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Dear Nicole,

First things first, on behalf of the City Shine crew, thank you so much for signing up to this newsletter! It means a lot to us that you want to stay up-to-date and support City Shine.

This being the first newsletter in City Shine history, we will recap what we've accomplished in 2011 with your help!

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City Shine Website launch

30 September 2011 was an important day for City Shine; the launch of the website. We've received a lot of positive feedback from a lot of different visitors!
People signed up for the City Shine Newsletter, donated money, viewed our picture gallery, bought calendars and followed and shared our weblog posts on Facebook and Twitter.
We can look back on a good start and will continue to maintain and update the website as much as we can! 

ASH Students raised just over €1000!

ASH (American School of the Hague) students raised just over €1000 by organizing an event (MTV Night) where students made their own video clips and performed for 160 people!

Stichting bijZONder is helping us raise money 

Stichting bijZONder is a foundation that helps small foundations raising money. On our Profile Page it explains what we do, why we do it and can you can see our brand new promotion video.

&bewonder became a friend of City Shine

Joyce van Leeuwen, founder of, has become City Shine’s new friend! will be selling 4 pictures taken by City Shine's co-founder Jeroen Klaassen.
Visit to find fun and original gifts, pictures, things for the house and lots more!

Souren B.V. supports City Shine Foundation

Contractors Company Souren B.V. has been a sponsor since day 1. Kamil Souren, the owner, has seen poverty with his own eyes and knows how important it is to provide children with proper education. Kamil sponsored City Shine's market stalls last year and will do this again in April of 2012.

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