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Many humanitarian aid workers experience a connection between their work and a personal sense of meaning and purpose. While global humanitarians represent many different faith perspectives, they wrestle with similar questions in response to evil, suffering, and injustice. In spite of this, research shows that those with a deep sense of spirituality are also more resilient in the face of trauma. Our resources affirm spirituality as a vital humanitarian asset, and offer ways to feed, sustain, and explore the impact of this work on personal spirituality. To access these free resources, click on the links below!

Downloadable PDFs:

Spirituality and Humanitarian Work: Maintaining Your Vitality (Certificate Course)
This module will help you explore how your beliefs and your work intersect with each other, learn about common spiritual challenges and reactions, and identify practices that can help you thrive in the face of spiritual challenges.

Peace by Piece: Spirituality Series (Daily Self-care Tips)
Brief reflections that are designed to help you reflect on life, work, goals, habits and relationships.

Journaling: Questions for Humanitarian Aid Workers

Writing can help you document your struggles and triumphs, capture things you want to remember, and understand how you have grown and changed as a result of your experiences. This booklet includes guided questions specifically for humanitarian aid workers.

Examine App
This free app is modeled after the daily examen, a spiritual practice that has been in place for over 400 years. When you download this mobile app, it invites you to reflect on your day honestly, track and view changes, record your thoughts, and share privately with close friends.

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