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Changing Lives in Tanzania for 15 Years
Dear friends of Terrawatu,

We hope the first part of 2017 has been ok for you. There are so many challenges all over the world! First off, we would like to thank all of you who donated to our projects at the end of last year. It is because of you that Terrawatu can continue making a positive impact in the lives of so many.

You know, one the motivations I had for starting Terrawatu back in 2001 was my witnessing the eagerness of young Tanzanians to leave their country and find a way to the United States or Europe. It saddened me that their own beautiful country was pushing them out due to lack of education and a promise for a better life. I also knew that what these potential immigrants would find in the USA or Europe would not be exactly what they saw on the TV shows from America. Many would end up disappointed.

What could we do to improve the lives of Tanzanians, especially the young people, so that they would stay in their home country and thrive? This is why we started our tree-planting projects to help improve the environment; and building complimentary health clinics to improve health care; and, constructing all those computer labs at schools so that kids didn't have to leave their villages and still have access to all the information in the world via the Internet.

This motivation still drives so much of what we do at Terrawatu. People will always be moving around this world, seeking greener pastures. But we do need to remember to focus on keeping the pastures green.

Every little bit counts.

Dr. Tanya and the Terrawatu Team in Tanzania
New Headteacher at Natema

We have some good news to share with you...after 2 years of searching and temporary replacements since the passing of the Headteacher at Natema Primary School, we have a new permanent Headteacher - Ms. Teddy Matemu. Ms. Matemu comes with extensive experience leading schools and we look forward to collaborating with her to continue to make Natema a beacon of hope in this impoverished rural area outside the city of Arusha, Tanzania.

Current Projects for 2017
Thanks to your help, we have just completed a 4-classroom building at Natema Primary School in Arusha region, Tanzania. We are now working on completing procurement of devices for the Natema Tech Centre located in this building and laptops and tablets for teachers and students at Terrawatu's existing computer labs that are in desperate need of upgrading. We need $35,000 to properly outfit all the tech centres. Please do consider making a donation and / or connecting us to resources that may be available for a project like this.

Together we can improve education and facilitate cross-cultural understanding in truly positive ways!

Deforestation continues to wreak havoc on lands most vulnerable to the changing climate. As Wangari Maathai always said "trees bring rain" and sure enough, with so much deforested land in East Africa, droughts have been more frequent, causing widespread suffering. Terrawatu continues in earnest with our tree planting activities in the villages around Arusha. We have already prepared the land for seedlings, we are just waiting for rain to come before we plant. It has become a chicken or egg scenario now...a race against time.
New Bags Available!
Terrawatu's Women's Group in Mkonoo Village completed production of 10 handcrafted leather bags in December. Dr. Tanya has them available for purchase in the United States.

Its design is modeled after the traditional bag used to carry water. The leather is sourced from local cattle after providing people with an important food source. A Maasai woman has hand-beaded each bag in her own creative style which she hopes you will enjoy for many years to come. Your purchase of a handbag provides much needed income to the women of the village so they can help support their children.

The bags come in brown, black and red. Each one has a unique design. To receive photos and more details please email
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