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Families: The Channels of Grace & Kingdom Rule
The earth had been bathed.  The flood waters had washed away humanity.  As the tides receded, animals come bounding forth from the ark.  It is, as the book of Genesis reveals, a new creation.  

One family stood at the center of this new creation.  Noah & his wife were to be the new Adam & Eve.  But they were not alone.  Their children stood among them.  They too had been spared in the day of wrath.  

The inclusion of Noah's sons & daughters-in-law point out the beauty and extent of God's covenant.  The family is God's family.  He created it, loves it, and He works through it.  He claims each member within it by His covenant and offers the promises of grace to them all.

The covenant with Adam had a similar expression.  Adam had broken covenant with God and all his children fell in him and sinned with him.  All humanity, being descended from Adam and members of his family, now stand guilty before God as covenant breakers.  

The good news is that God initiated another covenant--a covenant of grace, wherein life and salvation are offered through Christ.  This covenant of grace unfolds through the pages of Scripture and virtually everywhere it encompasses families.  The Lord established it with Noah & his family (Gen 9:9), repeated it to Abraham & his family (Gen 17:7), renewed it with Moses and the Israelite families, confirmed it to the House of David, and declared it to the masses on the day of Pentecost (2:39).  And He continued to affirm his grace on down through the New Testament to our day.

Today, we take to heart the claim of God on our families and put our hope in the promises God makes to our children/grandchildren.  As we raise them we call them to respond to these promises with faith and obedience.  We encourage them to live as a true members of that covenant.  Most of all, we look with confident expectation to the day where they too go on to create more homes wherein God rules.
To make an apt answer is a joy to a man, and a word in season, how good it is!
Proverbs 15:23 ESV

O Worship the King
God Has Highly Exalted You
On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
Behold Our God
Eat This Bread

looking into the
great men of the past.

Join our friends at Redeemer Church in Hudson, Ohio as they commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.
June 23-24.

T. David Gordon & Carl Truman
I (Matt) am very much interested in going to this conference.  If you are too, let me know!
1. Pray for the churches in our area, that they may seek the face of God and treasure the Truth of Scripture. 

2.  Pray for a renewal of freedom in our land & a Biblical understanding of liberty, property, and kingdom life.

3.  Pray for the Truax family as they work towards being a foster family.

4.  Youth of the week: Cooper & Eli, ask the Lord to fill them with the knowledge of His power that they may live productive lives before Him.

5. Thanks: That Craig & Matt were both spared in "near misses;" that Sue's MRI came back with a good report, & the many visitors to Hopewell over the last month.

6.  Pray for Rynn Rader's biopsy on Friday.

7.  Pray that the Lord would raise up visitors for our upcoming Easter Sunday Service.

April 4 - Elders meeting - Please let us know if there are any items we need to discuss.

April 9 - Fellowship meal & Congregational Meeting:  After our church fellowship meal we will have a short meeting.  The purpose is mainly for reviewing a few policies the elders will be instituting for our church's legal protection. 

April 16 - Easter Sunday -  Easter is a time when some people are more willing to attend a worship service.  Are there any family members or friends who could possibly benefit from a personal invitation to church?


Now that April is upon us, it is time to think about getting outside and having some quality fellowship time together.

What would you like to do this Spring & Summer?

We'd like to get a head start on scheduling so that we can include as many as possible in our events.   

Do you have any activities that you'd like to organize?  Is there something you'd like to suggest?  

Send them to Matt

(include dates where possible)

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