Doug & Fiona's Christmas Update 2013
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Doug & Fiona Higgins
To see justice realised for the poor, exploited and disadvantaged by empowering, resourcing and facilitating local people to make the difference in their world.
All this while, demonstrating Christ’s love for people in everything we do
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Christmas 2013 Update

A very special thanks to all our partners and supporters throughout 2013. It has been a year that has stretched us and recently God, through some key people, has brought some words to remind us of His call on our lives. We will continue to be involved with the House of Dreams, Phayao, providing education scholarships for children in Mae Wang and other projects God puts on our hearts. In addition to this, we have realised that God has called us to be ministering with local pastors and their leaders more than we have been previously. When we've spent time with them over the last few months, it has resulted in many significantly changed lives, increased experiential knowledge, which has impacted the church and wider communities. The emphasis will be on providing seminars, workshops and practical teaching on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and discipleship.

For our Christmas video update see below

We will not be sending a newsletter out in December, but hope to have one out in late January.
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Don't forget that Doug & Fiona will be in Australia from January 17 - April 6. James & Twyla will be also away visiting their families in the USA & Australia for almost 2 months from mid-December.

Doug & Fiona would love to meet with you during their time in Australia. Please email us here soon so we can make the most of their time.


We wish everyone a
Merry Christmas &
Happy New Year!!

Mae Ramat

The seminar was a success! There were 5 churches represented and the pastors expressed their thanks and gratitude for the time we spent with them. God moved powerfully during the time.

A guest speaker, who we didn't know, at the seminar spoke about the importance of the Holy Spirit in our lives. It was confirmation, for us, that we are on the right track!

The Australian team visited several people one morning and were able to lead 3 people to Jesus in one morning, as they spent time with family/friends.

Ruth was able to spend time, on the way from Chaing Mai, with Ps. Nujira discussing the various projects which she is now starting to write up.

Recent travels into the hills

Over the last few weeks we've traveled more than 3,000km and spent more than 30 hours in the van. It has been worth each minute as we've made new friends and seen God at work in many people's lives.

Time has been spent with local pastors and their teams teaching them about the Holy Spirit and the importance of unity. The Australian team were able to spend significant amounts of time visiting those who are unwell and seeing God restore them emotionally and physically.
One highlight is from our time in Wiang Haeng was the Sunday service, with 4-5 churches gathered together. Doug preached and the ministry time, which went for more than hour afterwards, saw many people touched, a Karen pastor and 2 of the young men from the church were filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, deliverance from demonic oppression and one lady walked in from the street to ask what was going on & how she could meet this Jesus! It has been exciting time for us and has helped remind us of the purpose and call that God has upon our lives.

We are really looking forward to what 2014 holds for us; personally and the leaders we will be working with.

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Team Opportunities: English Camp

We are looking for a team who can run 3 day English Camp at a school in Mae Ramat during January to early February 2014. It is a great opportunity to build friendships and be able to share Christ with the next generation.

Prior teaching experience is preferred, though not necessary, and we can suggest some ideas of how the camp has been run previously. If you're interested please email us here

The 2013 stats (so far)

20 churches planted
57,319 kms driven
Worked alongside 53 churches
Leaders trained 414
58 water baptisms
49 baptisms in the Holy Spirit
locations slept in 47
pieces of literature distributed in 9 languages

2 prison visitations
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Special Notes of Thanks!

  • Doug finished his Masters subject for this semester and submitted last assessments just in time (at 4am no less with very limited internet access!)
  • The combined meetings in the various regions, which don't normally happen
  • Our translators (most were also musicians). With them we were able to see God move above and beyond our expectations
  • Further opportunities to minister in 2014
  • Unprecedented favour when ministering in the prison. 47 decisions were made for Jesus
  • Salvations in all the place we visited
  • Watching God move throughout generations; from the young to the older

Images courtesy of P Henry

Prayer Needs

  • Opportunities to teach and minister with local pastors and leaders
  • Financial needs for House of Dreams & Mae Wang education scholarships
  • Safe travel for Doug, Fiona, James, Twyla & Narelle
  • God's direction with regards to a couple of church engagement projects that we are considering
  • James is undertaking 3 units each semester next year in his bible college degree. Pray for time management & the associated workload
  • Financial support for all the team (Doug & Fiona, James & Twyla, Ruth)
  • James & Twyla to continue to grow in their role as parents - especially when Narelle is testing their patience!!

Images courtesy of P Henry

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