Policy in Motion reports on federal & state climate policy analysis, education & implementation of transportation & land use planning processes which foster sustainable community development.
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Principal/Owner of Policy in Motion, Lauren Michele, is kicking off 2011 with an expanded lens on transportation policy involving a new research effort funded by the Federal Highways Administration and administered by the Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP).   

Policy in Motion will be assisting CCAP in this project by daylighting the successes and struggles that the State of California and its regions have seen during the unfolding of Senate Bill 375 (2008). Lauren Michele will be preparing a small case study on California's SB 375 implementation progress among state and regional planning agencies, as well as drawing upon comparison frameworks in other areas such as Washington State where mandated reductions in annual per capita vehicle miles traveled exist.

The story of California's SB 375 process is one which weaves together identity struggles, ambitions, and collaboration ~ perhaps mixed with occasional suspense and drama!

With various federal policy frameworks under consideration for integrating greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals within the transportation and land use planning process, this research will identify the technical assistance and capacity building resources currently available and needed to assist states, regional and local governments with GHG reduction planning, implementation, and measurement.

More information on state and federal climate change policy pertaining to transportation and land use planning processes which affect sustainable community development is available on Policy in Motion's website.

Please see below for the winter 2011 featured articles from Policy in Motion which promote earth friendlinessequality for all, and economic vitality within transportation policy and planning.

Growing Wealthier Webinar

Free Webinars

Policy in Motion believes effective transportation policy stems from sustainability education. Please check out the respective webinars from the Center for Clean Air Policy and the California Department of Public Health.

January 20th: Growing Wealthier: Smart Growth, Climate Change & Prosperity ~ Read More & Register Here 

January 27th: Pedestrian Safety & Vehicle Speed ~ Read More & Register Here

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Policy Digests
Policy in Motion on California Regional Progress Report


The 2010 California Regional Progress Report: One State, Many Regions, Our Future was recently released by Caltrans and the California Strategic Growth Council.

The report presents 20 integrated, place-based indicators that benchmark and measure regional sustainability progress.

It was developed with the collaboration of more than 40 state, regional, non-profit and academic organizations.

Policy in Motion provides an overview of the Report's development and highlights.
Policy in Motion on Safe Routes to School

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Safe Routes to School programs highlight the role of walking & bicycling in children’s health, while making a significant impact on reducing vehicle trip demand.

Policy in Motion provides resources on:

Public health benefits
 for children through active transportation

Technical and research assistance
 programs for local governments

State and federal funding programs
 to promote walking and bicycling
Policy in Motion on Growing Wealthier Report

The Center for Clean Air Policy released Growing Wealthier: Smart Growth, Climate Change & Prosperity January 19th in Washington, D.C. at an event hosted by Senator Carper.  

The Report uses 10 smart growth principles to identify a variety of economic benefits:
Investment Returns
Expenditure Savings
Quality of Life

Lauren Michele hosted the California “pre-release” dinner on the economic benefits of smart growth for influential California policy makers last week. Read more about Growing Wealthier & its January 20th webinar!

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