Mastering the Social Media Marketing Mix

for performers & small businesses

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Maybe you don't want to hear this.

I didn't.
If you are a creative artist,
performer, solo entrepreneur,
you do need to hear this.


Actually, it's not even our future - it is NOW.  

I resisted this whole social media thing, too. It was so confusing and changing so rapidly on a daily basis, that I wanted to call it quits. Of course, if I wanted to fill a room or sell my CD, I had to get beyond that, give in to it, and "go with the flow."  SOCIAL MEDIA is where our MARKETING and PROMOTION now lives.  It is how you are going to GET HEARD, SELL YOUR MUSIC, PROMOTE YOUR SHOWS, BUILD YOUR FAN/CLIENT BASE, and just plain GET KNOWN.  

Even if you're one of the few who can afford to hire the publicist, promoter, acquire an agent to get you bookings, etc., etc., you still need to manage your direction, and have your personal voice out in the global market so folks can find out that they love you and can't live without you!  In fact, even if you have a publicist or someone to do Social Media Marketing for you, it won't work!  To some extent, you have to be the one to do your own social media.  You have to be the one engaging with and responding to your fans and potential fans... no one can replace you when it comes to that.

You can hire an expert to teach you (or do it for you), or you can spend hours and hours hunting and pecking your way through the labrynth of internet marketing - either way you will be spending time and money. Wouldn't you rather spend a short time and a little money at the early (or even middle) stages of your learning curve and save your time and money for your creative craft itself?  

Here's an opportunity . . .
Spend just 3 hours of your time
fifty-five cents a minute
Get a grasp on this new marketing world.

I am offering us all some assistance
and co-producing this 3-hour workshop
President, ComBridge; Dean, New Marketing University

Wednesday, October 12 -6:30-9:30pm
Fort Mason in San Francisco's Marina District

(it's got lots of available parking!)

You can find details below or just click this link. 

I hope to see you on October 12.

Produced by Linda Kosut, Jizel Music & Design and Jon Leland, ComBridges 

Mastering the Social Media Marketing Mix
A workshop designed to help creative & performing artists expand their audiences 
Led by Jon Leland, president & creative director ComBridges; Dean, New Marketing University

If you are a creative / performing artist, chances are you are also your own publicist and doing your own marketing. In today's complex multi-media world of Internet marketing, finding your way through the maze of social media networks, YouTube videos, podcasting, blogging and email newsletters, you might find yourself "missing a few notes" or "dropping a few lines." 
  1. What is the best way to use the Internet to advance your career?
  2. How do you garner attention?
  3. Do you have a brand? Do you need one?
  4. Where do you begin?
  5. How do you navigate and leverage Facebook, Twitter, your website, related tools such as ReverbNation, Google profile, Blogs, MySpace, YouTube, electronic press kits, email marketing sites (i.e., Constant Contact, MailChimp, Vertical Response, FanBridges), online press release distribution, etc.
  6. The "hits" just keep on happening and these trends are certain to continue to accelerate.

is the time to take a positive step. 
Get a grip on these new dynamic opportunities. 
Reach a larger audience.



Fort Mason, San Francisco
Building C, Room 205

COST: $99.00

Click here for directions to Fort Mason.
(easy parking)
We invite you to join us for a one-time 3-hour workshop.


It is not an over-statement to say that the "sea change" in social media and Internet marketing has revolutionized the world of marketing for artists of all kinds. Fundamental changes include both the kinds of connections that performers can make with their customer base, their audience, fans and/or prospective fans, as well as the innovative ways that this audience can be reached and the long-term relationships that can be created.

In this three-hour workshop, Jon Leland will illuminate key details and distinctions of the very human qualities that drive this new world and how the qualities of "authentic voice" make it uniquely powerful for performers and creative artists.  At the same time, Jon will offer an array of strategic tips and techniques that can enable any individual or organization to successfully leverage the opportunities that are now accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn how to hone your authentic voice, the "heart" of new marketing
  • Understand best practices for creating sustainable & active Facebook pages
  • Discover how "content marketing" can best engage new customers
  • Explore why "Lead Nurturing" has become the next generation email marketing
  • Learn the secrets of "SEO 2.0" including collaborative link building and the "social graph" 
  • Find out how to use YouTube videos as "magnets" for new connections
  • Rethink blogging as the hub of your social media communications
  • Learn the best ways to leverage LinkedIn as a relationship-building channel
  • Understand how Twitter can be used for creating new connections as well as for a better understanding of your audience

Packed with actionable information, you will come away from this program with a fresh, energizing perspective. Plus, you will takeaway a list of next steps to increase your online visibility as well as attract and connect with new customers and new income.

* * *

Jon Leland is a leading communications expert who has been an innovator for 40 years. In the seventies, Jon founded one of the first narrowcast radio networks. In the eighties, he was a cable TV pioneer as founding director of creative services at USA Network. In the nineties, he wrote and produced "future vision" video programs for Pacific Bell and a prototype interactive TV application for Oracle Corporation which was displayed at Disney World's Epcot Center.

Over the last 20 years, Jon's mission has been to "Span the Grand Canyon Gap between people and technology." He does this currently through his creative services company, ComBridges ( ), which provides cutting edge website design, development, social media and internet marketing, video production and strategic consulting.   Jon also provides valuable insights via social networks, his blogs, YouTube channel and through his weekly New Media/New Marketing segments on Most recently, Jon is the author of the e-book, "What Every Business Needs to Know About Internet Marketing" and the Founder and Dean of New Marketing University, ( ), a membership website dedicated to social media and Internet marketing education for professional people.  NewMarU is where "Marketing is Fun and Learning is Easy."
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