3 more days to take the co-op survey and claim your coupon for $5 off of a $20 purchase!  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2016GBCFCSurvey
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Ray & Virginia Johnson of Custom Gardens (above) in Silver Springs, NV have precious little of their organic baby ginger left to harvest! The co-op has received a final delivery for the season. Don't miss out on this year's bounty. Even though they planted more - the baby ginger harvest went faster than anticipated this season. While they usually have ginger through Thanksgiving, this year it flew out the door, to their regular accounts in Reno, to customers that picked up at the farm, and to many customers across the USA who ordered through LocalHarvest.  Putting Nevada on the map with these incredible health promoting treasures!
Ordering a turkey for Thanksgiving this year?
We have 3 varieties: organic, organic heirloom, and even a few gap 5+ certified pastured birds from Diestel Ranch in Sonora, CA. All turkeys are sold by pre-order so be sure to e-mail our grocery manager, Jacob Nachel,
(jacob@greatbasinfood.coop) and let him know what size turkey you're interested in - we sell them by the pound, refrigerated but not frozen. You can also call us at 775-324-6133, or you can come into our store and fill out one of our turkey pre-order forms, found at the register.
Calling all local organic farmers, producers, butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers! Our Product Buying Guidelines, dictate that we prioritize selling local organic produce and products over all other available produce and products. This means if you're making it or growing it locally, and it's organic, we will find room for it in the store, guaranteed. For more information visit our website: https://www.greatbasinfood.coop/our-food/gbcfc-buying-guidelines/
One of our favorite farms, JSM Organics from Royal Oaks CA, is coming up on the end of an amazing flower growing season. We discovered JSM after declaring our boycott of Driscoll's Berries in early 2015 due to poor worker treatment and searching for a viable alternative for organic strawberries close to home, and and couldn't have been happier. Soon thereafter we expanded into offering JSM hass avocados and, of course, the most beautiful flower bunches you've ever seen (or smelled). Unfortunately, as with the warm summer weather that produced them, these beauties aren't here to stay. The last JSM flowers 'til spring are here from now through the next 3-4 weeks. Don't wait any longer!

Chapel Tavern and South Creek Pizza are our two newest community partners ordering local and organic goods with DROPP!

Chapel Tavern is now serving homemade organic eggnog, made with organic eggs, organic heavy whip, organic half and half and organic fair trade sugar.  Link to website by clicking on image.

South Creek Pizza is topping their pies with ALL LOCAL INGREDIENTS!  Basil, carrots, lemon cukes, parsley, potatoes, onions, pea shoots, and 3 flats of cherry tomatoes from Greg's Organics.  


OUR co-op made it into the Good Food Org Guide as one of 3 co-ops across the nation!

Food Tank and the James Beard Foundation just released the 3rd annual Good Food Org Guide, which features 1,000 nonprofit organizations creating a better food system across the United States.  La Montanita Food Co-op and Your Truly, were listed amongst these 501c3s.  What's rad about that is the fact that we are a for profit cooperative business that has decided to operate our business with a triple bottom line approach - SOCIAL, ENVIRONMENTAL & FINANCIAL.  Our commitment to and goals achieved in developing a strong, resilient and sustainable regional food system is at the root of everything we do.  More for profit businesses can make this choice and do it in financially viable ways for all.  Fair payment to farmers, workers, and the land.  Invest in businesses that pay fair wages to their vendors, producers and workers.

SURVEY CLOSES ON WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 9th, 3 more days to claim your $5 coupon!

The Great Basin Community Food Cooperative's Board of Directors is in the process of creating a new 3 year strategic plan.  This roadmap will help to guide us in our business growth for the years to come.

As a community we have fulfilled many of our greatest hopes and dreams for the co-op, yet we still have aways to go. 

We check in with our membership every two years to gather feedback that allows us to update the big picture co-op vision. In order to better understand what our members & shoppers want, we need to hear from you. 

Please take a moment to answer this survey and you will receive a coupon for $5 off a $20 purchase at the co-op.

The survey will be open from October 5th to October 21st. We will then analyze the results and incorporate the findings into the master 3 year strategic plan that we will publish in the Spring of 2017.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

With the natural rhythms slowing down and daylight savings bringing us longer nights, it does the mind and body good to get a full and complete rest.  Sleep deprivation is linked to heart disease, diabetes, poor immune systems, poor mental health, and even obesity.  When you skimp on your ZZZs, your body makes more ghrelin and less leptin. Ghrelin is a hunger hormone, and leptin is a hormone that tells you when you’re full.

A healthy dose of Natural Calms powdered magnesium before sleeping will greatly assists your GABA receptors ability to calm your nervous system and get you to bed on time. Studies have also shown that ingesting magnesium can cause a significant decrease in cortisol, our bodies stress hormone.  Cortisol is part of our bodies fight or flight response…elevated levels in our blood for consistent periods of time can impair our immune system, burn out our adrenals, increase oxidative stress = premature aging, and cause us to store fat in those stubborn belly and and thigh areas.  

Our bodies can only absorb about 50% of the  magnesium that we take internally, which is why a simple epsom salt bath or any form of transdermal magnesium oil can do wonders for absorption of this crucial macro-mineral.  Remember, the largest organ that you have is your skin and women absorb nearly 5 lbs of oils, lotions, makeup and other “products” through their skin each year.  This is great if you’re soaking up this crucial life agent but not so great if you’re ingesting petrochemicals and cancer causing agents in your skincare regime. 

Having winding down rituals such as sipping a non-caffienated tea or supplements containing relaxing herbs like passion flower, valerian root, and chamomile are also a nice touch to a restful night.  My personal favorite is having a Tart or Black cherry juice, as either are great sources of natural melatonin which plays a big part in maintaining the body’s circadian rhythm.

Rest well and binge sleep in the coming cold months, your vessel will love you for it!

NEW!  Co-op Deli Fall Squash Quinoa Salad
It's November already! Full-blown Fall! Ever in the spirit of the season, the Co-op Kitchen has reworked the fan favorite Quinoa Tabouleh to produce the festive, far-out, flavorful Fall Quinoa salad, filled with local organic butternut squash from Lattin Farms and fortified with the finest fall filigree like pumpkin seeds, sage, and cranberries. For real, the flave is freakin' fenominal. 

NEW!  Juniper Ridge Natural Incense
Sometimes incense is just too intense. So many kinds of incense are filled with petrochemicals and all kinds of artificial fragrances.   Juniper Ridge crafts an incense that’s practically like having a campfire in your own home, but not in that bad kind of way.  They have achieved crafting a product that uses nothing but sap, pitch, bark, and other harvested matter grafted to tiny bamboo sticks using the sap itself. Some of their sticks are even harvested in as close proximity as the Sierra Nevada foothills!  (ps. Their soaps rule too!)
NEW!  Pumpkin Everything
First rule of fall: if it can be baked, it can be baked with pumpkin. True to form as ever, the Co-op Kitchen has been mass-producing the best pumpkin bread you've ever tasted, made with local pumpkins from Pioneer Farms in Fallon, NV, available in both in gluten-full and gluten-free varieties. It's spooooooooky good... Actually, no. Nothing really spooky about it. It's just the regular kind of good. Get in here.
NEW!  Fallon Food Hub
Fallon has a local food hub and storefront right on Center St in downtown Fallon. They've got a variety of local produce, baked goods, eggs, honey, meat, dairy and body care items. Be sure to stop in next time you're in town: www.fallonfoodhub.com
NEW!  Chomp Reno Restaurant serving local and organic goods
Have you checked out the new Chomp Reno? They've just made more Reno food dreams come to life, now serving organic Straus Soft serve in chocolate + vanilla. Fresh, local berries and house made raw, vegan granola.  They also have a chocolate and vanilla vegan temptation!
NEW!  Local Holley Family Farms Sausage & Palomino Chicken & Egg Breakfast Burrito
Back in May, we unveiled the re-vamped and wildly improved Local Breakfast Burrito, made with local ground pastured NON GMO pork from Holley Family Farms in Dayton, NV, local NON GMO (soon to be certified organic!!!) eggs from Palomino Valley Chicken & Eggs, Organic perfectly seasoned potatoes and a variety gluten-full and and gluten free wrappers....including Siete Foods vegan paleo almond flour tortilla! Siete hit it out of the park with their both of their new paleo tortillas: almond flour and cassava, both for sale in our fridge Dept. We feature the almond one in our burritos so that we can offer a gluten-free vegan breakfast and lunch variety as well....all new filling recipes to boast as well. You won't be disappointed. 
Q: What do New Chapter, Tide Laundry detergent, Pringles potato chips, Prilosec pharmaceutical company, and Bounce dryer sheets all have in common?

A: They are all owned by one giant corporate enterprise, Procter & Gamble.

Unfortunately, New Chapter was acquired a few years back and we’ve been carrying them since.

Well, that ends here. At our co-op, we try to do our best to ensure that we carry products from companies that meet our ethical buying guidelines, and support the bottom line of companies thriving on ends other than just profit. Being in the same roster of brands who practice animal testing and have financial links to Monsanto is a big downer. Welcome to the discontinued rack, New Chapter.

Fortunately, we've just brought in Nature's Dynamics DELICIOUS, way-easier-than-taking-more-pills Organic Vegan Gummy Multivitamin-- the world's first, in fact. They're made with food based ingredients maximizing nature's co-nutrients and co-factors present in whole foods as opposed to synthetic, isolated vitamins and minerals made in a lab (not to mention that they aren't owned by a massive corporation that tests on animals). 
OPEN EVERY DAY 8am - 9pm
Juice & Smoothie Bar open every day 8am - 5pm

240 Court St. Reno, NV 89501
(775) 324-6133