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Dr. Jim Guy
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In recent months, I’ve felt a growing sense of uneasiness, a gnawing worry. It echoes back to a childhood dread that most Baby Boomers can recall.

At the height of the Cold War, the threat of nuclear annihilation was ever-present. Some of us lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis, a truly harrowing experience. We can recall the “air raid drills” requiring us to huddle under desks or march into the school basement to survive a nuclear attack. Neighbors built bomb shelters that looked too small to include the rest of us. I reassured myself by believing in the god-like competence of our government leaders. Their wisdom would keep us safe.  

Now, 55 years later, the growing nuclear threat from North Korea and Iran leads me to worry again. But, as an adult, I can see the human limitations of our leaders. I’m not as certain that they will keep us safe. So, like you, I do what I can to make the world a better place, whatever the future holds...


When stress increases, habits that maintain balance become more important.

Today, why not read through this quick resource and prioritize one area that will make a difference in your health and work.

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