A look back at The Black Canaries Film Tour, a grassroots screening series spanning three states and eight screens in MA, VT & IA.  Link
"While financing for film production is a national mandate in almost every country in the world, American filmmakers have to rely on the goodwill of their family and friends, which is why online crowdfunding platforms have become mainstays in the unending quest for film funding." Link
A personal documentary honoring the life and death of Ruth Ruckert, my maternal grandmother, whose spirit reappeared in a photograph taken during the spreading of her ashes in Albia, Iowa. Link
"I was there in the beginning when he needed it most." Link
Among the current 868 film and video crowdfunding campaigns, Black Canaries has been selected as a Kickstarter Staff Pick!  They must be on to something. Link
The images tell the story of English immigrants who settled in Iowa during their westward travels.  They claimed land to build a home, harvest crops, raise livestock and make a family.  This is the story of the my ancestors and countless other immigrants who came to America to create a life for themselves. Link
[Persistence of vision] refers to a director with a specific image or scenario burning in her or his mind yearning to be brought to life. A director is like a painter — only he or she knows what the painting will look like; it is her or his job to guide the brush in the right direction.  Jesse Kreitzer’s brush is in the process of its masterstroke. Link
A culmination of two years of research, hard labor, fool's luck and good fortune, I'd like to share some of the most precious family relics that I've collected during the making of this film, including a pickaxe from my great-grandfather's mine, his carbide work lamp, and a handmade mother's day card from my grandmother at age six.  Link
"You're more willing to sacrifice your body or miss supper to accomplish what you went out to do.  You did it for the family." Last week, the Monroe County Historical Society identified the coordinates of my great-grandfather's coal mine in Lovilia, Iowa.  The current landowner Bill Crall, a resident of Lovilia for over 50 years, invited me to visit the former site and hear stories that were passed down to him. Link
In one final appeal to those who have yet to pledge, I'm pleased to share an exclusive first look at Black Canaries, available only until the end of the campaign.  Illustrated by storyboard artist Benjamin Mackey, the ten minute animatic gives you a sense of the first third of the film.  Link
Driven to Tell Stories - The Commons

Canaries in a Cinematic Coalmine - Seven Days

Inspired by Ancestors - Press Citizen

Black Canaries’ draws inspiration from place, history and family mythology,” said Jesse McLean, assistant professor in the Department of Cinematic Arts and Kreitzer’s professor. “I believe this blend of interests will yield an especially personal treatment of the narrative form.”

Black Canaries Production Packet
Features film synopsis, crew/advisor biographies, budget overview, timeline, etc.

Black Canaries Reference/Source Material
Character, Location and Visual Key

Black Canaries Soundtrack
A collection of rarities, gospel hymns and folk ballads that inspired the film.
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