March Update


Welcome Patterson's

It's our pleasure at Pray America to introduce our new Group Coordinators for 2014, Lance and Lauren Patterson and their children Ella and Trey.  The Patterson's joined The Pray America family on January 2, 2014 and have been a wonderful, energetic addition to the staff.  The Patterson's are from Howell Michigan where they attended The River Community Church for eight years.  Between Lance and Lauren, they have been on seven short-term mission trips with The River, their first being in 2011.  It was in 2011 that they began praying about what long-term missions would look like for their family, in March of 2013 God confirmed their prayers to serve with Pray America.  One of the big differences between long and short-term missions for The Patterson's is purpose, "When we wake up on Monday's here in Chichi, it usually means we're building a home for a widow".  The focus here is much more clear as well for them, "we're able to build relationships with The Pray America staff and also in the community around us".  In their first year as group coordinators they have enjoyed meeting new people weekly and watching people serve for their first time on a mission trip.  Being long-term missionaries does come with challenges, The Patterson's are very close to their families, so it can be difficult at times being away, especially for their kids.  The River Community Church is something they also miss, both Lance and Lauren served in several capacities there including student ministry, small groups and men's ministry,  Lauren also worked for The River as a bookkeeper.  Trey and Ella miss their dog Murphy but have made new friends with kids in Chichi and they both put huge smiles on the faces of visiting teams.  Please keep The Patterson's in your prayers, their specific prayer requests are; continued acclimation for Trey and Ella, how God will continue to use them in the future and how God can use them while they serve here in Chichi.


Ministry Focus:Feeding and Discipleship Programs

Pray America operates three feeding and discipleship programs weekly in the villages of Paquixic, Xepocol and Saquilla.  Most of the children we serve suffer from malnutrition due to the poor rural area, not starvation.  First the children are spiritually fed the word of Jesus Christ and then a nutritious meal of high protein meat, fruits, vegetables and beans are served, this takes place twice weekly at each program.  Over 1200 children are fed the word of Jesus and a meal each week by local Mayan Pray America employees who have the heart of Jesus.  Visiting short-term teams are a big part of this by interacting with children before, during and after the program while helping prepare plates and clean up detail afterwards.  Each program has been enhanced over the past year with Pray America staff member Hugo Caballero making program material more age appropriate and adding a third class at Saquilla and Xepocol for older kids.  Hugo also fills into our teachers and pastors on a weekly basis by providing teaching and Bible study.  Visiting teams have commented on how passionate and organized the teachers and children have seemed this year.  Typically our programs cost $1 per meal served, per child plus pastor and teacher salaries.  If you would like to find out more about our feeding and discipleship programs or participate in other ways such as sponsoring or partnership, please visit for more details.

Pray America Calendar

We have a few updates to the Pray America calendar.  1. We now are able to have more than one team per week on our calendar due to more accommodations,  if you see a week that is booked on the calendar check with us and we may be able to accommodate your team.  2. In the past we blocked off the entire month of September for the ministry, we have now opened up September on the calendar.  3. If you would like to bring a team to serve with us and can't fill a team with ten, please let us know, we have an extensive mailing list and have helped fill several teams this year.  4. We love to encourage new teams on our calendar, it's a great way to continue making disciples of all nations.  If you're with a church new to missions or you haven't been here in a while and would like to organize a trip, we're extremely easy to work with.  We can help show you how to put a team together, we take care of the rest from airport back to the airport.  We handle everything from daily devotionals and debriefs to scheduling projects, meals and feeding and discipleship programs.  We love having teams serve with us and would like to have as many people as possible serve in our beautiful community of Chichicastenango.  Contact Trish at to book your trip!
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