Wertzeen. Issue #001. November 11, 2014.
This is an inbox zine from the desk of Michael S. Wertz
concerning Illustration, Printing, and Things of Note.
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Friends: This is the first issue of a monthly inbox zine called Wertzeen. In the months to come, I hope to show off not just my illustrative scribblings and meanderings, but also items about the Bay Area creative community. If the time is right, I'll include some (free/cheap) happenings. There will be some pertinent links thrown in there for spice. I'll probably post a paragraph or two about music as well. I truly appreciate your eyeball time: everyone's peepers are busy these days. So hello. Welcome. I'm glad to see you. Here is me shaking your hand. Aww, it's California. Let's just hug. 

Seriously though: I love zines, but somehow don't find the time to publish more than one or two a year. This is an effort to make zines happen in my life, even though this is not really a zine. It might occur that at a misty and mystical time in the future Wertzeen will publish in paper form. Last week I met with Rusty Blazenhoff who encouraged me not only to start this newsletter but to go ahead and rip off the idea she has for her new inbox zine, Rusty's Electric Dreams. That is the sort of lovely person that she is. You should subscribe to her zine. 

Alrighty. Let's look at stuff. 

x Michael
This summer was the summer of Camelbak. I worked with them to create imagery for both Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits. The challenge here was to work a complicated image in a limited color palette for an image that wraps around bottles. I'm super happy with the results. 
Here's this year's 2-color Campout poster. It is based on (thanks to Jonathan Segel) "Kether to Malkuth". This poster was screenprinted by Nat Swope at Bloom Screen Printing Company. Nat always does an amazing job. If you would like one, there are a few left for sale at my shop
Working with the kind folks at Tacolicious was great fun, and the Tacolicious School Project is awesome. Plus: tacos. 
Working with the Oakland Museum Rover at Oakland Pride 2014 was another highlight of the summer. I designed the "Love is Love" poster, then worked with the OMCA’s mobile unit, teaching folks how to screenprint their own take-away posters at Oakland's Pride 2014 festivities. An inky good time was had by all. Video documentation here and here. Thank to Jean Melesaine for the great photos. And speaking of local love: did I tell you about the Mural I helped to create in Oakland's Montclair district
Halloween was upon us, so I went to Thorina Rose's Product Design class at CCA to show them my low-tech silkscreen method. The go-go devil bunnies above were made with paper stencils on an open screen, and the fine fellow on newsprint to the left was done with paper stencils and one burned screen. 
These fine spooky fellows were printed on fabric and sewn for our band Special Ghosts with my friend Isabel Samaras. By the way, Isabel has some nice products for sale adorned with her artworks. Can't we just skip "The Holidays" and do Halloween again? [fx: holiday jingle, persistent screaming]
And Now. Here are some Things of Note. San Francisco, Oakland, Elsewhere.
• The Elsewhere Philatelic Society (The E.P.S.) is accepting new members. It is free to join, and you will undoubtedly enjoy the experience. You should also know that there is a training for potential mail carriers that you can do in the town of Berkeley. Bring a charged smartphone™, some headphones, and two dollars. 

• My friend Chris Ashley does some these really great html paintings. I dig them highly. 

Cardhouse loves him some candy cigarettes

• I am coveting a Risograph Machine. Perhaps this is the key to making this zeen into a paper zine. Here are a bunch of yummy risographed images

• I have been working feverishly to keep this page of links for my illustration students at CCA current. Perhaps you would like to take a gander. 

• Good Sir Bill Domonkos came and showed my class at CCA his films and animated gifs, and hoo boy is his work beautiful.  
 Music: My husband Andy and I do a monthly radio show called the Argyll Adventure Tree. The show is hosted by the very kind folks at 9th Floor Radio. Sometimes we play pop music. Sometimes it is a free-form sort-of affair. To hear past episodes, you can visit the Argyll Adventure Tree archive. If this is your kind of bag, and you would enjoy some more experimental frequencies, you might enjoy listening to this radio show we did with UB Radio Salon and Dr. Steven Clark. We dug out our bins of cassettes for the show we did with UB and Univac. And. One of my students turned me on to a fellow named Moondog who stood on 6th Avenue in New York and dressed like a viking and made beautiful orchestral psychedelic music.
Incredibly sweet correspondences and mail art were received from Janet Fine, Donovan of the Letter Writer's Alliance, Carolee, Marissa F, Chris at Clearcreative, Mo Sharkey, Damon and Chris, and Victoria from Milkfed Press. Thank you, guys. 
What you might find in Issue 2: a sneak peak at the new children's book with Betsy Franco (a follow-up to the Cat and Dog books). Lynda Barry's new book. Hand-made sketchbooks with Carolee. A Camper Van Beethoven poster roundup. A fresh Argyll episode. A visit to the Alameda Library for storytime. The Institute documentary.
Wertzeen is the inbox zine that you are reading right now. It is a monthlyish publication by Michael Wertz, and it means no harm whatsoever. We would love to hear from you! Ideas? Addendums? Omissions? Submissions? Send 'em my way. If you would like to subscribe, please do so by clicking here. Thank you. 
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