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Issue #02 June 2011

A Wedding!

April 5, 2011 saw one of the orphaned girls we have cared for for a number of years, marry in a beautiful ceremony!!
Ajaarn Supote led the ceremony, and Phil Comins also assisted in the service. Here are a few pics from the afternoon.

Please HELP!!

Financial assistance is needed for a couple in their 40s, who have recently had a baby girl. They are from a poor farming community, and the husband wanted to abort the child. After speaking to the local pastor they decided to keep the child.

The finances will be used to assist the child's health and well-being.

Email us here to help.
The Team Update

Rod & Sue have arrived back from Australia and we are very happy to have them back as there are at least 5 building specific teams to help us between July and December 2011. The teams will primarily be working on the Nail Poverty site to ensure the 5 houses (currently just floor pads) are finished by the end of this year.

Mel has also come back to to spend another 6 months with us.

In the months since our last newsletter (April), Doug has been in Australia; meeting, greeting and driving! Ruth has been busy with the admin work and helping co-ordinate the teams & volunteers.

Ruth & James have finished their Bible College studies for the semester (phew!) and are going to enjoy the break for the next few weeks.

Zac graduated from High School (Grade 12) and with Fiona, headed off to Europe on a 7 week, 7kg adventure (yes, they are only taking carry on luggage!). They arrive back in time to be at the PanAsia conference in August.

Key people in our outreach team were talking to a female monk recently. They spent some time with her, challenged her thinking and with tears & repentance led her to the Lord.  She is now being discipled as part of a church in Chiang Mai.


Clean Water
We have received funding approval for water bores at the Youth Hub in Wiang Papao and House of Dreams, Phayao.  This will provide the opportunity for clean, safe water for drinking, and a sustainable water supply for general and agricultural use and possibly being able to sell the water commercially.


Good time back in Australia during May for Doug; many kms driven (approx 5,000 of them) and conversations, both at and after National Conference, and the use of a car for nothing!

Rod & Sue's as well as Mel's safe arrival back (April & June 2011)

Tian's house on the Youth Hub site is nearly completed

Formwork for the Nail Poverty houses completed (special thanks to Aaron Mackenzie for the week he spent with us)

Several people are now able to gain citizenship because of the work we've undertaken in Doi Saket. This means they can access basic medical care at the local price, government financial assistance for the elderly and micro finance, voting rights, ability to travel without restriction throughout Thailand and subsidised education for children. Our presence has also hastened the citizenship process for many others in the area.
Church Planting
The church planting team took the Every Home for Christ training to Pai recently.  64 leaders attended the training and as a result there will be at least 6 churches planted in the region.  Our aim is to reach 20 million homes in Thailand with the gospel in the next 10 years.  This year we are making progress towards the goal to plant 100 churches.  You can partner with this awesome project for as little as 50 cents per home. Contact us here for further info.

Funding Needed    

We need a new computer and associated software upgrades in order to produce high quality communications for organisations, individuals and others. Total cost is approx A$5,500.  If you wish to help by donating towards this please see here for details.

Current Needs

God's guidance as we move forward with the Nail Poverty project

Additional staff at Peace Home & House of Dreams; people who have the same heart, passion and sacrifice as our house parents. Numbers have increased substantially this year, and extra resources are desperately needed!

Godly wisdom, strength & encouragement for our house parents to manage multiple issues, areas, and children/teenagers


Current Needs

Stable & Godly government in Thailand as the National election draws closer & the process will be peaceful

Financial needs for our various projects, in particular the children's homes & vocational training program

Expert resources to help develop vocational training program

Creative ideas for sustainability, micro enterprise opportunities, and income generation for all our key team (local & Western)

How Can I Support?

Support and gifts to:

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Please email this form here to the above email address if you are making a direct deposit

If you would like to visit with us, send a team, come as a volunteer or as a friend, we would love to see you here as part of what God is doing in, through and with us.

Thank you to those who pray, give, visit, phone, email, write or even think of us all in Thailand! We really do appreciate it.

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