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Dr. Jim Guy

From the President                                       

Photo by Paul Sableman

I remember meeting my dad’s half-brother, Merle, when I was a boy.  He was a really big guy and rather scary looking. When I learned he was a motorcycle cop in Milwaukee, I was both proud and worried. Even then, I understood that being a policeman in a major city was dangerous work.  

Although I rarely saw Merle, I often asked my dad if he was still “alive” and working on the streets. This ended abruptly when he died of a heart attack a few years later. I recall my dad saying his early death was the result of the “pressures of the job.” That sad memory has stayed with me, along with enduring feelings of admiration and concern for those emergency responders who serve our cities. It’s such demanding work.
So, here I am, decades later, as part of a team that provides resilience and trauma recovery training for first responders across our country. I’m proud of our partnership with these community heroes. This has included working with police and fire in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Dallas, and Las Vegas after mass fatality shootings. Such events can leave them coping for years with unimaginable trauma. Some simply can’t continue and leave their profession. Others find ways to go on, sometimes hampered by the scars these events leave behind.

Through training, consulting, and counseling, we provide them with tools to build and maintain their resilience and heal old wounds. While we can’t eliminate the risks that come with the job, we are successfully equipping responders to be at their best when encountering emergencies.  
Thanks for supporting our work. Your input, referrals, donations, and words of encouragement enable us to help a lot of fine people. The world needs resilient responders, and we aim to support each and every one. 

- Jim

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We want all humanitarian and emergency personnel to have the resources and support they need to thrive in their work.

Our e-learning site makes workshops taught by experienced Headington trainers available where ever you ar

We are glad to announce the upcoming launch of the Stress and Resilience course in Spanish, French, and Arabic.

Check the e-learning site for the course in these additional languages this Fall!

New Team Members
Caitlyn Ference-Saunders
As Development Coordinator, Caitlyn supports all fundraising and stewardship activities, including donor management and recognition, programmatic appeals, and annual giving. In addition to her experience supporting non-profit growth, Caitlyn holds a Master of Arts in Theology and Art and is an active theater director. She is passionate about helping communities create stories that confront injustice and envision a new future.
Dr. Scott Grover
Scott is a Consulting Psychologist providing training, counseling and consulting services. He is particularly interested in research related to training humanitarian workers for high-risk environments, and security training psychology. Scott has helped train mental health professionals at large metropolitan hospitals in delivering cutting-edge trauma treatments. He also enjoys backpacking, snow skiing, teaching, and playing soccer with peers and his children.  
Problem-Solving Vs. Acceptance
Problem-solving is a skill that can be useful in many cases. But some problems don’t seem to have a solution. What can you do about the problems that just can’t be fixed?

Read Scott's blog to learn more about problem-solving and facing the reality of other other options through acceptance.
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