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The New Classrooms at Natema Primary School are Complete!!!

Northern Summer / Southern Winter
June 2015 Newsletter


In the words of Ms. Angella Marcel, Terrawatu's Project Manager... 
The project officially started on the 27th February 2015. Co-Director Mr. Ole Sululu collected all the construction material and brought to the Natema site. This took four days to get everything and bring up the rough road to the school.
The work went well and was easy coordinating daily visits to the Natema site for the Terrawatu Team. We started facing difficulties from 5th of April 2015. This was due to the rainy season. Arusha started to have very heavy rains and due to poor infrastructure, especially roads, (it’s a bumpy road, dusty and muddy too) it was not easy to get there. This made our project delayed for 30 days as it was not easy to deliver the finishing materials -- windows, lights, furniture. As from the beginning our aim was to finish this project on the 30th of April 2015.

For now, I’m proud to say that we have done it, though it was not our fault to be delayed. It was not easy work given the distance from our office in town. We thank all of our donors very much for your generosity for Natema Primary School. The Terrawatu Team is proud of you.

The students will begin using the classrooms when they return from their short break next week and an official opening is planned when Dr. Tanya is in Arusha in September. We are hoping she comes with laptops for the tech centre and tablets for the teachers.


Read more about the history of Terrawatu's partnership with Natema Primary School.

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