On this solemn occasion of the 40th anniversary of legalized abortion in America, we dedicate this issue those who have passed.

A time to mourn

Abortion's scourge continues: For a whole generation our nation has slaying the unborn.  It is a massacre of the most extreme proportions.  Some estimates say that 1/6 of our population has not been given the privilege of seeing the light of day. The significance of this horror is monumental, and we would be remiss to think that God does not take notice, or that the blood does not cry out from the ground.

It is interesting to note that with the 40th anniversary of legalized abortion upon us we have in the news the latest annual report from Planned Parenthood.  They now boast of having performed 334,000 abortions in the fiscal year 2011.  That is an increase of 4,500 over that of the year before, and works out to be one abortion ever 94 seconds.  

To Planned Parenthood, it is a monumental business triumph.  In the eyes of God, it is the greatest abomination that has ever materialized.

But we would do a great injustice to think that this is the whole of the matter.  Our nation is involved in a War on the Womb, and the casualties far surpass those carcass we would be able to find in hospital waste cans.

We are at a point where we do not need the help of a doctor or a scalpel to terminate a pregnancy.  It is as easy as swallowing a pill.  What is termed “ the morning after pill has been available since 1999, and since 2006 sold without the need of a prescription as an over the counter drug.    In the United Kingdom, estimates are that 1 in every 5 young ladies ages 16-35 have used the so called "morning after" pill.  At least a quarter of a million of them confess to having taken it multiple times.

Add to this the lives that may have been lost do to the abortifacients in "the pill" and you have a holocaust that has wreaked damages far surpassing imaginable numbers just in America alone.  Some estimates say that the total killing could be up to 10 million a year.

The good news is that God cannot permit such atrocities to go on forever.  The bad news is that it does go on for now, and that in proportions that seem almost astronomical.

...and so we mourn.

A Short, Beautiful Life

The Story of Corrie Mount: What does pro-life mean to you? We hold all life to be valuable from conception all the way through natural death. Our beliefs were tested with our second child, who had trisomy 18. This is the next worse scenario to Down's syndrome, which is trisomy 21.

It was not until right before Corrie was due that we had an ultrasound showing slowed growth and a “different than normal” shape head. This led to a flurry of medical appointments, more detailed ultrasounds, genetic testing, etc. When our physician found out what it was, he was depressed. Some hinted that if we did not want our child, we could abort her... at 40 weeks gestation! Wow! That is wicked! Of course, we said no. We prayed and decided that whatever God took us through we would love our child and continue to seek God's best for our child.
When the labor and delivery came, Corrie's heartbeat was dropping with each contraction. The nurses asked the doctor to turn off the monitors. The doctor offered to take Corrie C-section. In his mind, that was the only way to have Corrie alive in our arms for even a moment. We had already prayed and were convinced Corrie would be born alive. After praying again with Mary, I told the doctor, “We are Christians and believe that Corrie will be born alive. Even if she is not, we will accept that as God's will; just please give Mary oxygen.” They complied and were astounded when Corrie was born alive.
Corrie was taken immediately to NICU and given medical attention. Very early in her stay in the NICU the resident who was in charge confided in us that if Corrie was his child, his wife and he had decided they would withhold treatment (oxygen, food, water, etc.)! We replied that we would continue to love Corrie as long as we had her. We visited her daily: Mary during Daniel's naps and I would come after work. The nurses could see that we loved Corrie.
Corrie lived 35 days. When all her systems were shutting down and it was obvious that she was in pain, Mary said to me, “Mason, you know we have not released her to be with Jesus.” Yes, we had been holding on to our beloved. I leaned over Corrie's isolette and said, “Corrie, if you want, you can go be with Jesus.” She smiled the most heavenly smile you could ever see and died.
The resident was there and was calling Corrie by name. He told us later that he now considered all life valuable and would try hard to save every life he could, praise God!
I say all this to ask you what will you do when the hard times come? What about a terminal grandparent or parent? What about a baby whose condition is “incompatible with life”? Will you witness to the love of Jesus by loving like He would?
-Mason Mount

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Making a Difference

One bootie at a time: As the Body of Christ, we all have different gifts and talents in which God designed us to function to further His kingdom. Since we are presently thinking about the Sanctity of Human Life, I am reminded about the many people who are called to work in the fight against abortion. Some people picket abortion clinics, many volunteer in Crisis Pregnancy Centers, some petition law makers for pro-life legislation, and some serve behind the scenes.

For over a decade I have been one working behind the scenes. I have probably made over a thousand pairs of booties as well as other baby items.

While crocheting a pair of booties, it is easy to wonder, “Do my efforts make a difference? Can God use a pair of booties to save a baby's life?”
The answer is that God can use anything to accomplish His sovereign plan. I have been blessed to hear several stories of how handmade baby items have made a difference.

Our local crisis pregnancy center gives every mom who has a positive pregnancy test a pair of booties to be a concrete reminder that they are carrying a baby, not just a hunk of flesh. Looking at a pair of booties has changed several mom's hearts towards their baby.

Another story I heard came from a family who protests outside of abortion clinics. When they have the opportunity to speak with a client outside the clinic, they try to give her a pair of booties or a baby sweater or a hat.

One time a young mom's divorced parents were jointly bringing her in for an abortion. After talking with the pro-life protesters, one decided abortion was not the best option. Going into the clinic, they retrieved the other two before the abortion. As they drove home, God worked mightily in their lives. The young mother chose life for her baby, and the divorced parents reconciled, deciding to support their daughter's decision rather than push her to killing her baby.

In this miraculous case, God used a “pair of booties” to not only save a baby, but a marriage!

No matter what your talents are, God can use YOU to help save lives!

180 Movie

Have you watched the 180 Movie?  See the link between the holocaust of Nazi Germany and that of the holocaust of our day.

[May not be appropriate for children]

When Loving Well Saved A Life

"I think it is time to make a decision about taking your mother off of life support," the doctor said.  The brother and sisters looked at each other as those words sank in. They told the doctor they needed some time to think about it, being conflicted about which way to go. 

On the one hand, their relationship with their mother had always been strained, rough around the edges, and much of the time they felt like they had to watch their every syllable around her. On the other hand, she was their mother, and this decision to remove her from the machines that were keeping her alive tore at their hearts. She was in a coma in ICU, and had been for months.  The only thing she was able to give to them at that time in her life was a hospital bill. But, she was still Mom. "

Have you really loved your mother in the hospital?" That was Norm's question for these three when they asked him what they should do.
They shook their heads, not really understanding what the question meant. "

Have you gone in there to talk to your Mom and tell her that you love her?" Norm explained.  "Have you sung to her and read the Bible to her and thanked her for being your Mom and for sacrificing all she did to love you and raise you?"

The brother and sister agreed that they had not done any of those things, but had just visited their mother, sat by her side and waited for her to come out of the coma or to die.

Norm said, "Your mother's body is broken down, but her spirit is very much alive, and is as attentive now as it ever was. You asked me what I think you should do. Praying about the situation, that's what I believe would please the Lord, for you to both love your mother in that hospital room, even though there is absolutely nothing she can give you in return."

The son called his mother's doctor that evening and told him they did not want Mom taken off of life support. "Not yet," he said. "We have something we need to give her, first."

The next day, the siblings entered the ICU room where their mother lay and began to sing, and read the Bible, and tell their mother that they loved her. They returned a second day and did it again. Then their mother came out of her coma. Two days later, she was moved out of ICU and into a regular room. Two days after that, she was sent home, perfectly well.

What happened? Only God knows.  Norm Wakefield explained that perhaps this woman realized that her children really did love her, and she wanted to be with them.

No matter what the explanation, one thing is certain: These four, mother and children, learned to distinguish the difference between loving the world's way and loving God's way.

The world "loves" in order to get, which is really not love at all, but idolatry. That kind of love uses things or people in an attempt to supply something that only God can supply. God's love is different.  It is poured out on us who can give him nothing in return, perfectly demonstrated by Jesus' death on the cross.

"In this the love of God was manifested toward us, that God has sent His only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through Him. "
That we might love through him, also. That's the love that can save lives.

J. Mark Fox is pastor of Antioch Community Church on Power Line Road in Elon. You can find out about books he has written at  Email Mark at markfox@antiochchurch. cc

Sanctity of Life Sunday

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Sanctity of Life Sunday

Join us as we remember: As this coming Lord's Day is recognized as Sanctity of Life Sunday, Providence church will be holding a special service.  

Please join us as we  reflect, intercede, and seek God's mercies for 40 years of legalized abortion.  
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