Dear Friends,

It is difficult to put into words the depth of gratitude I feel for those of you who have worked diligently for our campaign. To the thousands who worked the polls last Tuesday, and the thousands who sacrificially gave during the campaign, I thank each of you. It is is you who have so energetically supported this uphill battle to preserve freedom and Truth.  Though I may have been the spokesman, the praise belongs to you.  It is your conviction that protects independence and your bold determination that carves out a safe future.  Freedom will never be extinguished so long as you are standing. Your courage inspires others, it emboldens and encourages me, and it continues to light the way.

So long ago, just after signing the Constitution, Ben Franklin warned, "We have given you a republic--if you can keep it!" My friends, the incremental attacks against our Republic have piled up and they are increasing. Collectively, we have given up much. That is why this election year is so important. The battle is far from over. So long as the Truth and our Constitution are under attack, and so long as I am able, I will fight alongside you for what is right. 

With this Primary election now history, we have one thing we must do in order to go forward together for the cause of Freedom. We must unite around principle, issues, and our Constitution. There are many lessons from these past several months that if truly learned, can help the cause of genuine Constitutional conservatism move forward. It is this cause that transcends Party, geography, or position in life.  I was so encouraged to see the committed embracing of my message of integrity, truth, principle and service by Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents, inner city and rural Pennsylvania. This message--applied by those in office--is what is so desperately needed and with God's help, can turn the tide of corruption in government and the dark side of party politics. We will stand victoriously when we stand on principle. We can stand together when our feet are firmly planted in Truth, courage and conviction. It is this goal to which I remain committed and I ask for your continued commitment.

To that end, I congratulate Tom Smith on his victory. He is now our Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in the General election. I have offered him my support and counsel and I encourage others to support him as we endeavor to take back the Senate from the control of Harry Reid and his enablers. I also want to congratulate David Christian, Marc Scaringi, and Steve Welch for stepping out into the arena. Each brought with them unique though diverse talents, history, experience and service. Only in this great nation can individuals step onto the political landscape and have a chance of winning the prize and assuming the duty that comes with serving in public office.

Our common desire to protect our God-given freedom, to grow our economy so that our families can not only survive but thrive must unite us. We must proceed with the knowledge that unless we stand together for the principles of freedom, we will hang separately on matters of less consequence.  I encourage everyone not to step aside but to work in tandem toward the common goal of elevating principle, truth and the Constitution that guards our republic.

As we stand together and go foward from here, I encourage Tom to stand strong for conservative, constitutional values and I will pledge to help him in this cause. I encourage him to stay focused on the ultimate goal and to always lead with the truth and never compromise principle, for if he and we do so, it will be the mightiest tool in the restoration of our republic.

In continued service,