Family Safety and Reunification

Turning Points for Children currently provides child welfare services in Lower Northeast, West, North, and Southwest Philadelphia through Community Umbrella Agencies (CUAs). These services attempt preventing placement of children into foster care, or if they are placed, attempt to reunify families. The CUAs also provide support with adoption in the case that reunification is not possible.

The primary goal of our CUAs is to keep families together and assure children are safe. They provide classes and resources to connect parents and identify healthy coping mechanisms and strategies to parenting. Our Community Engagement Team works to partner with leaders and businesses in the community to support families where they live through information, events and resources.

Did you know that a child can be removed from a home if it’s deemed unsafe?

That’s what a family was faced with during the pandemic. It seemed as if everything began to break, even the refrigerator broke down, causing what food they had to spoil. Can you imagine raising your kids in a home that desperately needs repairs? All you want is to keep your kids safe. What do you do?

The young mom in our story (anonymous) reached out to her CUA Case Worker to explain the situation. Our staff member sprang into action to keep this family together and the children out of harm’s way.

Turning Points had received an emergency grant for cases like this. We called it our LifeSaver Fund. We were able to quickly make funds available to make sure the repairs could be done as soon as possible.

The CUA staff member worked in collaboration with the landlord to identify and address the problem areas of the home and ensure the children’s safety. The mother was so grateful knowing that she could keep her family together. Just last month, the family was discharged from our care. That was a success story but there’s more families in need.

Our Lifesaver Fund was put to good use and has been expended.

We helped 380 individuals.

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Turning Points for Children Celebrates Social Work Month

March is Social Work Month and this year’s theme is “Social Workers are Essential.” This theme could not be more relevant to Turning Points staff, especially during a pandemic. Many times it was the resources and services we provide to the community that became hope for vulnerable children and families. We celebrate our social workers every day, they are our frontline heroes!

"Social work is the art of listening and the science of hope.” Anonymous

Family Finding Turns 10!

Our Family Finding Program has hit a milestone, double digits! We’re so excited to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its inception.

This program unites youth in the foster care with long lost loved ones or positive connections (both kin and non-relatives) to be a part of their lives.

Hold the Date: On May 6 at 1pm, Family Finding will host a panel of families and professionals who will engage in dialogue about the impact this program has had over the years. Stay tune, we’ll share more about Family Finding and the event next month!

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