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Cool Choices Really Engaging!

93% of Menasha Corporation employees in
the post-game survey said that they would "participate in another engagement activity like [Cool Choices] at work."

Talk about an engaging experience!

Recognition is Very Cool - and Inspires Us to be Cooler!
By Kathy Kuntz, Executive Director

We've had a lot to celebrate lately!

In October Menasha Corporation won an Innovation Award from the Campbell Institute and the Stewardship Action Council for their employee engagement efforts with Cool Choices and then, just weeks later, In Business honored Cool Choices as its Eco Service of the Year!
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Milwaukee Fire Department Game Gets Focus on Energy Cool Choices

The Milwaukee Fire Department Cool Choices game integrated Focus On Energy's Express Energy Efficiency program incentives in the game as a way of expanding energy saving options. Players were encouraged to contact Focus On Energy to schedule appointments for free delivery and installation of efficient lightbulbs, low-flow shower-heads and faucet aerators.  More energy saving options for players means more Cool Choices in Milwaukee!

Green & Healthy Schools Game

Wisconsin's Green & Healthy Schools (GHS) program helps public and private K-12 schools reduce environmental impacts, increase environmental literacy and increase health and safety in the school community. Over 100 schools around Wisconsin have joined GHS with more signing-up. Cool Choices has created a fun and social game with GHS to help schools achieve GHS goals. Currently in final testing, the game will be available to GHS schools January 2014.

Cool Choices Player Profiles: Laura Hoffman, UW Extension

When I first started playing Cool Choices I was already doing some of the activities – but I started doing more (like driving the speed limit!) because of the game cards and getting points. When I first saw the card for driving the speed limit, I didn’t really think that driving the speed limit vs. 5 mph over would make that much of a difference. But I decided to try it, partly out of guilt and partly because it had a higher point value. I try to be more cognizant of my speed limit now – not only is it the law, it’s also saving me money and it’s better for the environment. I still get to the places I need to go on time, and I feel better about doing my part to keep my community safe and healthy. The best part of Cool Choices was... [click to read more]

Post-game Menasha survey available

Almost 1,000 Menasha Corporation employees played the Cool Choices game in over 40 facilities - and now you can see the Energy Center of Wisconsin post-game survey of the Menasha Corporation (pdf).  For Menasha game summary, highlights and results click here.

Co-hosting the 2013 Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council Conference!

Cool Choices is co-hosting the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council Conference where we will also have a session on employee engagement.  We're looking forward to seeing you December 13, 2013 at Lands' End in Dodgeville - Register Today!

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