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The Plan for 2019
Doing our small part to be the change we want to see in this world

Contrary to popular belief, if you talk to young people in Tanzania, most have no interest to migrate out of Africa. If basic needs are met: food, shelter, education, security and a clean environment, the majority of citizens prefer to live in Tanzania. The current ‘migration crisis’ out of Africa can be curbed if there are more efforts to improve the livelihoods of citizens in their home countries. Terrawatu has always been proud to be working on the forefront of this issue, slowly but steadily improving food security, education, the environment and basic health care needs in communities throughout northern Tanzania. 

In 2019, we plan to keep doing what we are doing. Read about our specific projects below and find ways you can support Terrawatu, both with your time and financially. You are welcome to get as involved as you like...


Natema Primary School
Focal Areas: Education & Technology

In 2017, Terrawatu deployed the first KIO KIT at Natema Primary School. Designed in Kenya, the kit includes 40 dust-proof and water-resistant tablets that communicate with a server housed in the kit case (Intranet). Students have access to a wide-ranging suite of educational material, in both English and Swahili. We decided to give it a year to see how the KIO KIT did, or did not, change outcomes of national exam results, administered in October of every year.

When we asked Ms. Dommy Bazil, the IT teacher at Natema who oversees the use of the KIO KIT, about its impact, the first thing she reported back in February was that student attendance increased significantly. Children are coming to school more regularly because they want to use, and learn, on the tablets. She also reported that students are rapidly improving in their English comprehension and speaking skills.

And, when the results came in from the national exams, we received the great news that Natema Primary School moved up in their ranking in Arusha District from #48 in 2017, to #18 in 2018. Head Teacher Ms. Zakia Kalombala affirmed that this improvement in ranking was attributable to the introduction and use of the KIO KIT. The financial cost of KIO KIT deployment is significant, so Terrawatu directors are now exploring grant opportunities to support deployment of more kits to our partner schools in 2019.

In other news at Natema Primary School, a new school garden was launched in October 2018 and the students are growing mchicha, a local leafy green vegetable that is easy to grow and very nutritious. 

Terrawatu also deployed 6 laptops and a printer for teacher use at Natema Primary School in 2017/18. These laptops were purchased locally and have Internet connectivity. They are used by the teachers and administration to search for educational materials, create quizzes and exams and to store documents. The school has asked Terrawatu for 4 more laptops so that there would be a total of 10 at the school. As there are 17 teachers, this would make sharing easier. The cost of a laptop at a reputable electronics shop in Arusha is US$500. We are currently raising funds for 2 more laptops. To donate a laptop, go to our Giving Page at

Kibowa Orphanage
Focal Areas: Education, Environment, Health

In 2018, Terrawatu assisted Kibowa Orphans Centre, located on the outskirts of Arusha town, to construct an office and storage facility for food and supplies. This was a necessary input as the local authorities require such facilities for safety and security at an orphanage. 

The children at Kibowa continue to excel in their studies at their respective schools and all have progressed to the next level this school year which began in January 2019. We are currently raising funds to continue to support more children at Kibowa.

It costs $250 per year per child to cover school uniforms and fees, plus food and accommodation at Kibowa Orphans Centre. To sponsor a child at Kibowa, go to our Giving Page at

Nadosoito Primary School & Moringa Cultivation
Focal Areas: Environment & Health

Due to lack of a reliable water source at Kibowa Orphanage, Terrawatu decided to launch its second Moringa cultivation effort at Nadosoito Primary School in September. 

We started with another 200 plants in a newly established nursery. The students at the school are learning about the uses of moringa and are responsible for watering the seedlings. Now that some of the plants are established, they have been transported to Kibowa Orphans Centre where they growing well.

This exciting project - initiated in partnership with JSFoundation of Belgium - has the goal of establishing food forests with new varieties of plants in addition to Moringa, all with high nutrient content, essentially creating a healing garden that people can use in their kitchen, and later, to sell for business. 

The costs associated with the next stages of the moringa cultivation project (grinding machine, nursery materials and transport) are at $650. Go to Terrawatu's donation page to support this important initiative. 

Mkonoo Village
Focal Areas: Environment & Health

Terrawatu has worked in the village of Mkonoo since its founding in the early 2000s. We originally took over from a tree-planting project that had finished its funding. The women involved had established an active network and were sad to lose support for their activities. They reached out to Terrawatu and we have supported them with resources - information, time and funding - ever since. 

Over the years, the community has worked hard to re-forest their land, develop small handicraft businesses and provide schooling for their children. In 2018, Terrawatu introduced two new ideas to the Mkonoo Women’s Network: 1) cultivation and processing of moringa plants; and 2) strategies to improve cleanliness and sanitation in the bomas (homesteads) in an effort to lower risk of disease.

The Women's Network of Mkonoo delivering new Maasai Leather Bags to Co-Director Dr. Tanya Pergola

Moringa cultivation in Mkonoo began in September. Terrawatu provided 200 seedlings and built up a nursery to protect the small plants from livestock and other animals. In concert with Terrawatu’s Moringa cultivation project in Nadosoito, the plan in 2019 is to provide the communities with a grinding machine to process the plants and assist the communities with how to use the products for their own use and eventually to supply the local market(s). 

Terrawatu’s Project Director will be taking the lead to teach the women and children in the homesteads about how to improve their cleanliness and sanitation. Trained by local nurses, Ms. Angella Marcel has already been teaching basic health techniques and we plan to expand her reach in 2019, including at Kibowa Orphanage.

Target your impact with specified support for a child at an orphanage, moringa cultivation or technology for education.

You can easily set up monthly, quarterly or annual giving.

For more options to support Terrawatu, including writing a check and donating stock to our brokerage account visit

People-to-People Safaris

Founded in 2004, the People-to-People Safaris company has been supporting the projects of Terrawatu through both financial donations and the service projects completed by guests during their time in Tanzania. 

People-to-People Safaris specialize in Culture & Wildlife Tours and Healing Safaris. Thinking about traveling to Africa for a safari? Book with People-to-People Safaris and know you will have an amazing experience of a lifetime plus you are traveling to do good in this world!

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