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Dear Ron & Chris 
In 2015 we would like to provide our supporters with information (a profile) on some of our major projects and areas that we support.  The first in this series is Baan Term Phan.

Project Profile: Baan Term Phan

Baan Term Phan translates as the home filled with dreams. It is a place where young women are given educational opportunities and spiritual development not readily available to them. It truly is a place where dreams are made.

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History of Baan Term Phan
The need for Baan Term Phan
Fon's story
What does it cost? How can I help?


The home started because of Ps. Nujira's compassion for young girls who came from mountain villages and wanted to continue their high school studies, but had no place to live. In 2006, Ps. Nujira built a house on her own land and offered it as a home for girls in this situation. By faith, each month there is food for them, and Ps. Nujira doesn't currently draw a salary for any of her work with the girls as there is insufficient funding.

Since the project does have very limited income and  expenses as meals, transportation, school uniforms and school supplies, etc., are virtually received by faith when they are due. The lack of regular funding means it is unable to support too many young women at a time. Baan Term Phan began with 5 girls, and at the start of 2015 there are 8 girls. Since the beginning of the program, there are 9 girls who have successfully graduated from high school.

The need

The primary goals of the home are to give underprivileged young women from remote areas educational opportunities and provide holistic personal and leadership development. This supports them to develop self-discipline, responsibility, ethics, generosity, expression of ideas and become future effective leaders. It is a non-discriminatory environment, where girls from people groups are welcomed.

Village schools are not well resourced and it is extremely rare to have a high school close by. The girls in the home are all in high school and Baan Term Phan is specifically for these girls to be able to continue their education.

Without the home, it is highly likely that they would not be continuing their education. Also, as girls from minority/tribal groups the risk of being trafficked is high without further education. The home helps teaches the girls to protect themselves, builds their self-esteem and self-worth which helps reduce the risk of abuse, trafficking, drug and alcohol addictions leading to problems in the wider community.

The girls' parents visit when they are able, depending on how far away they live and availability of transportation. As well as this, during the extended school break the girls head back to their village with their families. Baan Term Phan is not designed to be an institution or a replacement for their family, but is necessary for them to receive a better education.

*Fon's story

Fon comes from a family of 6 (including her parents). The family is from the Karen tribe, and are from a typical village where it is a subsistence living (where income is irregular and food can be very difficult to source). The household's income for the whole year is approximately $2,000.

Her older brother is disabled, uses a walker and requires someone to be watching out for him 24/7. Her dad also suffers from a medical issue that prevents him from being able to work a lot or travel far from the village. This places a lot of pressure on the family emotionally and financially and has also forced her 16-year old sister to cease her studies. Her sister helps with caring for her brother as well as keeping the household running. Fon's village has no high school in the area and  therefore the opportunity to study is extremely limited.

Fon is very grateful for the opportunity to continue her studies. In the time she has been at Baan Term Phan so far she has been able to learn about the things of God, and herself. Teamwork is an integral part of the home and she loves being a part of it.
*Names have been changed to protect the identity of the girls.
The girls who have graduated from Baan Term Phan are now successfully working and/or undertaking further study. One is married with a child, one is working and studying as a district nurse. It is a very positive outcome so far for each of the girls.

The girls have expressed that the home provides a safe and secure and fun environment where they learn self-disciple, teamwork, self-worth and value, but also about who they are in Christ. Like most teenagers, there are times when they don't get along. However, there is a tight bond between them and they truly value each other and the opportunity they have.

Many of the girls have come from non-Christian families, yet through their experiences in the home have found faith in Jesus and made genuine decisions to follow Christ. They are mentored and spend time each day sharing devotions together.

We are excited to see what the future holds for each one of them.

What does it cost?
How can I help?

The home require financial support but also prayer support, which is equally important.

Below is the required support split into various payment cycles. If you can support this project for a year or more it would be appreciated, as this provides continuity and stability for the girls in the home. Whether your commitment is $5 a week or it's more we truly value your investment into Thailand's future.

To support the home, please email us here for more detailed information.
Figures are presented in Australian Dollars and any variances in calculations are due to rounding
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