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5 Ways to Help Your Child Grieve


I came across this quote from Peter Pan and it inspired the theme for this week's newsletter. I remember watching the movie when I was younger and when Peter Pan said this to Wendy, I was so disappointed that he had to leave yet so hopeful for their reunion. 
I like this quote when it comes to talking to kids because I agree that you should never say goodbye. It is my mission to help those missing their loved ones to see that love lives on. Although our loved ones may not be here in the physical presence they are still with us in spirit. 

It can be very difficult for children to express their emotions while grieving. Sometimes they don't understand the feelings they are having. They could be confused why they are angry at their loved one for dying or they may be questioning if they will see them again. It is very important to be attentive to children and teens when they have lost of loved one. They do not share their feelings openly like adults do and so often people think they are handling the loss fine. This isn't always the case.

Below are some great ideas to help your child express their grief and connect with their loved one. I encourage you to continue to check in with them over time. If you are feeling the pain, you can guarantee they are too.

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Express Through Art

Sometimes it can be difficult for kids to express their feelings. Give kids some paper and markers and have them draw their feelings. Check out this blog post about the benefits of having a Graffit Grief wall in your house:

Make a Memory Box


Memory boxes are wonderful ways to hold on to your loved one. We sell them in our gift store, but making them is a great activity for kids and teens. Using their creativity can help express feelings and emotions that need to be processed.
Click here for more inspiration from Andrea Rodriquez, an Art Therapist:

Save a Favorite Memory


Have your child save a favorite memory of their loved one by making it into a picture. In the photo above, the child drew her Grandmother and her working in the garden. Here are more ideas from The Creative Counselor:

Write a Letter


Have your kids write a goodbye letter to their loved one. The template above is an excellent way to get them started and help them express their feelings:

Start the Sentence, They Finish



If your child is having troubles expressing what they want to say, start the sentence for them. Here are some ideas of things they can finish:

The thing that makes me feel the saddest is .....
If I could talk to the person who died I would ask….
Since the death, my family doesn’t….
My worst memory is….
If I could change things I would….
When the person died I….
Since the death my friends….
After the death, school….
When I am alone….


Product of the Week

"Touch Our Hearts So Deeply" - Framed Art

A lovely gift to give or receive, this modern picture is adorned with this touching sentiment:
So many people
come into our lives
then leave the way
they came.
But there are those
precious few
who touch our hearts
so deeply we
will never be the same.
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"5 Ways to Help Your Kids Remember Their Loved Ones"
Featured Article

A child’s memory of their departed loved one will fade fast if they don’t make the effort to remember. A young child hasn’t had the luxury of time with their loved one and the years and years of memories that you may have stored away. For example, a 5-year-old may only have one or two years of concrete memories of their grandma. As their parent, it’s up to you to help solidify those few memories don’t slip away as time goes on. Here are 5 ways to help your child hold on to these precious memories of their departed loved one.....

Remembrance Idea of the Week
Make Remembrance Bags

Create a special memory bag out of your loved one's t-shirts so you can carry them with you.


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Chelsea's work was inspired by the loss of her parents and her desire to make healing grief easier for you.  Chelsea is also the author of the upcoming book, Shine On - Healing Tools to Inspire and Empower You to Love Life Now, which helps you heal grief through cultivating spiritual connection, continuing the relationships with deceased loved ones in new and healthy ways, and making meaning from your loss.   Read more here.


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