Some of you may know that the pre-clerkship curriculum for medical students is undergoing revision with a proposed start date of August 2016. This new program will be highly integrated for medical students within and across weeks.  It will include the integration of basic science and clinical medicine. There will be fewer passive lectures, and an emphasis on feedback to the Faculty of Medicine. In addition, there will be the inclusion of significant free time for medical students to shadow mentors, to perform self-study, and/or to pursue parallel degree programs (e.g. MD/PhD).  In this newly designed curriculum, hundreds of hours of poorly attended lectures will be discarded, dozens of hours of poorly attended seminars will go, and the “binge and purge” method of studying for tests will be eliminated. You will be pleased to know that excellence in clinical competence, enhancement of individual opportunities for learning, and effective teaching activities such as ASCM, community-based activities, and PBL cases will stay. What is new is a highly integrated, centrally-planned program with emphasis on the social and cognitive sciences, and more lower stakes assessments with emphasis on feedback.  The design of the new curriculum will require an increasing commitment from the clinical Departments, such as ours, for unit leaders, section leaders, and leads for the individual weeks.  While the Faculty of Medicine continues to work out the details of the launch of the new medical school curriculum in the pre-clerkship years, I do hope that you will consider becoming involved in the teaching of medical students in your area of expertise and interest. If any of you are particularly interested in serving as leaders in undergraduate medical education when the new curriculum is launched, please do not hesitate to let me know.



James T. Rutka, MD, PhD, FRCSC
RS McLaughlin Chair


Department of Surgery University Rounds
Harland Smith Lecture
Friday, March 6, 2015, 7:30 – 8:30 a.m.
Li Ka Shing Auditorium 
St Michael’s Hospital
Dr. Julian Pribaz, Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School.
“Preparation for facial transplantation – Lessons learned from anatomical dissections and clinical experience with our first 7 cases”.
Visiting Professor in Injury Prevention
Professor Frederick Rivara, University of Washington
Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015
“Gun violence: research on prevention and its uses in advocacy”     
Time:             12:00 pm
Location:      Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
 Evaluative Clinical Sciences Rounds
 G–Wing Conference Centre (ICES)

“Sports concussion in youth: what we know and what we don’t”
Time:             3:00 pm
Location:      Hospital for Sick Children
 Daniels Hollywood Theatre Room 1246 Black Wing 1st Floor
Department of Surgery Hockey Tournament
Sunday, April 12, 2015, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m., Varsity Arena
If you would like to play, please contact Stephanie at


Department of Surgery University Rounds
Kergin Lecture
The Skeptical Scalpel was this year’s Kergin Lecturer at the Li Ka Shing Auditorium, 
St Michael’s Hospital on Friday, February 6, 2015.  The title of his talk was “Social Media:  What’s in it for me?” From left to right:  SS, J. Rutka


Balfour Lecture
Dr. Charles Bosk, University of Pennsylvania was the inaugural Balfour Lecturer on Thursday, February 12, 2015 at the Peter Gilligan Centre. The title of his lecture was
 “Mistakes Have Changed: 40 Years of Watching Surgeons Create Accountability”
From left to right: M. McNeally, C. Bosk

Farewell Dinner for Darina Landa
On January 20, 2015, a night of appreciation was held for Darina Landa for all of her contributions as Senior Development Officer in the Department of Surgery.   From left to right:  (back row) Z. Cohen, C. Forrest, R. Nam, D. Latter, T. Lindsay, N. Fleshner, A. Howard; (front row) J.Rutka, D. Landa, A. Lozano


In Memoriam
Dr. Gordon McLorie (Surgery Alumnus)
passed away on Tuesday, February 3, 2015. Dr. McLorie was a paediatric urologist and one of the earliest partners in Canadian urology at Sickkids Hospital from 1982 where he remained until 2003.

Dr. John Evans (President Emeritus) passed away on Friday, February 13, 2015.  He was the 9th President at the University of Toronto from1972 to 1978. 
Mr. Joseph Rotman passed away on Tuesday, January 27, 2015.  The University of Toronto’s business school was named after Mr. Rotman in 1997 after he pledged more than $15-million in donations.  Mr. Rotman was a philanthropist who had a profound impact on higher education, health care, innovation and the arts.  Mr. Rotman also helped found Toronto’s Medical and Related Sciences (MaRS) Discovery District in 2005; the innovation hub assists entrepreneurs in launching businesses using medical technologies. He remained a director on the MaRS board.
Department of Surgery, University of Toronto Website
Our website has been recently updated.  If you have the site bookmarked, you may be having trouble accessing it.  Please be sure the bookmark reads with no page # at the end.

Andres Lozano (Neurosurgery) was featured on the CTV National News, February 4, 2015.  A recent technique used by the team involving electrical brain stimulation to treat Alzheimer’s disease resulted in findings that were completely unexpected.

Nikki Woods (Research Education) has been appointed as the Director of the (CACE), Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto at Women’s College Hospital, commencing 2 February 2015 for a five year term. Dr. Woods is an Assistant Professor and Director of Education Evaluation in the Department of Surgery.  She is also currently the Interim Director of The Wilson Centre, Faculty of Medicine at University Health Network.  Dr. Woods joined the University of Toronto in 2007 and has led a very successful program of research in health professions education. As the Associate Director of CACE since 2013, Dr. Woods has helped to lead a variety of research and education initiatives at Women’s College Hospital and across the Faculty of Medicine and TAHSN networks.  Congratulations Nikki!
Zane Cohen Clinical Fellowship Achievement Award
Nominations are now being accepted for the Zane Cohen Clinical Fellowship Achievement Award.  Deadline:  March 31, 2015.  Please submit to David Latter, MD, Director of Clinical Fellowship, Department of Surgery, St. Michael's Hospital, 30 Bond St, Toronto, ON  M4B 1W8  Email:
Continuing Appointment Review (CAR)
The following Continuing Appointment Review (CAR) took place in February under the leadership of Ori Rotstein, Associate Chair, Department of Surgery.  
Martin Koyle joined the Division of Urology in 2011 as Division Head at The Hospital for Sick Children and Professor in the Department of Surgery, University of Toronto.   Dr. Koyle received his MD from the University of Manitoba, residency and fellowship at Los Angeles, USC Medical Center, Harvard University, and in San Francisco.  Dr. Koyle is known for his innovations and contributions to the fields of paediatric urology and transplantation.  He was the first to publish on laparoscopic nephrectomy in infants, introduced the MACE (Malone Antegrade Continence Enema), the Bianchi technique (single incision orchidopexy) and the Bracka hypospadias repair to North America, and also exported the tubularized incised urethral plate hypospadias repair (Snodgrass technique) beyond North America to Europe and Asia. He has contributed over 200 publications and chapters to the literature.  Left to right:  N. Fleshner, M. Koyle, C. Caldarone
Feb 26
Congrats to Dr. Agostino Pierro on being named Officer of the Order of the British Empire! ‪ 
Feb 12
Dr Charles Bosk delivers inaugural Balfour Lecture in the Department of Surgery on 40 years of tracking surgeon error
Feb 11
‪#grandrounds‪ this morning: Dr. David Urbach “Six impossible things before breakfast.”
Feb 6
Ren-ke Li president of SCBA welcomes guests at Chinese New Year Party at Dim Sum King Restaurant!
Feb 6
‪@Royal_College:How ‪@UofTSurgery Andres Lozano ‪#FRCSC found way to reverse impact of ‪#Alzheimers ‪  HT ‪@uoftmedicine

Feb 6
The skeptical scalpel has left the city after a wonderful lecture this am.
Feb 6
‪@UofTSurgery‪ Chair @JamesRutka introduces the 2015 Kergin Lecturer, the @Skepticscalpel!
Feb 6
Skeptical scalpel presenting at university rounds today, 7:30 am, st mikes. Hope to see you there!
Feb 4
‪@SickKidsNews: Surgeon Dr. Darius Bagli tickles the ivories in the Atrium ‪#tsopiano ‪@TorontoSymphony‪@UofTSurgery
Feb 4
Michael Taylor Neurosurgery shown with Federal Health Minister Hon Rona Ambrose at Sick Kids.
Feb 4
SickKids’ Dr. Michael Taylor explaining his research to ‪@MinRonaAmbrose on her visit. ‪#SKResearch
Feb 4
Thanks ‪@MinRonaAmbrose ‪@cancersociety ‪@BrainCanada for visiting for this exciting announcement! ‪#WorldCancerDay
Feb 4
Breakfast with the Chairman and a discussion about a life in surgery! 

Allan Lossing (Vascular Surgery) has been awarded with a Champion of Telemedicine Award by the Ontario Telemedicine Network. 
Allan Lossing (Vascular Surgery) has received the 2014 Squires-Hyland Trust James Waddell Mentoring Award, St. Michael’s Hospital for teaching and guidance to young physicians and surgeons over the years. 
Agostino Pierro (General Surgery) has been appointed by Her Majesty the Queen as an Honorary Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE).   The Order of the British Empire recognizes distinguished service to the arts and sciences, public services outside the Civil Service and work with charitable and welfare organizations of all kinds.
Gelareh Zadeh (Neurosurgery) is the recipient of the American Brain Tumor Association Young Investigator Award from the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. 

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