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Dear Friends of Terrawatu,

I hope this message finds you are your loved ones healthy and happy.

This has been an extremely busy, and exciting, time for us at Terrawatu, as you will see from the stories and photos below.

Our 20th Anniversary Celebration in Arusha is planned for 13 November, 2021. Please do email me for more details on how you can be a part of this special day.

In the meantime, please do enjoy the photos and stories below. 
As always, we are truly grateful for you for your ongoing support.

Stay safe and well.
Dr. Tanya

PS: We now have an Instagram page! Find us @terrawatu_tanzania

Terrawatu Participates in NGO Workshop
23-27 September, Arusha, Tanzania

National Director Lekoko Ole Sululu, Project Director Angella Marcel and Field Officer Boniface Msuya are participating in an NGO (non-governmental organization) Exhibition and workshop displaying the work of Terrawatu. 

The intention of this event is as follows:

  1. For the community to understand the NGOs working closely with people in their area with supervision from the government;
  2. For NGOs to know each other and the work that they are doing. If they are doing the same, or similar work, they can collaborate or work as partners;
  3. Strengthening the union of NGOs;
  4. For the government to know the NGOs better, and if they can collaborate in the future for the purpose of solving community needs in a timely manner.

Terrawatu Volunteers - In Their Own Words
The Experiences of Two Young Women 

Christmas of 2020, my family and I took a trip to Tanzania. On the first day of the trip, we stopped at a rest stop for drinks and a browse around an artisanal gift shop full of handicrafts made by the Maasai people. My mother discovered the book, Time is Cows, written by Terrawatu co-founder, Tanya Pergola. She quickly finished the book and then passed it on to me. After reading the book, we both agreed that Terrawatu sounded like an organization that we wanted to know more about.

My name is Sophia Arango. I am 16 years old, living in Dubai, UAE. I emailed Dr. Tanya and Terrawatu and expressed my interest in learning more and possibly volunteering with the group. Tanya and I planned a virtual meeting and began to discuss more about Terrawatu’s mission and how I might get involved. I made my first trip to Terrawatu in March of 2021, during my spring break.

My first trip was an amazing introduction to the many projects that are going on at Terrawatu. I got to meet the team, Sululu, Angella and Bonny. Their passion and commitment to their work was really inspiring. I visited the orphanages and was able to see what their needs were. At these sites I was introduced to the permaculture farming projects as well. We visited the two schools where I met the children and the teachers benefitting from Terrawatu support.

I returned to Dubai so excited to help raise money for Terrawatu and plan my next trip back. I shared the Terrawatu story to as many as I could and was able to get financial donations as well as some of the equipment and supplies that were needed. With Tanya’s support, we launched the Terrawatu Instagram page in hopes of spreading more awareness about the organization.

I returned to Arusha in July of 2021 with the intent of getting more deeply involved with the people and projects going on. But I also wanted to share this experience with others. So, my dear friend Hope from the USA joined me this trip.

We got busy straight away, preparing moringa seeds for planting and working onsite to get vegetable seeds planted. It is exciting to see the orphanages becoming more self-sufficient and eventually able to grow all that they need to feed the children on a daily basis. We even cooked and prepared meals for 30 of the children at Huruma orphanage.

We visited the women’s center where they meet to work on their beadwork and crafts that they sell to make money for the community. There we also worked with Sululu to install a new water pump that will help bring water to the fields where they are growing corn and other vegetables. Even though we don’t speak the same language, their energy and efforts to share their culture and traditions with me is so special.

This trip also gave me time to work with the teachers and children at the schools. We distributed children’s books, that were donated from families in Dubai, to both the school and the orphanages. I taught IT lessons to the teachers at Natema Primary School and joined in football (soccer) matches with the kids. The children’s beautiful faces and incredible energy is such a beautiful thing to experience.


My name is Hope Johnson and I am 16 years old. I live in San Francisco, California. This summer my friend Sophia and I traveled to Arusha, Tanzania where the headquarters of Terrawatu is located. Over our 3 weeks in Arusha we visited Natema, the local primary school that Terrawatu has helped build over 15 years, and two orphanages that Terrawatu works closely with. At one of the orphanages we harvested crops from the garden and helped the Mama cook lunch and dinner for all of the children. It was incredible to see “the farm-to-table” style of cooking that they have at the orphanage. I was introduced to so many new recipes and styles of cooking that I cannot wait to try at home. At the other orphanage we helped harvest moringa leaves from moringa trees. Later that week we dried the leaves and ground them up into a powder that will be sold at the market for a profit. At the primary school we were able to interact with the children and helped teach the staff how to use the new computers and technological applications that Terrawatu has donated to the school. I was able to play jump rope and soccer with all of the kids and it is something that I will never forget. In just a short amount of time Terrawatu opened my eyes to so many new experiences there, and when I have returned home. Although I am physically not in Arusha anymore, the hard work has not stopped. I continue to talk to Tanya about new ideas and how I can incorporate my own life passions and connections here in California to the work being done in Arusha. Through my travel, I was able to see that Terrawatu is a life source in Arusha; so many people depend on the great work that it brings to the community, and the support it provides to the orphanages, women's network, and the primary school. My trip with Terrawatu is something that I will never forget and the people and memories made are something that I will hold close to my heart for the rest of my life. 

Terrawatu T-Shirts are Here!
Celebrating our 20th Anniversary

Custom made in Peru with pima cotton, these shirts are soft and durable. They are a light cream color and feature a gentle v-neck so they sit nicely around your neck. Unisex sizes. 

Make a donation to Terrawatu on our Giving Page ($50 and over) and we will ship a shirt to you (within the States). Please specify size in the notes box. For those outside the United States, please email us at


Chakula na Dawa Usalama: Updates
Meaning 'Food and Medicine/Health Security', Terrawatu's signature project for our 20th Anniversary year
This project includes our new permaculture farm in Mkonoo that we took stewardship of in January 2021. The Mkonoo Women's Network, which has been in existence since the beginning of Terrawatu's activities in the region, are tending to the farm. In addition to vegetables and fruits, moringa and other traditional medicinal plants are being cultivated. This plot serves as a demonstration farm so that members from surrounding communities can come and learn permaculture techniques they can utilize on their own plots.

Happening simultaneously with growing new crops and medicines, is an effort to upgrade the cooking facilities at our orphanages and schools. Kitchen remodeling work is already underway. Plans include: purchasing locally-made fuel efficient stoves, designing cooking classes for students, farmer's market for income generation and business development, and creation of new recipes that honor cultural traditions.

We are currently actively fundraising for this project. There is an urgent need to construct a fence/wall around the demonstration permaculture farm to keep out hungry livestock. And to construct an adjacent storage facility. 
Estimated cost: US$10,000

Please visit our Giving Page to contribute to this effort.

Terrawatu Launches Venture Philanthropy Campaign
Taking the work of Terrawatu to the next level

Definition: Venture Philanthropy (VP) is a high-engagement and long-term approach whereby an investor supports an organization to help it maximize its impact.

Are you, or someone you know, currently involved in VP?

This could be someone who wants to invest in Terrawatu by giving a very generous donation every year for 5 years (we have a couple of these rockstars already). It could be someone, or a company, that wants to partner with us on a specific project (and fulfill Corporate Social Responsbibility (CSR) goals and beyond). Maybe they would like to visit our projects in Tanzania, and/or have a truly meaningful impact in Terrawatu’s evolution.
We have a clear vision of where we would like to go with our work as an NGO over the next 5-10 years. You can read more in our short concept note.
It includes Our Vision / Our Dream of creating demonstration / model villages building from where we are at now, with 20 years of experience.

"We are creating a template / greenprint for surrounding communities in Tanzania. Many have described the entire continent of Africa as ‘leap-frogging’ technology by going directly from communicating at the local market to mobile phones (bypassing landline phones). With many families in America and Europe now setting up small farms at their homes and switching to renewable energy, communities in Tanzania can ‘leap-frog’ over unsustainable farming practices, more deforestation and unhealthy foods and diets. They can go forward by harnessing the wisdom of their ancestors, manifesting the vision of Terrawatu."

We are talking to potential partners now now. 
Contact Dr. Tanya



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Support Travel & Tourism in Africa

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Founded in 2004, the People-to-People Safaris company has been supporting the projects of Terrawatu through both financial donations and the service projects completed by guests during their time in Tanzania. 


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