The Holy Spirit has been working in and through his people for over 2000 years.  Join us as walk through the history of Christ's church.
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Clement of Rome

circa 100 AD

"Behold how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity."
Psalm 133:1
Legend has it that this great saint of the early church was sent to Crimea to work in the mines by the Roman Emperor Trajan.  After slavish labors he was allegedly bound to an anchor and thrown into the Black Sea.

Because of his evangelistic labors and diligence as a pastor-teacher the Imperial elites deemed Clement to be a great threat to their society.

This could hardly be the truth though.  Clement's labors were aimed at peace and reconciliation, as his famous epistle to the Corinthians demonstrates.  

Corinth had erupted into factions, much like it had in Paul's day.  The divisions were of such proportions that Clement thought it necessitated a word from the bishop of Rome.  

In this letter Clement appealed to the Corinthian church to put away envy as it was, in his eyes, the centerpiece of schism and war.  
"Jealousy and strife hath estranged husbands and wives" and "overthrown great cities and uprooted great nations," he said.

After detailing the destructive nature of envy, he then exhorted them to remember the gospel, the central unifying doctrine of the faith, saying, "Let us fix our eyes on the blood of Christ and understand how precious it is unto His Father, because being shed for our salvation it won for the whole world the grace of repentance."

He then went on to tell the Corinthians that a true repentance will manifest itself in hospitality and lowliness of mind.

This letter was so engaging to the first century church that this epistle was regarded by some as being of the same caliber as the inspired writings of the New Testament.

There is actually good reason for this:  A lot of it is inspired.  Approximately one fourth of the letter contains quotes from the Old Testament.  

Yet the message of unity and humility which are presented with many illustrative proofs from the Scriptures make for a rousing and convicting read.  After reading it one can't help but understand why people regarded it with such high esteem.

The church today, which is riddled with factitious strife, would do well to heed his call to peace:

"Seeing then that we have been partakers of many great and glorious doings, let us hasten to return unto the goal of peace which hath been handed down to us from the beginning, and let us look steadfastly unto the Father and Maker of the whole world, and cleave unto His splendid and excellent gifts of peace and benefits." -Clement of Rome

"Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith."
Hebrews 13:7
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