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July 2015

Len Bryan, School Program Coordinator



TexQuest - New Resources

I am sure many of you know that the State Library received additional funds for TexShare and TexQuest during this legislative session. We will be working with the K-12 Advisory Group to write new Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to start the competitive bidding process for these program additions. We had 819 responses to the new resources survey I sent out just before summer break, and this input will help us a great deal in preparing RFPs for new TexQuest content.

Part of this appropriation calls for districts to increase their cost share by $100,000 per year of the 2016-2017 biennium. The good news is that we are close to collecting this amount already, and if we continue to add districts to the program, and every district pays their invoice on time, we will collect the amount program participation fees required by the legislature. If we do not add enough districts to cover the amount required, or if districts choose not to pay their invoices, we will need to increase our program participation fees. This increase, if needed, will appear in your January 2017 TexQuest invoice. Please email or call if you have questions or would like more information.


TexQuest Now Includes Britannica School

In addition to the awesome resources from Adam Matthew Digital and Gale, we are pleased to announce that Britannica School is now available to all districts that are continuing in year 2 of TexQuest! Learn more about these resources and the tools available to you here. Britannica will be joining us for the TexQuest Roadshow - training happening all over the state this summer and fall. Check out the TexQuest Training Calendar to find sessions near you!

TexQuest Usage for the 2014-2015 School Year

We have compiled and analyzed the usage statistics that are now available for you through the State Library's ChalkDUST application and your TPS Report, and we are pleased to recognize several districts with amazing usage numbers for 2014-2015. We are collecting three COUNTER 4 Measures: Regular Searches, Result Clicks, and Record Views. For more on these measures, see the COUNTER website. These stats are presented by student to even the playing field between large and small districts.
  • District with most Record Views per student - Sabine Pass ISD in Region 5 with 8,698 Record Views, or 23.538 views per student
  • District with second most Record Views per student - Highland Park ISD in Region 16 with 16,2015 record views or 17.966 views per student
  • District with third most Record Views per student - Lorena ISD in Region 12 with 15,703 Record Views or 9.488 views per student
  • District with most Searches per student - Fayetteville ISD in Region 13 with 25,846 Searches or 122.493 per student
  • District with second most Searches per student - Connally ISD in Region 12 with 133,215 Searches or 56.832 per student
  • District with third most Searches per student - Elkhart ISD in Region 7 with 65,716 Searches or 54.356 per student
  • District with the most Result Clicks per student - Sabine Pass ISD in Region 5 with 8,983 Result Clicks or 23.577 clicks per student
  • District with second most Result Clicks per student - Highland Park ISD in Region 16 with 42,891 Result Clicks or 14.987 clicks per student
  • District with third most Result Clicks per student - Wylie ISD in Region 14 with 106,782 Result Clicks or 6.343 clicks per student

Thanks to the librarians, teachers, and staff at these districts and campuses for the work they have done to produce these fabulous numbers. These statistics show that students are using TexQuest resources at high levels across the state! For ideas on increasing usage on your campus or in your district, check out our TexQuest IPAs!

Texas School Library Standards

We will hopefully announce the steering committee for the standards revision soon. It will include professionals from all over Texas, representing districts of all sizes. It is important to us that the steering committee represent a variety of viewpoints, so we will also include teachers and administrators, along with campus librarians and district library directors.

The steering committee may choose to appoint subcommittees to undertake portions of the standards revision. If this is the case, please be on the lookout for additional opportunities to work on this important effort. Announcements will be made via the
tlc listserv and Twitter. Follow me on Twitter @lenbryan25 for updates. I will also post announcements and updates on the TSLAC K-12 page.

I hope you are having a safe and relaxing summer!



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