Dear Colleagues,

At academic year end, it is opportune to review the high level achievements that have been recorded in the Department of Surgery from July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015.  In doing so, I run the risk of not acknowledging dozens of faculty members whose awards and honours cannot be mentioned here.  However, they have been chronicled in the e-pages of our monthly newsletter, Excelsior, as you all know.

New Full-time Appointments to the Department of Surgery:
Mitesh Badiwala, Cardiac Surgery, Toronto General Hospital
John Byrne, Vascular Surgery, Toronto General Hospital
Thomas Forbes, Division Head of Vascular Surgery, Toronto General Hospital
Eran Shlomovitz, General Surgery, Toronto General Hospital
Martin Gargan, Division Head of Orthopaedics, Sick Kids Hospital
Julie Hendrick-Hallet, General Surgery, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
William Stansfield, Cardiac Surgery, Toronto General Hospital
Mark Camp, Orthopaedics, Sick Kids Hospital
Tim Dwyer, Orthopaedics, Women’s College Hospital
Elisa Greco, Vascular Surgery, St Michael’s Hospital
Patrick Henry, Orthopaedics, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Adena Scheer, General Surgery, St Michael’s Hospital
David Wasserstein, General Surgery, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Successful Continuing Appointment Reviews:
Richard Jenkinson, Orthopaedics, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Osami Honjo, Cardiac Surgery, Sick Kids Hospital
Marcelo Cypel, Thoracic Surgery, Toronto General Hospital
Girish Kulkarni, Urology, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Leonard Tse, Vascular Surgery, Toronto General Hospital
Martin Koyle, Urology, Sick Kids Hospital
Christine Novak, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, University Health Network
Jason Lee, Urology, St Michael’s Hospital
Anand Govindarajan, General Surgery, Mount Sinai Hospital
New Appointments:
Mingyao Liu was appointed as Director of the Institute of Medical Science
Natalie Coburn was names as the Chairholder of the Hanna Family Chair in Surgical Oncology Research at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Carmine Simone was appointed as Surgeon-in-Chief at Toronto East General Hospital
Chris Caldarone, Surgeon-in-Chief, Sick Kids Hospital
Honours and Awards:
Paul Karanicolas, General Surgery; and Marcelo Cypel, Thoracic Surgery were awarded the Roscoe Reid Graham Scholarship in Surgical Science
John Hagen, Mentor of the Year Award, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons
Michael Fehlings and Shaf Keshavjee, Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences
Bernard Langer was inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame
Michael Fehlings was inducted as a Fellow in the Royal Society of Canada
Peter Ferguson, Donald Wilson Award, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons
Shaf Keshavjee, Officer, Order of Canada
Laurence Klotz, Member, Order of Canada
Agostino Pierro, Officer, Order of British Empire
Dee Ballyk, Anatomy, Aikins Award
Teodor Grantcharov, General Surgery, Tier2 Canada Research Chair
Andy Smith, Induction into the American Surgery Association
David Urbach and Nancy Baxter, CIHR IHSPR Article of the year award
Gelareh Zadeh, Wilkins Family Chair in Neurosurgical Brain Tumour Research
Of course, these and many more accolades, such as grants and high impact papers,  bestowed upon our tremendously talented faculty will be reviewed at my Annual Address in the Department of Surgery on Friday September 4, 2015 at the Li Ka Shing Auditorium, St Michael’s Hospital.  I invite all of you to attend.  Until then, please enjoy the summer months with your family and friends!


James T. Rutka, MD, PhD, FRCSC
RS McLaughlin Chair


University Rounds
Department of Surgery Annual Address
Friday, September 4, 2015, The Allan Waters Family Auditorium, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute,
St. Michael's Hospital, 209 Victoria Street
7:30 - 8:30 a.m.


Department of Surgery Neurosurgery Softball Team in New York Central Park, May 30, 2015.  The only Canadian team to be invited.  

Tile Lecture
Dr. James Kellam, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Texas Health Science Center – Houston gave the 2015 Tile Lecture at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre on Friday, June 5, 2015.  The title of his talk was “Orthopedic Trauma:  An Evolution of Care.”



SpineFEST 2015
Monday, June 8, 2015, 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.
MaRS Auditorium
Professor Wilco Peul, Invited Keynote Speaker
“Societal Impact & Added Value of spine surgery. 

Division of Vascular Surgery Research Day
June 12, 2015 at the University Club of Toronto.  Dr. Ronald Dalman, Chidester Professor of Surgery & Chief of Vascular Surgery, Stanford University was the K. Wayne Johnston Lecturer .  The title of his talks were “Pathogenesis and progression of abdominal aortic aneurysm disease” and “Optimizing quality and value in vascular care”.  



Promotions Dinner
Promotees in the Department of Surgery met for a celebratory dinner at Splendido restaurant on Friday June 19th.  At the dinner, Jim Rutka awarded Sender Herschorn with a crystal sculpture commemorating his term as Chair of the Promotions Committee.

2015 Surgical Ethics Course was held June 19, 2015 at the Rotman School of Management, South Campus.

Divisions of Neurosurgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Orthopaedics had a 100% pass rate for their graduating residents passing their Royal College Exam!  Congratulations. 
Prakash Foundation, Low Income Country Surgical Scholarships (LINCSS) Call for proposals.  Proposals due:  2015 July 20Funding available: Fellowship starts between 2016 July 1 and 2017 July 1.  Amount available: Up to $70k for one year.  Purpose:  To link surgeons in low income countries with educational opportunities provided the University of Toronto Department of Surgery.  
Application process:  Please send a letter of application with a budget and justification (one page) and letters of support from Division/Department heads to: .  Subject line: Prakash Foundation LINCSS Scholarships
Jun 19 -
Mark Camp speaking at UofT Surgical Ethics Course at Rotman Building today! 


Jun 19 - Toronto, Ontario

Excited to hear Dr. Safieddine talk about our MIS thoracic surg prgm ‪@TEGHDeptofSurg ‪#thoracicsurgery ‪@UofTSurgery
Jun 19 - An exciting first ‪@UofTSurgery Ethics Course! 


Jun 19 -
Shaf Keshavjee welcoming attendees at the 41st refresher course in Thoracic Surgery at the Sheraton Center today! 


Jun 12 -
Dr. Forbes introducing the Wayne Johnston visiting lecturer: Dr. Ron Dalman from Stanford.‪@UofTVascular ‪@UofTSurgery

Jun 12 -
Dr Ron Dalman Stanford U gives Wayne Johnson Lectureship at University Club today! 


Jun 12 -
Tom Forbes introducing Wayne Johnston lectureship at Vascular Surgery Research day now! 


Jun 10 -
Dr Tom Short of Trillium Health Partners delivering opening remarks at Surgeon Education Recognition Award Ceremony! 

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Jun 9 -
Dr. Fred Gentili was honoured at the Pioneers in Excellence Tribute Event held at the Liberty Grand in honour of... ‪ 

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Jun 8 -
Gold medals for 3 ‪#UofT alums honour stellar PhD theses. Great work! ‪ Dept. English, UofT, UofT Medicine and U of T Engineering 



Jun 8 -
Dr Wilco Peul delivers the Tator-Hall lecture today at SpineFEST! ‪@UofTSpine
Jun 8 -
Albert Yee and Michael Fehlings introduce Dr Wilco Peul from the Netherlands for the Tator-Hall lecture! 

Jun 8 -
Charles Tator helps introduce the Tator-Hall lectureship at SpineFEST today at MaRS! 

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Jun 5 - George Ibrahim ‏‪@GMI_Canada Surgery is an indivisible, indispensable part of healthcare.
‪ … ‪#globalhealth ‪#surgery ‪#neurosurgery
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Jun 5 - Avery Nathens ‏‪@injurydr  Dr Tile presents 4th ed of his book “Fractures of the Pelvis & Acetabulum” to ‪@andysmith1966 for ‪@Sunnybrook library ‪ 

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Jun 5 - Andy Smith ‏‪@andysmith1966 Jun 5‪@injurydr@UofTSurgery Professor Kellam highlighted #DrTile leadership (48 years) in modern trauma care at @Sunnybrook and around the world.

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Jun 4 - Carmine Simone ‏‪@CarmineSimon  Congrats Dr. Najib Safieddine on winning Fowler Award for outstanding teaching of ‪@UofTFamilyMed residents ‪@TEGHDeptofSurg

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Jun 5 - Carmine Simone ‏‪@CarmineSimon J 
Congrats to Dr. Mastrogiacomo and Dr. Kraemer of ‪@UofTSurgery orthopedics awards for teaching in community ‪@EastGeneral ‪@TEGHDeptofSurg

Jun 5 -
James Kellam giving Tile Lecture this morning at Sunnybrook. 



Jun 5 -
James Kellam delivers Tile Trauma lecture at Sunnybrook today! 


Jun 2 - Dee Ballyk in Anatomy in Dept Surgery receives excellence in Course/Program Development at Convocation Hall! Congrats 


Jun 2 - Graduating class of Medicine at UofT 2015 reciting the MD Graduation Oath at Concovation Hall today! 



May 30 - Neurosurgery team playing in Central Park NYC in softball tournament today! The only Canadian team to be invited! 


May 30 - James Wright recognized last night at Gardiner Museum for longstanding contributions as surgeon-in-chief at sick kids 

Oleh Antonyshyn  (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) received the Marvin Tile Award given by the Department of Surgery at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre for his outreach activities in the Ukraine. Dr. Antonyshyn, along with a team of 24 others volunteered for a 10-day mission in November 2014, and then again in May 2015 to work alongside Ukrainian doctors and nurses to perform complex reconstructive surgeries on victims of the Euromaidan movement and from the battle in Eastern Ukraine.  He has worked on developing the infrastructure, provided teaching opportunities and restored the lives of many patients affected by the conflict. His work has also been recognized by Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rob Nicholson who committed $1.2 million in support of this initiative. 

Sean Cleary (General Surgery) is a co-investigator on a 5 year grant from NIH on a genome-wide association study (GWAS) in hepatocellular carcinoma.
Timothy Jackson (General Surgery) received the David Fear Fellowship Award given by the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine.
Peter Stotland (General Surgery, NYGH) was awarded the Robert Mustard Mentorship Award at U of T’s Annual Assembly of General Surgeons in May.
Hong-Shuo Sun (Anatomy) has been granted tenure and associate professorship as of July 1, 2015.
Homer Tien (General Surgery) was awarded the Department of Surgery Undergraduate Teaching Award at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre recognizing the best surgeon-teachers from the perspective of their undergraduate students

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