To our valued partners and short-term missionaries,

We realize the content of this letter is quite sensitive but we feel in order to be good stewards of money donated to our ministry we have an obligation to share some important news with you.
Fausto, a valued and important part of The Pray America~Manos de Jesus family, has been dismissed by the ministry due to admittedly embezzling a large sum of money by altering gas receipts. We are not sharing this news to be malicious or hurt Fausto, we're sharing because we know so many people have come to love Fausto and create friendships that extend past a teams one week stay. We have already received several inquires about Fausto's dismissal due to him reaching out to people he has contact with. Our fear is that he will inappropriately ask for money without your knowledge of the circumstances. We're doing our best in a sensitive situation to make others aware of what could potentially happen.
The good news is we will be able to recover most of the money that was stolen from the ministry. We assure you that money donated is handled well and as always goes directly to the part of the ministry you wish to partner with. One of the safe guards in place raised a flag to the inappropriate use of funds and was immediately handled. We look at it as God's money that we've been put in charge of and therefore we have no choice but to take action and make the only decision possible. It's also money you've donated and we have an obligation to you. In ministry we have a need for trust with our fellow servants and employees not only with money but equipment, possessions etc.. We want to assure you that when you come to serve with us, you can trust our employees and that we have amazing people serving beside us.
Long-term ministry has it's challenges just like any other place where you would find people. We ask for your prayers not only for our family who grieves the loss of a loved and talented employee but for Fausto as well and his future.

Craig Bindus
Ministry Coordinator
Pray America~Manos de Jesus

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