Welcome to the June 2015 edition of Sajid Javid MP's newsletter

Welcome back
to the first edition of my e-newsletter of this Parliament. Thank you to everyone who voted for me.

My priority is to champion our community and support my constituents – regardless of who they voted for. If you feel I can help you with any matter please get in touch.

Recent Activity

Re-elected by the people of Bromsgrove as your Member of Parliament for the next five years. An honour.

Marched with veterans and Royal British Legion at Bromsgrove's  70th Anniversary VE Day parade, and laid a wreath in memory of all the men and women of Bromsgrove who lost their lives in war.

Appointed Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills by the Prime Minister to his new Cabinet.

Met with the Bromsgrove Society to discuss highways and infrastructure projects in our town.

Held my regular Street Surgery in Bromsgrove High Street.

Watched locally made film, "The Shout" depicting early onset dementia. Met with creators of the film and actors at Bromsgrove Fire Station, where the film was set.

Met with Harry Turner, CEO of Worcestershire Acute Trust, to discuss concerns raised with me by my constituents.


Sajid in the Papers

Sajid Javid caught up in seven-hour 02 network failure
May 26, 2015
Business secretary Sajid Javid was among the many O2 customers to suffer a seven-hour network failure on Monday, prompting him to take to social media to demand that the telecoms group "sort it out".

MP takes to Twitter to complain about network outage
Tuesday 26 May 2015
BROMSGROVE'S MP Sajid Javid took to Twitter to complain about a mobile phone network outage.

Winning over tomorrow's Tories
26 May 2015
There is an election that the Conservatives did not win, though they may still take a certain satisfaction from their second-place finish none the less.

Bromsgrove's MP shows support for dementia movie filmed in the town
Monday 25 May 2015
BROMSGROVE'S MP has being meeting town firefighters who starred in a recent new film about early onset dementia.

Conservatives rule out UK ground troops to fight IS
24 May 2015
Business Secretary Sajid Javid has rejected a call from a former head of the Army to send ground troops to the Middle East to fight Islamic State.

Sajid Javid: No fresh look at easier dismissals
24 May 2015
Business Secretary Sajid Javid has ruled out returning to proposals to make it easier for firms to sack staff using "no fault" dismissals.

Tax credits change 'key to EU renegotiation'
24 May 2015
Limiting the rights of EU migrants to claim tax credits is a key part of the renegotiation of Britain's relationship with the EU, Sajid Javid has said.

Sajid Javid announces plans to tackle late payments
Tuesday 19 May 2015
Business secretary Sajid Javid has pledged to crack down on the problem of late payment, which is set to cost British business more than £40bn this year.

New Business Secretary Sajid Javid to cut £10bn of red-tape to help small business thrive
19 May 2015
The Government will today promise to cut at least £10bn of red tape over the next five years in order to boost British business's ability to grow both at home and overseas.

Sajid Javid has a message for small businesses
19 May 15
In his first speech since being appointed Business Secretary, Sajid Javid was expected to address the future of small businesses, as well as outlining a new Enterprise Bill.

Whirlwind week for Bromsgrove MP after election victory
 May 15, 2015
IT HAS been a whirlwind week for Bromsgrove MP Sajid Javid – not only holding onto his seat but being handed a new cabinet role and he was enlisted into the Prime Minister’s National Security Council.

David Cameron victory brings relief for small businesses - and Sajid Javid is a superb appointment
Thu, May 14, 2015
This time last week we were all on the edge of our seats as we witnessed the climax of what turned out to be the most dynamic, gripping election yet.

In the cabinet: What is on Sajid Javid’s to do list?
14 May, 2015
Sajid Javid takes over as business secretary from Vince Cable who was perhaps the most high-profile casualty in the Liberal Democrat bloodbath.

Bromsgrove MP Sajid Javid announced as member of Prime Minister's National Security Council
Thursday 14 May 2015
BUSINESS Secretary Sajid Javid has been announced as a full member of the Prime Minister's National Security Council (NSC).

David Cameron reshuffles with manifesto in hand
May 11, 2015
Sajid Javid has been appointed business secretary and Amber Rudd becomes energy secretary as David Cameron reshuffles his top team after the Conservative election victory.

Special parade through Bromsgrove to mark 70th anniversary of VE Day
May 10 2015
A SPECIAL VE Day parade was held in Bromsgrove town centre today (Sunday), followed by a special service at the monument in Crown Close.

Sajid Javid elected as Bromsgrove MP
Friday 8 May 2015
BROMSGROVE voters have re-elected Conservative candidate Sajid Javid as their member of parliament.

Mrs T gave me her blessing, says Tory star Javid: She told me 'you'll protect our great island', Muslim minister reveals
6 May 2015
One of the Tories’ brightest rising stars has given an extraordinary account of the moment Margaret Thatcher said it would fall to him to ‘protect our great island’.

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