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CFCA Gifts?! Oh ya
Last minute CFCA holiday gifts are available. We have a few extra sizes in various colors of the sweatshirts, as well as trucker hats and a bunch of the standard CFCA tees. We also have gift certificates available for Fundamentals or Membership costs. Just ask us for more info!
We've got a great group of newbies in the gym this month. Their photos are right near the sign in sheet so you vets can easily spot them and introduce yourself! CFCA has got a great vibe, lets help keep it that way by being friendly and welcoming to all those new folks ready to work their glutes off beside you. Do it! Nobody likes being the new guy/gal.
Bringing Friends?
FYI- we are no longer allowing friends to drop in on normal weekday classes. If you have a friend that wants to check out CFCA, you are welcome to bring them to a Saturday Team WOD. This will help in keeping the flow of the weekday classes moving. Why you say? Well, we want to make sure you are getting the most out of CFCA and that our coaches attention is on you (not the new person who doesn't know how to do any of the movements safely). The only folks that will be joining us for regularly scheduled classes are visiting Crossfitters, so if your friends or family are members at another CF gym - they are welcome anytime. If you have a friend that is interested - please let them know the process to become a member... Step 1: Schedule an intro session with us. Step 2: Attend the 4 Fundamentals Classes. Step 3: Join the fun. Thanks!
Got Fish Oil?
Lots of us at the gym are taking fish oil for the recovery and health benefits. Some of the benefits to taking fish oil include: promotes cardiovascular health, reduces inflammation, and promotes healthy joints. It also supports mental focus & long-term cognitive function, mood and emotional well-being. Do some research and if you are interested in knowing more, we have handouts from Bonfire Health at the door. We sell both liquid and capsules of fish oil at the gym for $40.
Good Afternoon Crossfitters!
Just a short newsletter this time around because we know you all are busy prepping for the holidays as are we. We have a few schedule tweaks and events to let you know about, but before that let's give a shout out to great efforts over the last month or so.   

Mike "the plank" Horne

PR's & Progress
We have seen some great progress lately much like every month. Some random snippets from the PR board include John DeVries getting 20 dead hang pull-ups, Whit with a 110# snatch, Steve with a "Nancy" time of 14:02 (down 3:42 from July!!!!) and coach Jon with a 270# power clean. We have been doing some "re-testing" as 2012 comes to close and the results have been great. The 2k row came up a few weeks ago and we saw vast improvements in times on that notoriously grueling effort. Highlights include Rick B. pulling off a 6:59 with Ryan Mueller close behind at 7:05. On the ladies side, Sam Rose pulled a 8:24 to earn her a spot on the board. Congrats to all who PR'ed that one. 

On the strength side we just recently programmed the Crossfit Total to check everyone's numbers. Again, lots of PR's, with Ambie taking the top spot with 1071# (405# BS, 165# PR and a 501# DL). Other great totals were Alex & Vince who both PR'ed all 3 lifts for totals of 456# & 821# respectively (apparently a honeymoon in Jamaica increases your strength). Coach Karen met a long time goal of exceeding 600# with a 615.5 total (215# BS, 100# PR & 300.5# DL) all 3 being PR's. Huge shout out to Rick B. and Eric R. for getting some impressive deadlift #'s as well. Again, congrats to all and make sure to keep track of those #'s as we will use percentages of them in the upcoming months.

You can change yourself a lot in 7 weeks!

We also crowned the our latest Paleo Challenge winners recently. The vote was close, but Kristi and Benji took home top honors. Congrats again to them and everyone who made changes both in body composition and performance. Remember, what you eat is more important that what you do, so stay the course as much as you can. The next challenge will likely start in January and rumors have been swirling that becoming a warrior (strong and resilient) is the theme. Beard growth on the guys (obviously) may be a factor unless you have a note from your employer or significant other prohibiting such. Also, there will be feats of strength and maybe even an ice bath duration test?? Get ready, we're fine tuning the details to mix it up a bit this time around.

A new year, some new goals? WWBLD?

Goals 2013...
While we're on the topic of PR's and progress, have you assessed your goals for 2013? The start of the new year always brings reflection of the year past and an uncanny ability to make bold statements about what will come in the future. We urge all of you to spend some time thinking about what you want to do in 2013 and let us know how we can help. Remember that setting smaller goals to get to a bigger one seems to be key. 'Little by little' will keep you motivated and on your way to achieving the bigger picture. Do yourself a favor and re-read the Secret Laboratory piece. Think about where you are now and what is realistic and sustainable for the future... then make it happen.  

CFCA Panoramic by Tom "it ruined my WOD" Nolet.

Holiday Schedule
We will have a limited schedule over the holidays so please make note of it so you can maximize your attendance. If you can't make it to class remember that the vacation WODs are there for you to do on the road or at home as well.

Christmas Eve - 9am Team
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Wednesday 12/26 - Closed
Thursday 12/27 - Reg Schedule
Friday 12/28 - Reg Schedule
Saturday 12/29 - 8:30am Team
Sunday  12/30 - 10am OLY
New Years Eve - 9am Team
New Years Day - Closed

Who will be the champ this year?

Holiday Hoedown '12
We are having our annual Holiday Hoedown & Unsanctioned Arm Wrestling Contest on Thursday December 20th at 7:30pm at the Brewery. Come down and celebrate the season with the other CFCA-ers and enter the optional arm wrestling contest for bragging rights. Single elimination so you better pull all the tricks out. We're secretly hoping for an epic Ambie vs. Benji final!  

The other, but way cuter, Conants.

Other News
In other gym news, Kiwi & Moxy stepped in to the member/mascot spotlight for the month. See what our four legged friends have to say about the Conant life in and outside of the gym. More exciting than that good read though is our newest Member of the month... congrats to Jodi Cleveland! Jodi has been really consistent over the past few months and it's working for her. She got her first deadhang pull-up recently and can now do 3. She's quickly making way to her goal of doing 5. Keep up the good work Jodi and your membership for January is on us! Congrats.

That's all for now. Hope everyone has a relaxing and safe holiday and thank you guys again for being a part of the club. We are so grateful for each and every one of you, without you there is no awesome CFCA. Looking forward to 2013!

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