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Want to follow CFCA on Instagram? We're found under the pseudonym SargentStSocialClub. You might just see some some cool action shots of yourself mid workout. Send us pics of you doing cool stuff outside the gym and we'll use them to inspire everyone! Thanks to all the folks giving out the love with the #CFCA4LIFE hashtag on your own posts. Woot woot!
Remember your first day? Probably not, been years (or at least feels that way). But hey, let's help the new folks feel a little more comfortable! We've got a few great newbies in the mix as you might have noticed - their pics are on the board so when you vets spot them please introduce yourself & give a quick high five for joining the crew.
Our 9am Saturday Team WOD is a Community day... meaning we welcome & encourage anyone from the community (non CF members) to join us for this class. We've had some great new faces in the mix and Saturdays are always a fun time... when 9am isn't too early after a friday night.  No Crossfit experience required so no need to be shy. There is a $5 drop in fee, which we donate to a local cause. Last year in conjunction with a couple other fundraisers and coach donations we were proud and very thankful to have been able to donate $800 to the Gloucester High School Athletics department to help kids play sports! With great turnout on Saturdays so far, we're looking forward to keeping this tradition of thriving this year as well.  So spread the word - all are welcome! 

Hello CFCA'rs
Woof it's been a while... 5 months you say? I guess 3 kids under 3 has proven to be a little more work than we anticipated... which sounds almost comical to say out loud! Anyway, sorry for the lapse in communication but we do have some pertinent CFCA related info to share so sit back and read up!

Friday mornings we ran, we jumped, and we repeated each week till brrrr... 

Late Summer & Fall Recap
We had a great summer and fall at CFCA. The Friday morning trail run and quarry swim finally came to end in October as the water was starting to get chilly and the mornings darker and darker which put those on a tight time crunch in a bind. It was an amazing while it lasted and gained some serious traction with quite a few members. Looking forward getting back out there again in the spring! 

Julie cut sugar from her diet and the results were impressive!

Inside the gym we saw some solid work on some of our benchmark workouts. On the ladies side we saw Kerri establish a gym record on "Hang On" Ski with 20 calories. Emily, Christine, and Karen (post twins) are right on her heels each with 19 cals but apparently not able to "hang on" for that next calorie quite yet... next time!  

Dom's before and afters. Pretty remarkable!
Other notable efforts on the ladies side were Jodi getting 10 consecutive strict pull-ups and Julie getting 6 consecutive reps. In the double under department we saw Whit C. go from a PR of 56 reps to 75 then a massive jump to 120 to take the top spot for the ladies! Also in the double under department, Dom claimed the top time on "Flight Simulator" with 10:15 and a whopping 214 consecutive reps. Dom recently sent us his before/after shots which were staggeringly impressive. Kudos to him on training smart, recovering well and making nutritional tweaks to go from A to B! One last shout out to our resident journalist Billy Baker who set a goal of beating Oprah's time in the Chicago Marathon. He not only crushed his goal by 31 mins, but kept us laughing throughout the whole training process.

And with a handshake from Gumby, it's official. Congrats Kevin!

We also celebrated 6 years of CFCA with a Halloween get together at CFCA. Among all the hilarious get ups, crazy cart races, and children climbing everything, a big highlight of the night was crowning our "Spirit of CFCA" Award winner for 2016. The winner is always someone who lives close to the ideals of the gym...  working hard, working smart, utilizing CFCA to better their lives outside of the gym, and just generally being an awesome inspiring human being! This year's honor went to Kevin Phoenix. He's an OG member who is basically running a 5/10K race every weekend, owns a successful company that employs a host of CFCA members, and is a crazy supportive dad to his daughter. Beyond that he is consistent and always works hard with a good attitude. Along with an incredible homemade trophy, he also gets a free membership to CFCA for 2017! Nice work Kevin! 

The CFCA Giving Tree

Tis the season for showing a little extra love! This year CFCA has partnered up with Wellspring House, a community resource center for housing and adult education on Cape Ann. Every year, Wellspring has a Holiday Store where families on Cape Ann that need it most can come and “shop” for their kids. We have a beautiful Giving Tree set up in the gym with gift tags adorning the branches. Each gift will go to the store and eventually end up with a child from Cape Ann! The store struggles each year with enough gifts for the teenagers in our community, so this year that is what we chose to focus on. If you'd like to participate... grab a tag, sign your name on the spread sheet (on the desk), and then mark when you drop it off. Please leave your gifts unwrapped and plan to drop off at the gym by Wednesday, December 7th. The good news about the tags is that each one can be doubled if you are feeling generous. (For example, if your tag says “soccer ball,” get TWO soccer balls!) But of course the one is just fine too! Our crew is always so generous and it’s fun to have another opportunity to give back locally this season. We ran out of our first 50 tags already so we've added a few more - you guys are amazing. Any questions about gifts or the program, feel free to contact Coach Kara and THANK YOU!

Buddy Month!

This January is "Buddy Month" at CFCA - woot woot! Bring a friend to 1 or 2 CFCA classes, and if they like how we train and want join, they will get $50 off their first month's membership and you'll get $50 in CFCA cash to spend on protein, merch, private training or monthly membership dues. It's a win -win! The number of friends you can bring is unlimited for the duration of January, we just ask that you bring only one visitor per class and they come to no more than 2 classes.

Schedule Changes
We've got a few slight schedule changes starting in the new year... first, there will be a slight time shift that will affect the afternoon classes starting January 1st. We are switching the afternoon schedule to run with a 15 min buffer between classes so they will be 4:15PM/ 5:30PM & 6:45PM. We used to run this schedule a few years ago and switched to consolidate time. BUT... things got a bit too tight and we missed having that buffer to allow folks to socialize, roll out, stretch etc. The morning classes are going to stay as is since most folks are on a time crunch at that time. 

We're also adding a couple new class times...
• 12PM class on Mondays
• Strength Sunday 9AM Class/ 10-11:30 Open Gym
• Thursday 6:45pm Benchmarks & Beverages: Upon request of those who want to test themselves more regularly we are offering up a chance to do so at 6:45PM on Thursdays nights in the old "Grinder" time slot. We will run a CF benchmark workout then have some dinner at Stones for those that want to join. The catch is....keeping in Crossfit's notion of the "unknown and unknowable" you won't know what the workout is until you show up! So just show up.

We've got a couple other class ideas in the works (kids climbing / new moms class) that we are hoping to start in January but in the meantime make note of these new changes and we'll remind you before the new year!

Introducing... Chicken or the Eggplant!
Who's in for some healthy Paleo friendly / gluten free / Whole 30 compliant (and delicious) meal options delivered right to CFCA's door for you? Yes please! We've done things like this in the past and were recently approached by the sisters serving up deliciousness at Chicken or the Eggplant in Beverly. The Conant crew ordered some meals before Thanksgiving and sure enough, they were as clucking delicious as they claim. There's a new menu every week with meals made fresh with local ingredients to choose from and free delivery to CFCA on Mondays & Thursdays. Just place your order online by Saturday night for a Monday delivery, or Tuesday night for a Thursday delivery... oh! and you can always pick up in Beverly if you'd like too. We're planning to start CFCA delivery next week (Monday 12/5) so get your orders in by Saturday night if you're in! We're really excited to have this local healthy option. For more info or to place an order visit And if you need to see for yourself first, mark your calendar for Saturday, December 17th, we'll be having a tasting after Team WOD! Yum!

December already?! Join us for Holiday Cheer 12/15!

Other News & Happenings
We've got some fun field trips in the works for the new year... Skyzone Dodgeball, Hockey... so stay tuned for those. In the meantime though we'll be having a little informal CFCA Holiday night out on Thursday, December 15th. The idea is to come to the Grinder class at 6:30PM where we'll likely do a variation of our “12 Days of Christmas” workout then head down to the Brewery afterwards to Be Merry! Hope you can join us!

In other news, Bruce Figurido is our new member of the month! Bruce not only wears the best attire (see above) and bring the most delicious french fries to any CFCA event he attends... he's also always up early with a great attitude and works his butt off in the gym. Congrats and keep it up Bruce! Also, CFCA's newest coach, Kara G, stepped up and shared for our Member/Coach Profile this month... see what she has to say and get to know a little more about this incredible human... Kara Profile.

Whew... and that's it for this 'Early Winter' edition of the CFCA Newsletter. As always, thank you for being a part of our crew. We are both extremely proud and grateful for the awesome community you have helped us build over the years (keep the feedback coming via the class evals & gym suggestion birdhouse!) ... Cheers to a new year coming and some fun times this winter! 

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