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Dear Friends of Terrawatu,

I hope this message finds you and your family safe and healthy.

I just returned from Tanzania where I have been the month of March. It was a wonderfully productive and encouraging visit. You will see why below...

As always, we are truly grateful for you for your ongoing support.

Stay safe and well.
Dr. Tanya

Chakula na Dawa Usalama
Meaning 'Food and Medicine/Health Security', Terrawatu's signature project for our 20th Anniversary year is the Chakula na Dawa Usalama project.
This project includes our new permaculture farm in Mkonoo that we took stewardship of in January 2021. The Mkonoo Women's Network, which has been in existence since the beginning of Terrawatu's activities in the region, are tending to the farm. In addition to vegetables and fruits, moringa and other traditional medicinal plants are being cultivated. A pump to pull water from the nearby river is currently being installed. This will enable tanks to be filled and permanent water will be available, given that the rains have not been very reliable. This plot will serve as a demonstration farm so that members from surrounding communities can come and learn permaculture techniques they can utilize on their own plots.

The Terrawatu Team has already been advising Huruma Orphanage and Kibowa Orphans Centre on cultivating new crops on their farms to provide food for the children and staff and encouraging the sale of surplus for income generation. The goal is to create sustainable orphanages.

Natema Primary School also has a sizable plot of land that Terrawatu helped cultivate many years ago as part of a "School Garden" project. This can now become part of a new permaculture farm effort.

Happening simultaneously with growing new crops and medicines, is an effort to upgrade the cooking facilities at the orphanages and schools. Ideas being considered by the Terrawatu Team include: fuel efficient stoves, central kitchens with delivery, cooking classes for students, 'pop-up' restaurants for income generation and business development, and creation of new recipes for uncooked/raw meals that honor cultural traditions while being easier to prepare and equally, if not more, nutritious.

Terrawatu's Chakula na Dawa Usalama project is right in line with a number of initiatives happening throughout Tanzania at this moment, especially in the regions heavily impacted by the loss of tourism dollars due to the Covid pandemic. With the return of the important tourism industry being rather uncertain in the near future, Terrawatu is happy to work with women, men and children to help them feed their families. 

Watch this space!


New Desks at Natema Primary School 
Focal Areas: Education and Health

With an increased number of students attending Natema Primary School and the guidelines from the government suggesting that students sit further apart from each other for health reasons, Terrawatu was asked if we could help provide new desks for the classrooms. Sixty new desks were constructed using local materials and built right on the premises to lower shipping costs. 

The desks were officially handed over to the school on Thursday, 25 March with much appreciation.

International Women's Day

Focal Areas: Education, Health, Environment, Human Rights

On 9 March 2021, Terrawatu Co-Hosted an International Women's Day event in the Mkonoo area of Terrat ward. Educational talks were presented by our partner NGOs on the following topics: women's leadership, sexual violence, wills and inheritances, and women and children's rights.

In post-event discussions, the Terrawatu Team agreed to collaborate more regularly with our partner NGOs to combine our strengths and expand our reach into neighboring districts including Maasai communities in Simanjiro. 

Stay tuned!



People-to-People Safaris

Support Travel & Tourism in Africa

Are you thinking about traveling to Africa for a safari in 2021 or 2022? Start planning your adventure with People-to-People Safaris and know you will have an amazing experience of a lifetime plus you are traveling to do good in this world!

Founded in 2004, the People-to-People Safaris company has been supporting the projects of Terrawatu through both financial donations and the service projects completed by guests during their time in Tanzania. 


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