTSurgery / Anesthesia @uoftmedicine Faculty Development Day with "Learners, teachers and 21st century"
Nov 11
Health professional education in a transformative era. @BDHodges1 Keynote speaker @UofTSurgery.
Nov 9
Neurosurgeon .@toddgm from @UofTSurgery opens up the blood brain barrier a first for patients with brain tumours! 
Nov 6
Dr. M Ko from @UofTSurgery describing his experience in Ethiopia teaching Thoracic surgery @mystjoes clinical day

Christopher Caldarone (Cardiac Surgery) has been appointed as the Dr. Robert B. Salter Chair in Surgery at The Hospital for Sick Children as Chief of Perioperative Services. 
James Rutka (Neurosurgery) was presented with the 2015 Margolese National Brain Disorders Prize on November 24, 2015 at the University of British Columbia,  Vancouver, BC. 
Michael Tymianski (Neurosurgery) has been appointed as the Harold & Esther Halpern Chair in Neurosurgical Stroke Research at University Health Network.

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