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Natema Primary School 5-room building completed!!!

Northern Spring / Southern Autumn
March 2016 Newsletter


That image makes my heart smile...

To think, the idea for this building was born over 15 years ago. Many of you have seen this work in progress with your own eyes. A number of you have donated time, money and other resources to the Natema Primary School teacher-student community over the years. There have been setbacks and unfulfilled promises, yet we persevered.

Co-Director Lekoko Ole Sululu and Project Director Angella Marcel worked tirelessly over these last weeks to monitor construction, keeping a watchful eye over those hoping to steal materials from the project in this impoverished community. Our goal was to complete the building that houses 3 large classrooms, a teacher's office and a tech centre.

When I received the photo above on my iPhone the other day, my heart smiled. We did it! And it looks so nice.

People ask me all the time why TerraWatu has become so focused on schools and tech centres and improving education in general. My answer illuminates how the local is global: improving people's lives, especially the younger generation, in places like Tanzania, encourages people to stay and build up their own countries. This eventually leads to less migrants leaving / less of a 'brain drain' and, in the case of East Africa, fewer chances for people to join terrorist organizations, if people have better opportunities in their lives. Connecting the dots in this way is not far-fetched. As the dots become closer with new technologies, it is not hard to see how improving educational opportunities, for everyone, nurtures a more informed and a more peaceful world.

The TerraWatu team is now working to develop partnerships with local businesses and is completing a proposal to source devices to outfit and upgrade our school tech centres and to boost Internet connectivity and speed in the region. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!


Dr. Tanya

Read more about the history of TerraWatu's partnership with Natema Primary School.

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