Cool Choices' July 2011 newsletter, Outcomes, is now available! 
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The Facts

The Miron Construction Pilot Project launched on April 22 - Earth Day - with 75% of Miron’s 300+ employees signing-up to participate and take action.  Since May 1, Miron employees have reported almost 2,000 changes resulting in estimated annual savings of more than $100,000.  More than 100 employees are on track to see annual savings of more than $500 as a result of their participation.

The $100,000 of savings represents more than 500,000 gallons of water, more than 13,000 gallons of gasoline, and over 428 Mwh of electricity saved.  From an environmental perspective, these savings represent more than 1 million pounds of avoided CO2 emissions.  That’s the equivalent of taking almost 100 cars off the road. 
Pretty cool! 


Gamification: A How To

By Raj Shukla, Program Manager

Cool Choices is conducting a live playtest of an online sustainability game… Seventy-five percent of the company signed up to play and more than half have taken at least one action to increase efficiency and conserve resources.  Read more




Kathy Kuntz, Executive Director

Welcome to the first issue of Outcomes!  I am delighted to be sharing Cool Choices' first newsletter with you.

Delighted, first, that Cool Choices is in a position to talk in terms of outcomes.  A lot has happened in our first year of operations.  We embraced a (very cool) new name, added staff, launched several pilots and started generating results. 

More, I’m delighted that we’re talking about outcomes related to behavior changes—real savings associated with real people changing their habits in ways that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Amid lots of dialogue about how smart technologies might circumvent users, we are demonstrating that there are effective ways to engage people as part of the solution.

We know behavior change can happen.  We are watching it happen in our pilots.  The key is making change fun, popular and easy.  Instead of lecturing folks about what they “should” do, we remove the barriers to change (so that change is easy), we make transparent that others are already changing (so that change is popular) and we provide lots of encouragement, intrinsic rewards and smiles (so that change feels good).

Please read on to learn more about what we’re doing and the outcomes to date.  And do give me a shout if you’d like to talk more about any of this.

Environmental Sustainability & You


“Before I made any adjustments to my Toyota Corolla, I checked my gas mileage and was getting an average of 28 mpg.  After setting the correct tire pressure, taking out extra weight, blankets, umbrellas, etc., put in clean air filter, changed the oil, and changed my driving habits from always driving 7-8 miles over the speed limit to the actual speed limit, we increased our mpg by 5 mpg.”


-- Miron Construction employee


Cool Choices is partnering with the Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education to supplement existing K-12 Energy Education Program (KEEP) resources with additional materials on climate change and sustainable transportation. Waunakee High School is the site of the first pilot program to encourage students and faculty to bike, walk, carpool and use public transportation rather than driving single-occupancy vehicles to the school.  
Our Mission

Cool Choices’ mission is to inspire and assist individuals, communities, and businesses
to achieve meaningful reductions in greenhouse gas emissions 
through voluntary action
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