Black Ceramic Phantom

 Faithful to its aeronautical origins, the BR S with its 39 mm diameter is the smallest version of the Aviation collection. Elegant and lightweight with its white or black ceramic case, it becomes a precious timepiece when it is finished with diamonds. This quartz movement watch is available on a black rubber or ceramic strap.
MSRP $5900.00 


BR 01
Red Radar

In its continual quest for innovation and performance, Bell&Ross is offering in 2011 a new interpretation of its radar display, making it more analogous to the original instrument.  Its graphics feature the sweeping effect of a light beam on an actual radar screen.   Despite its apparent simplicity, the BR 01 Red Radar is highly sophisticated. The technical challenge posed by its design and production required a concerted effort from the best watchmaking engineers.  This watch is limited to 999 pieces. 
MSRP $5900.00

The Progression is a technical tour de force with a futuristic look and feel.  The hand polished, accented aluminum cylinder with integrated rotation device and 10 layers of high gloss lacquer provide a vibrant contrast with the black velour interior.  Viewing panels allow observation of the watches securely resting on their Time Mover modules.  251x237x280mm.
   MSRP $3800.00


  The Phantom, equipped with your choice of four or eight places in the Time Mover, is inspired by exquisite sports cars.  Aluminum housing with massacar or carbon inlay (depending on the model), the interior endowed with Italian leather, all of it perfectly finished - even the smallest Time Mover set represents the uncompromising dedication to perfection which sets the master craftsmanship from Buben & Zorweg apart.  The Phantom creates optimal ambience for valuable watches - LED lighting presents your valuable collection in it's best light, and a high security lock completes the ensemble. 
MSRP $7600.00 - $10,500

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BR 03-92 
Military Ceramic
  The BR 03 Military Ceramic is a monochromatic, khaki colored watch much like the camouflage color of military fatigues. The matte 42mm case, the dial contrasts with the luminescent hands and the green tinted, anti-glare sapphire crystal combine to make the watch extremely readable both day and night. Whether for it's fighter pilot styling or simply for the pleasure of owning a precision timepiece, this watch is sure to please.
MSRP $4500.00 





 BR 01-92
Airborne 415
A talisman watch attesting to the extraordinary saga of the US Airborne.  The skull design references the US Airborne motto “Death from Above” used to remind brave military paratroopers of their power and vulnerability during combat in World War II, and has since become a symbol of bravery.  With it's contemporary 46mm PVD finished case,  adorned with 415 black and white diamonds, it's a distinctive way to express your boldness.  This watch is limited to 99 pieces. 
MSRP $26,000.00

BR 01
Tourbillion Pink Gold
 This ultra-sophisticated instrument combines four complementary complications. The tourbillon that guarantees accuracy by compensating for the force of gravity in a vertical position. The trust index that indicates the period of time when the watch is at its most accurate. The regulator that separates the reading of the hour and minute hands by favoring the latter. The power reserve indicator that displays the remaining running time. This watch is limited to 20 pieces.
MSRP $170,000.00 




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