Department of Surgery Plays Host to the
Traveling Surgical Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Last year, I was approached by Mr Brian Ellis, Professor and Honorary Secretary of the Traveling Surgical Society (TSS) of Great Britain and Ireland to see if we would be interested in hosting their Society at the University of Toronto during one of their Annual Meetings.  I viewed this as a great opportunity to showcase the Department of Surgery, and I naturally jumped at the opportunity to accept Professor Ellis’ proposal. 

The TSS was established by Sir Berkeley (later Lord) Moynihan in 1924 at a clinical meeting held in Leeds for 12 British Surgeons.  This organisation had worked in France during the First World War in the Casualty Clearing Stations of the Royal Army Medical Corps.  Meeting surgeons from elsewhere, they realised that British surgery was somewhat isolated from that of other countries. To remedy this they formed a small Club, the object of which was to travel every year to a foreign country and meet colleagues with whom they could share knowledge and exchange opinions.

Their current membership sits at about fifty surgeons with strong links to military surgery.  Seven members are Professors of Surgery, two are knighted, and one is a baron.  Several have been Presidents of leading organizations in the surgical Royal Colleges in the UK.  The TSS offers two traveling fellowships each year. 
In the past, the TSS has met in several countries in Europe including Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland.  They have rarely met in the USA (1981, Virginia and 2003, Washington); and they have only occasionally been to other continents (1999, Africa; and 2004 & 2007, Asia).  They have never journeyed previously to Canada.
The TSS will arrive in Canada on June 4th, 2016.  An exciting and informative academic program has been set in three of our academic centres:  1) St Michael’s hospital, in conjunction with participation by Sunnybrook Health Sciences faculty members; 2) Mount Sinai Hospital; and 3) University Health Network.  Each scientific program on different days will include lectures by members of our faculty and members of the TSS.  Additionally, residents will be giving lectures towards consideration of an academic prize awarded by the TSS.
While in Toronto, the TSS and their accompanying guests will enjoy visits to Niagara Falls, the McMichael Gallery, the Art Gallery of Ontario and Casa Loma.  The Department of Surgery will be hosting a dinner for the Society on June 6th.  Their Annual Society dinner will be held at the McLean estates at Sunnybrook on June 10th. 
I would like to thank Ori Rotstein at St Michael’s Hospital, Allan Okrainec at UHN, and Carol Swallow at Mt Sinai for organizing outstanding scientific programs at each site.  I am delighted the TSS chose the University of Toronto for their Annual Meeting. 
For those interested in attending the scientific sessions, please go to the following website for further information.  Residents, fellows and faculty are most welcome to attend.
I look forward to providing you with follow-up information regarding the TSS’s visit to Toronto.


James T. Rutka, MD, PhD, FRCSC
RS McLaughlin Chair


Department of Surgery University Rounds
Tile Lecture
Friday, June 3, 2016,  7:30 – 8:30 a.m.
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
McLaughlin Auditorium EG61
Geoffrey T. Manley, MD, PhD
Professor and Vice Chairman of Neurological Surgery
University of California, San Francisco
Chief of Neurosurgery, San Francisco General Hospital
Co-Director, Brain and Spinal Injury Center (BASIC)
“Traumatic Brain Injury: A precision medicine approach.”
Inaugural Canadian Congress on Transanal TME
June 2-3, 2016
Delta Downtown & Surgical Skills Centre
Course Director: Shady Ashamalla
Register with CPD
U. of T. Vascular Surgery Research Day
June 3, 2016
University Club of Toronto
Dr. Melina Kibbe
Edward G. Elcock Professor of Surgical Research
Vice-Chair Research, Department of Surgery
Northwestern University
William S. Keith Professorship in Neurosurgery
Monday, June 6, 2016
Main Auditorium, West Wing 2-401, Toronto Western Hospital
Professor Jorg-Christian Tonn
Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery
University of Munich, Munich, Germany
“Preservation of function is key – decision making and surgical strategies for vestibular schwannomas”,
“Molecular and imaging biomarker in neurooncology: what may change neurosurgical management”

3rd Annual Global Health Day, “Health Beyond Borders”
Thursday, June 9, 2016, noon – 5 p.m.
McLeod Auditorium, Faculty of Medicine, U. of T.
Admission – Complimentary.  Registration – Mandatory.


Monday, June 13, 2016
MaRS Centre Lower Concourse
101 College Street
Dr. K. Daniel Riew
Professor of Orthopedic Surgery
Columbia University Medical Center
“The Post-operative Patient with Persistent or Recurrent Symptoms”

Book Club for Surgeons
Monday, June 13, 2016
“Doctor’s Stories”
Faculty, Residents, and Fellows welcome.  Please RSVP to Stephanie –

Department of Surgery University Rounds
Gallie Day
Friday, May 13, 2016
MaRS Auditorium
Gordon Murray Lecturer
Dr. Mohit Bhandari
Professor and Academic Chair, Division of Orthopaedic Surgery
Canada Research Chair in Evidence-Based Orthopaedics
Associate Chair-Research, Department of Surgery, McMaster University
“To Succeed, We Must Often Fail”

From left to right: J. Rutka, M. Bhandari, M. Fehlings

Gallie Day Award Recipients:
Tovee Postgraduate Prize, Georges Azzie
Tovee Undergraduate Prize, Dennis Di Pasquale
Surgical Skills Centre Distinguished Educator Award, Sandra de Montbrun
B. Langer Surgeon-Scientist Award, Anand Govindarajan
Charles Tator Surgeon Scientist Mentorship Award, Teodor Grantcharov
George Armstrong Peters Prize, Toni Zhong
Lister Prize, Michael Taylor
D.R. Wilson Award, Joshua Greenberg and Kathryn Isaac
Zane Cohen Clinical Fellowship Achievement Award, Christoph Haller
Shafie Fazel Award, Nir Lipsman

The Life in Surgery Event 2016 was held the evening of Thursday, May 12, 2016 at the U. of T. Faculty Club where medical students and surgeons were able to meet.

Visit of Travelling Surgical Society of Great Britain and Ireland, June 3-11, 2016
Scientific Programs while in Toronto
Monday, June 6 – Mount Sinai Hospital
Tuesday, June 7 – St. Michael’s Hospital
Wednesday, June 8 – UHN, Princess Margaret
Scientific Programs available at the following website:
All Department of Surgery, U. of T. Faculty, Residents and Fellows are welcome to attend.

Andras Kapus and Katalin Szaszl (Scientists) are co-authors on a recent paper in Nature Communications.  Congratulations!

Speight P, Kofler M, Szaszl K, Kapus A.  Context-dependent switch in chemo/mechanotransduction via multilevel crosstalk among cytoskeleton-regulated MRTF and TAZ and TGFβ-regulated Smad3.  Nature Communications.  18 May 2016; 7:11642. 
Continuing Appointment Reviews (CARs)
The following Continuing Appointment Reviews (CARs) took place in May under the leadership of Ori Rotstein, Associate Chair, Department of Surgery.   
Mohammed Shamji  joined the Division of Neurosurgery at the Toronto Western Hospital as an Assistant Professor of Surgery at The University of Toronto.  Dr. Shamji received his medical degree from Queen's University, his PhD in biomedical engineering at Duke University and his Fellowship at the University of Calgary in adult combined spine surgery.  His research is focused on the role of immune system activation in spinal and peripheral nerve disorders and how these potentiate the development of chronic pain.  From Left to Right: M. Tymianski, M. Shamji, M. Fehlings, M. Salter.

Edward Hickey joined the Division of Cardiac Surgery at The Hospital for Sick Children as an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto. Dr. Hickey completed his medical degree and general surgery residency from the University of Southampton, UK.  He then pursued higher surgical training in Cardiothoracic Surgery while obtaining his PhD from Oregon Health Sciences University, and from the University of Southampton. He then received the John Kirklin Fellowship from the Congenital Heart Surgeons’ Society, University of Toronto and spent two years at the Hospital for Sick Children. Subsequently, he pursued residency training in Cardiovascular Surgery at the University of Toronto followed by a clinical fellowship in Congenital Cardiac Surgery.  He has won numerous awards.  From left to right:  E. Hickey, M. Fehlings.
Correction from April’s Newsletter
Joao B. Rezende-Neto is an Associate Professor within the Division of General Surgery, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto and a faculty member at St. Michael’s Hospital


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Progress made possible through the Michael and Amira Dan brain tumour banking network - a unique UofT model!

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Dr Mohit Bhandari from McMaster University delivering the Gordon Murray Lecture at Gallie Day now!


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UofT Dept of Surgery ‏‪@UofTSurgery May 11
Kazuhiro Yasufuku awarded the Ivan Silver Innovation Award at Hart House!

UofT Dept of Surgery ‏‪@UofTSurgery May 11
Cindi Morshead receiving excellence in undergraduate teaching in life sciences award in Faculty of Med celebration

UofT Dept of Surgery ‏‪@UofTSurgery May 11
Mike Wiley receiving the Medical Alumni Association Award now at Hart House, UofT!



U of T Spine Program ‏‪@UofTSpine May 3 Toronto, Ontario

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Michael G. Fehlings, Mohammed Shamji, James Rutka and 5 others 



Oleh Antonyshyn (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) has received the Department of Surgery Undergraduate Teaching Award, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

Sean Cleary (General Surgery) recently won the Nicolas Colapinto Teaching Award 2016.

Tim Dwyer (Orthopaedics) received an Education Development Fund from the Faculty of Medicine, U. of T. for his project entitled "Competence of Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Fellows: Development of a certification examination” in the amount of $9685.06.

Richard Holtby (Orthopaedics) received the Marvin Tile Award, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

Lucas Murnaghan (Orthopaedics) received an Education Development Fund from the Faculty of Medicine, U. of T. for his project entitled “A qualitative assessment of the role 'bootcamps' in junior residency” in the amount of $4036. 

Richard Weisel (Cardiac Surgery) was elected to Fellowship in the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS).

Nicole Woods (Educational Research) has been awarded the 2016 Mentorship Excellence award by the organization of Early Career Medical Educators in Canada (ECME). 

Gelareh Zadeh (Neurosurgery) is the recipient of a team grant from OCI in the amount of 200K for her project “Intraoperative RS-2HG as a biomarker of IDH mutation in personalized glioma surgery”.

Rob Zeldin (Thoracic Surgeon) was awarded a Lifetime Membership Achievement Award by the Ontario Medical Association (OMA). This award was given in recognition of my service as Chairman of the Section of Thoracic Surgery for 12 years. It is also given in recognition of the Creative Professional Activity I am involved with in furthering the benefit of regionalization of Thoracic Surgery and Thoracic Oncology in the Province of Ontario.

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