"The juice bar is now making fresh pressed almond milk! Regular unsweetened and Vanilla...it will blow you away..."
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Distributors of Regional & Organic Produce and Products (DROPP) - our coop's food hub - has just moved into Liberty Exchange thanks to our forever helpful and supportive board member Mark Estee ... With a loading dock and plenty of storage space, aggregation and distribution of local food has never been easier.  Not to mention that we got our first refrigerated truck this week and will be delivering to the Playa!!!!! Buying and supporting local food and farmers is just a few clicks away.  Check out our link in bio to learn more about DROPP and remember to ask the folks at your favorite restaurants if they serve any local food.  Consumers will always drive the market in what they request and more so in how they vote with their purchasing dollars.

This image represents small acts done consistently with great love. ❤️💙 Bill Mewaldt of Mewaldt Organics, Spencer Scott of NV Ag, Shelly Goodin of New Harvest Farm & DROPP's new truck driver and Nicole Sallaberry, our DROPP manager and one of Northern Nevada's most dedicated local food entrepreneurs and advocates.  #loveyourfarmer #DROPP #droppitlikeitshot
Holley Family Farms eggs are now USDA organic, along with Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) Pasture-Raised!  

Not only does the USDA organic cert reflect the Holley's commitment to clean food and ecologically responsible farming, but the AWA program reflects their commitment the highest levels of animal husbandry within a true grass-based system.  Available now at the co-op!
Meet our baker, Amelia!   Amelia specializes in crafting amazing traditional pastries, as well as a variety of gluten-free and vegan options, and has been instrumental in the expansion of the Co-op Kitchen's baked goods selection. Amelia started on her path at age 15, helping out in the school cafeteria during lunch, ultimately working her way to supplying croissants and brioche to L.A.'s best four- and five-star restaurants. Since returning to Reno, Amelia feels she hasn't "found [her] niche in a while, but GBCFC has been absolutely wonderful." In her work, Amelia emphasizes sustainable practices, making use of seasonal fruits and repurposed products from within the Co-op-- today's Reno Local Food Group bread is tomorrow's bread pudding. Welcome aboard, Amelia!

The great pasta impasta: zoodles! Made with local zucchini and cherry tomatoes from Lattin Farms and local basil and garlic from Mewaldt Organics. On sale now for $2.99 at the co-pop!  #dadjokes #loveyourfarmer #raw #local #vegan #paleo #glutenfree

We visited Steve and Crystal Shore at Misty Crystal Ranch this week. They supply fresh goat milk and honey soap to our Wellness Department.  Be sure to check this stuff out if you want baby soft skin. 👶
It was a rad few hours of touring and chatting, learning about milk and soap, playing fetch with their energetic border collie, and watching goats suck on Scaught's fingers. Steve told us about a time when someone passing by their place didn't quite understand his "kids for sale" sign at the end of the driveway.  Fortunately somebody vouched for him actually selling young goats before Child Protective Services was brought into the picture. 😂
#mistycrystalranch #kids4sale #baaaahdjokes #loveyourfarmer

Local Hay available from Albaugh Ranch in Fallon, NV:

The hay is first crop grass hay mix, and the average weight per bale is ninety-nine pounds. The price is nine dollars a bale with a twenty bale minimum. The hay is definitely worth purchasing as cattle, sheep, goats, and horses definitely approve and love it!  The contact number is (775) 423-3361.

How to Speak Benke: Lesson 1

Ever found yourself chatting it up with "Diamond" Dave Benke at the register and thought to yourself, "What is this yahoo talking about?" Well, you're not alone. So we here at the GBCFC have put together this tutorial to help you talk the talk with the king of lingo himself.  Click the image above to hear for yourself.

Tickets for this amazing event are strictly limited, so buy yours today! 
For tickets & more information, please visittheirr 
website, or call (530) 257-3252.

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OPEN EVERY DAY 8am - 9pm
Juice & Smoothie Bar open every day 8am - 6pm

240 Court St. Reno, NV 89501
(775) 324-6133


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