Running to the right beat
Dear audio enthusiast,

Audioforge Labs is very happy to introduce our new app: 
AudioStep - improve your run cadence with BPM match
Reduce your risk of injury when running. Run faster! AudioStep helps you to run consistently by running to the beat of all your music.

Download now for 99 cents
AudioStep analyzes your music and adjusts the tempo on the fly. The pitch does not change. No Chipmunks were harmed building this app! 
You select your BPM (beats per minute) and all your music plays at that tempo. 
Studies have found that running at 180 BPM reduces the risk of injuries. 
The slower the cadence, the longer you are in the air and the harder you land. Slow turn over means more impact, which causes more injury. 
Most non-elite runners maintain a cadence of around 160 steps per minute. 
Increasing the step count to 180 per minute will reduce your risk of injury. 
As a side effect it also makes you run faster. While there have been no studies identified to prove this, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence available online. 

Initially AudioStep was designed to consistently run at 180 steps per minute by matching each step to the beat of the music playing at 180 beats per minute. 
Eventually, testers found different use for listening to music at different BPM and so we added a slider where you can set your target BPM going from 120 up to 200 BPM. 
Read more about a personal account on how AudioStep was developed on our blog at 
Download in the App Store: 0.99$ for a limited time
Audioforge Labs builds iOS music apps for audiophiles, musicians/producers for listening therapy of children on the autism spectrum and now for runners.

Please note that we are working very hard on updating our apps for iOS7 as there have been a lot of changes. These updates will only be available once iOS7 is available for everybody. This is not our choice but how Apple requires us to do it.

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